Just Be Enough: How Do You Define “Enough”?


***Cupcake Martinis (best of BOTH worlds??)***

My good friend Jessica, from My Time as Mom, is turning 30.
***CUPCAKES (Or Martinis)  FOR EVERYONE!!!!***

I adore Jessica.

I like her no nonsense way of saying things, I love that’s she’s a great mom, a wonderful friend, a smart tech savvy gal and that for whatever reason she helps me with the little stuff and the big stuff, my really dumb questions (don’t fight with me Jess, sometimes they are dumb) and she always makes me laugh.

Plus the girl is so generous with her heart, her talents and her time that I sit in awe of every single thing she does.

So when she asked me to write for her while she goes to celebrate turning 30 in Hawaii (VERY JEALOUS).

I didn’t even think about saying no. In fact I asked her if I could talk about my own turning 30 story (which happened a million years ago..or I’ll like to say “a decade plus 2”.) I told her there might be some “racy” memories and she was all for it, so I wrote for her and I’m over at her amazing space today….sharing my story.

Please give her all the love, cupcakes and celebration she deserves as she hits her 3rd decade. I know she’s going to love these 10 years as much as I did.


Sometimes being enough is easy.

You hit your stride in your work, in your life and in your heart. Things fall into place and you accomplish things.

But then there are other times, times where your footsteps aren’t in sync with your plans and you feel the harmony of your life singing completely out of tune.

This is one of those times for me.

It’s a combirnation of things. John’s fall, the letdown of the Christmas season, the winter and a small but apparent dose of the seasonal blues. I’m not depressed, just not motivated. I’m not sad, I’m literally just lazy right now. It’s just that simple and annoying.

Some of it comes down to expectations. January is suppossed to be a time for “NEW THINGS”, a “FRESH START”, a time to make those dreams come true. Truthfully, 2011 was more than I could have ever dreamed. I mean, you are here…reading this blog right? I really couldn’t ask for more than that..and right now I won’t. I am lucky and grateful for the simple stuff.

Add that to the fact that for me January is never really a time for starting over..,instead it was always a time to just REST.

To recharge and hibernate.

I want to hibernate.

My accomplishments this weekend included getting Kimmy and David finished with tears in my eyes, sleeping until 8am yesterday morning, getting our grocery shopping done and attending a 4 yr old party at Chuck E Cheese this afternoon. Oh and I wrote this…I think to prove to myself that I wasn’t completely hopeless.

Later this week at Just Be Enough, I’m going to be writing about how the first three months of the year are a time of true celebration for my family and how in the midst of my supreme dislike of winter are these 3 months that mark the days all four of us were born and it gets me through.

But right now, I’m eating junk, I’m watching way too many episodes of Little Einsteins with my sons and I’m wrapped in the softest, warmest blanket waiting to see what the celebrities are wearing to the Golden Globes.

It’s going to have to Be Enough. For now.

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What gives you that “be enough” feeling?

28 thoughts on “Just Be Enough: How Do You Define “Enough”?”

  1. When I read your title I thought, please tell me Kir has the answer to this. I’ve been feeling so much less than enough lately, as I knew I would. It happens every January. Severe depression. It’s not as bad this year as past years, but each day I think it’s going to get a little better and it’s actually gotten worse. I am lethargic, eating junk and not working on my novel…which is the worst of it all.

    I could go on, but I won’t. I just wanted to say I can relate to how you’re feeling and I thank you for writing it. It helps, somehow, knowing I’m not alone in my feelings of blah.

    And I am SUPER excited about Kimmy and David. I stopped reading because it was too hard to wait each week for the next installment. But now I can sip my tea and read straight through to the end!

    1. Hey you…well first, it’s good to know you’re not in the boat alone isn’t it??? Plus I heard on the news today (Monday) that it is the “MOST DEPRESSING DAY OF THE YEAR” (the 3rd monday of Jan for a variety of reasons)….so I guess it makes sense that I am down in the dumps.

      I am also not working on my novel…but I know come March I will be…and that gets me through. It reminds me that there is a light at the end of the darker tunnel. xo

      hope you enjoy Kimmy & David. I’ll be waiting to hear what you think. xo

  2. Being enough doesn’t always mean going out there and getting things done. Sometimes, it’s just acknowledging that we need to hunker down and do nothing (except eat cupcakes and watch mindless TV).

    Hibernate on, Kir!

    (and loved your guest post at Jessica’s!)

  3. Bears are onto something with their hibernation. There is nothing wrong with enjoying a junk filled, trashy TV filled day. In my opinion, anyway 😉

  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that.
    Sounds quite amazing actually.
    For me I’m hitting the ground running.
    But I’m also loving me some fuzzy blankets.
    Go you.
    And we also have a super birthday bonanza going on here too.

    1. Hi Sweet girl!!! I have lots of fuzzy blankets if you want to visit and eat cupcakes with me!!! (just askin! 😉

      I am so glad you are hitting the ground running…I’m so glad that your new year is starting the way it is…because you deserve it my sweet friend.

      BIRTHDAY BONANZAS…I adore this!!!! Let’s celebrate together. xo

    1. AMEN to that Kimberly. If only I could do it and get away it, I’d see you in April 😉 Thanks for those words, they helped today.

  5. I have an extreme dislike of winter too – what a great way to look at it for you – I can’t believe all 4 of you have your birthdays at the same time!

    And, uh. Cosmo Cupcakes? Swoon. (Pick me up off the floor).

    1. it’s the best thing about winter…celebrating for 3 months 😉 I found those on Pinterest..I think I may need to make them..wanna come over? :)

  6. Sometimes recharging really IS enough! I don’t like how the New Year is supposed to bring resolutions and change, I think this is something we should be doing as makes sense in our own lives all throughout the year. So January is your resting month. Definitely needed. And definitely, enough.

    1. thank you for saying that and for helping me see that just because I don’t get motivated in January doesn’t mean I am crazy lazy…just that I know when my “fresher times” are. Your words really helped me today..thank you.

  7. I love the idea of January being for rest and renewal. Isn’t that why animals hibernate for the winter? We all need time to hibernate in order to be our best, our “enough” for the rest of the year. Whatever you are doing right this moment, laziness included, I think it’s perfect. Being able to do this proves that you really are enough.

    Enjoy the downtime while you can and don’t feel guilty for taking it.


    1. THANK YOU..thank you for saying that to me. I know that writing it out makes it easier, but I sit in January and wonder why I don’t feel more motivated but I also know that come April I’ll be much better. It means a lot to have you read the words and know what I mean. Thank you xo

    1. yes, me too..January just doesn’t seem like a month to start over…rather reflect and nap. 😉 thank you for understanding..and sharing that with me. it helped!

    1. I know..that songs just stays with you all day…but at least I don’t hate it (yet…LOL) thanks for being here and this sweet comment. Makes me warm and fuzzy (wait a minute..,.who took my blanket??? 😉

  8. I love the idea of hibernation. I wish I could/would allow myself to take it easier. I don’t think I ever learned how to relax.

    Please, for me, enjoy every second and don’t ever feel guilty about it. Ever!


    1. I don’t like that you don’t relax…or maybe I’m just jealous (Yes, that’s it…I’m totally jealous) because I can find any excuse to just sit on the couch and wrapped in a blanket from Jan to March. :)

      if you come to visit, I promise to show you how to relax, “princess style” 😉

  9. Hello, there! I had to come over to your spot of the Internet to tell you how much I appreciated your incredibly kind words over at Just Be Enough. It warmed my heart and I am humbled and grateful.

    And those martini cupcakes? Sign me up! I’m tempted to lick my screen, just looking at them.

    And what I would give to hibernate right now. Life around my neck of the woods has not settled down since the holidays. Winter in florida is the place to be according to my abnormally large, extended family and we haven’t had a single day since Christmas that did not involve a visitor or two.

    Nothing like making a first impression with a whiny comment. Sorry about that. I’m off to find myself a fluffy blanket. I’m tempted to hide underneath it.

  10. would love to come hibernate with you, eat cupcakes and girl talk and just be, while our kids enjoy each other. because just being is enough. And taking stock and being in the moment is a big part of living. Your energy and stride will return. *HUG*

  11. Oh my friend, it is always the right time for goodies, and snuggles, and the perfect blanket. I know exactly how you feel. We’ll pick up the pace by Blissdom, right?


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