iPPP: Christmas is coming…obviously

Last week John & I worked our butts off cleaning the house

Steam cleaning the carpets and making sure Christmas had

EXPLODED all over our house before Thanksgiving.


The boys came home & were so excited to see what

“SANTA” had done to decorate.


Then something wonderful happened….

My “own little Santa” aka Jacob

had a fantastic idea:

it started out with a bench, a bear, a “sleigh” and a

Pony that suddenly became a Reindeer with the help

of a headband antler (Did he steal KLZ’s???)

 then there was only one thing to do:

Pretend to be Santa, driving his sleigh.

On Dasher, On Dancer, On Prancer, On Vixon

 “Mommy do you see my Reindeer??? ”

My heart squeezed with the the realization that his imagination

was simply limitless & he was sharing that gift with us

Even his brother got in on the action.


This is the first Christmas that I know that

all of us “Believe” and it makes my heart so happy.

In this season of GIFTS & JOY

I feel like my stocking is already Full.

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22 thoughts on “iPPP: Christmas is coming…obviously”

  1. This made my heart so happy, as I think the childlike innocence and excitement over Christmas is what the holidays are all about. I remember how special my mom made everything, so the fact that you surprised your boys and they “believe” this year is awesome.

    You rock, my friend. What a fun month ahead for you all!

    1. HI Abs!!! I am so glad you liked it..and that you shared how special your holidays were for you growing up…me too..even if things weren’t perfect, Christmas always was….and I want the boys to know that. I love how Jacob has embraced it….:)

  2. This is going to be the BEST Christmas EVER!
    We got out tree up and I wrapped some presents this last weekend. I can’t stop thinking that I am standing next to this tree with a bump now, and will be holding our little one by Christmas. Best Christmas Ever!

    love you Kir!

  3. This is our favorite time of the year! Instilling the magic of the season in our children is something we try desperately to achieve!! Looks like you’re off to the right start!

  4. So wonderful, thanks for sharing! I can’t wait for G to be old enough to start showing me his imagination… he’s already showing a fantastic sense of humor so I think I’m in for a good time. :-)

  5. Their little brilliant minds never cease to amaze us… amazing, isn’t it? I’m so happy for you, dear Kirsten. You are off to a great start this Holiday season, from the looks of it! Christmas is in the air! LOVE it!

    1. I love how creative he is, without us even pushing him….he just dances, creates, shows me the world from inside him and I truly am so glad for that…for the gift of having him to show me the FUN STUFF :)

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