Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop: Christmas in July

I found a prompt over at Mama’s Kat’s that was too good to pass up this week
But I found that on Thursdays, I don’t want to post while I have “GUESTS” for
But, I do have something that Jacob is obsessed with that is bothering me.
*Write an open letter to a toy (or something) that your child is obsessed with lately*
So here you go.
Dear Santa Paws,
I want you to know that I love Christmas as much as the next person. 
 In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I ADORE Christmas, that I would like the  special kind of warmth and magic that time of year brings to stay around a whole lot longer, to truly “last all year long”.
I think that you however, are taking this notion a bit  too far and overextending your welcome.

I mean even Santa takes a break after he’s all done on December 25th.

You see the problem is Jacob.

He is my thinker, my son that ponders things in order to feel comfortable with them and it took him a LONG time to get comfortable with you Santa.

We needed to bribe, reassure and paint you in a friendly & glorious light.
We love you Santa,  so we were happy to do it, but lately it seems that you are part of our every day.
Even as we approach August.
I purchased a DVD of a movie about you and a dog and some kids that needed a home,  sort of like ANNIE meets 101 Dalmations.
My children were eager to rip it out of it’s protective plastic coating and have PLAY pressed on the player.

For much of November and Decemeber , this particular movie was enjoyed, requested and the catchy music repeated. We watched in awe as our children learned that Santa was a good guy, that little children need mommies and daddies who love them and that sometimes a dog can help out with all your  Christmas dreams.

I want to stress that while my house was covered in snowflakes and holly I was happy to press repeat as many times as necessary to make my children happy.
I’m a giver.
However, it is now approaching 90 degrees in our part of the world, we are far from snowmen and sledding and while some crazy deptartment store is bound to put our their snowglobes and trees soon, I am not dreaming of a White Christmas right now.
But Jacob is, whenever he is asked what movie he’d like to lull him into a dreamy sleep or just simply get the hell out of my room so I can watch Burn Notice, he always picks you, Santa Paws.
Even now in the middle of the summer.
And if that is not enough to worry me, he also wears his Santa Hat everywhere. 
Pretending to be you and not caring that it just doesn’t match his preppy teal polo shirt and also insisting that he must wear shoes (and  he has been known to scream at me to find them ) if he’s “going to be ‘Santa Clause'”.
This of course entails him running all over the house bellowing :
“HO, HO, HO, Merrrrrry Christmas,  at least 3 ties in a row
*insert mommy giggle here*
The final accessory, besides the hat, shoes, and of course his Red Crystal (his Red Jingle Bell) are his sunglasses, cause you can’t be a cool Santa without them.  *sigh*
Santa Paws I know you mean well.
I love the lessons you are teaching Jacob about family & magic. 
I  even secretly smile at the fact that you keep Christmas in our hearts and home all year long, but for the sake of my sanity can we just celebrate Christmas in July and then you take a nice long break until November 1st or so?
You pick a destination, like the bottom of the toybox, and I’ll pretend you’re lost until then.
Mmm ‘k?
Ebenezer Kir

8 thoughts on “Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop: Christmas in July”

  1. Hee hee! That's so cute, Kir. Does Gio mind Santa Paws much?

    It would drive me nuts if I had to play the same DVD over and over again.

  2. LOL..well GIo likes "CALLING ALL ENGINES" from Thomas, so many times there are FIGHTS because of what they want to watch. They both love Santa Paws, I keep telling them, they BETTER sit on Santa's lap this year, since he's "NOT SO SCARY ANYMOR" : Jacob's words. 😉

  3. So cute (especially when I don't have to watch Santa Paws for the billionth time!)  Last year, I had to "lose" our Christmas CD, because Abbey wanted to listen to it all year.  And only really two songs (Frosty & Rudolph). Over and over. and over. and over. in July. 

    Kids are hilarious!  Here's sending you some "deep in the toybox" vibes.  Or maybe you can convince Jacob that the elves lost their copy, and you need to send yours to the North Pole for a few months…

  4. LOL. Especially at the reference to Burn Notice. A few years from now you'll find that video under the bed covered in dust and you'll have a twinge of sadness. It happened with me when I found the Nemo video.

  5. Laughing so hard.  I can't stand watching movies with animals as main characters.  I know that's going to bite me in the ass in a few years.  Good luck!

  6. So cute. Love the hat and the glasses. I have never seen Santa Paws but I am going to do my best to make sure it never enters my house.

  7. Your Santa Paws is the equivalent of my Cars. I feel your pain, my friend.

    "Ebenezer Kir" – too cute!

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