RemembeRED: For Lisa & For Noelle

Write on Edge: RemembeRED Friendships

Tell me about your friendships and I will tell you about your life.

Give me a glimpse of the people who offer your heart a safe place to rest and I will know your secrets are being kept and your spirit is being uplifted.

Weave me the tales of your escapades and shenanigans together so I can be sure she is a worthy and trusted ally that lives alongside, instead of through, you.

Paint me a picture of the cards sent, the emails opened, the voicemails saved; all of them immersed in normal, day-to-day, banal stuff, yet still manage to color and add sparkle to your relationship.

Allow me entrance to the dark times, the disagreements, the times you stood your ground; backs to one another, silent and seething with righteousness so that  I can look at you now and see your commitment to one another, the ability to forgive written on your souls.

Lay my ear close to the midnight conversations and shared laughter that makes sense to nobody but the two of you and I will smile and nod my head in understanding, pulled into your camaraderie.

Pull out the photos or draw me the pictures of your cheeks touching, your mouths split in smiles with arms wrapped around one another, so that I can feel the abounding joy of souls meeting and blending, the safe haven of your attachment.

Sit with me, disclose those moments of despair where she pulled you from the depths, held your hands and allowed the tears to cascade slowly down you face, gently wiping them away, without saying a word.

Come, tell me the story of the other love of your life, a woman who knows and accepts you, enriches every facet of your world simply with her presence.

Because in all those moments;

Big and small

Laughter and tear soaked

Earnest and completely frivolous

 I will discover the person you are; certain in my knowledge that you are loved.


In response to Angela’s prompt about Exploring Friendships


I wrote this in the Fall of 2011 in response to a guest post, but when I saw that the prompt this week was about Friendships I thought of it, read it and decided that it was right for this. Lisa and Noelle are my best friends. They have seen me through every happy and sad, normal and extraordinary  thing that has happened in my life for the last 18 years of my life and I am so glad that I have them in my life and my heart. While this is a broad “memoir”, these are my thoughts and memories of them, in so many ways.

 I truly hope that you have  friends in your life like My Lisa and Noelle.

If you do, you are lucky indeed.



 and because my girlfriends are BLOGWORTHY,

I am linking this love letter to them to YEAH WRITE #42 today.


54 thoughts on “RemembeRED: For Lisa & For Noelle”

  1. Yes…just yes. That’s what a friendship(s) should be exactly like.
    It’s the people who are with you for the good and bad and all the awesome in between. You’re very lucky to have those 2!

    1. I feel that way too..that I got friends I don’t even deserve !!!!! because they are amazing women and they let me hang out with them, they love me and listen to me…they make me better. Thank you for being my friend, for enriching my life too. :)

  2. Beautifully written and truly inspiring! There’s nothing like a good girlfriend to make life more rich and exciting. Visiting from Yeah Write! Thanks for sharing!

    1. HI Abby…thank yo so much for this wonderful comment…I am so excited to see you here from YEAH WRITE! I hope that you have wonderful friendships in your life too. :)

  3. I remember this post because it was for me! You have such a beautiful way with words! I have a lot of friends but I only have a few very close friends and they are amazing.

    1. I did!!! and I thought of you all day yesterday, because I read about the SICKNESS that has overtaken your house and just wanted to hug you and tell you it will be ok. Thank you for asking me to write this and for being YOU…you’re such an awesome friend and person.

    1. I don’t even know how to answer this, but thank you. Thank you for seeing that in me, even when i don’t. You are a bright light in my life. A friend I cherish.

    1. Hi you! I always love when you come over to say Hi, I’ll be over soon.

      thank you for saying it made you smile,that made “my day” :)

  4. Oh girl. This is so gorgeous.

    I feel like I haven’t been as good of a friend as I should be lately. Life weighed me down so much that I stopped reaching out. And it makes me feel totally awful.

    1. you are so silly. You are one of the most wonderful people I know…and FRIENDS know that when life makes you Scarce to come looking for you….
      I’m here if you need me..always. I love ya with my heart. xo

    2. *SNIFFLES* you are always and forever a good friend to me. ALWAYS. You never need to reach out to me, I know where you are and I’ll come find you if I need you. mmmm ‘k? xoxoxo

  5. This post makes me happy for the beautiful way it was written and the knowledge that you have such friendship in your life. But it also makes me sad because I don’t think I have anyone in my life right now to whom this applies. That sounds pathetic, even to me. But I’ve been burned before, and so friendship – true friendship, like you describe here – isn’t something I give away lightly. It’s simple self-preservation. But I’d love to have the kind of friendship with someone that you describe yourself having with Lisa and Noelle. You’re three very lucky ladies. :)

    1. I think you are worth of this kind of friendship, that you are such a wonderful person, a trusting person and a bright soul that you should have women in your life that celebrate that with you. One of my birthday wishes this year..THAT YOU GET THAT KIND OF LOVE and FRIENDSHIP in your life. xo

    2. I don’t want you to be sad, I want you to know that you deserve a FRIEND in your life, someone who knows you and loves you, who has your back at all times!!! I see you as such a warm, inviting, wonderful person and you deserve another person in your life like that. One of my wishes this year…that you get a friend like this.

      I adore you.

      1. Thanks, Kir. That’s so sweet and I’m happy you see me that way. Truthfully, blogging has made me more of the person you see. I haven’t always been such a positive person, and sometimes my personal demons still lead me down a rabbit hole.

        That said, I do have friends. Just none to whom I’ve wholeheartedly given my heart like you and your girlfriends have to each other. That’s a hard thing for me to do.

  6. This made me cry happy tears for you. I have a few forever friends like this, and a few more friends, like you! who I dearly hope will fall comfortably into that category.

    1. OH GIRL…you are a forever friend like this to me. Honestly some days I wonder what I’d do without you. You’re in my heart now girlie. :)

    1. WE ARE….and while I didn’t want to make you cry, I am also happy that you felt something reading it. That is the best compliment for me.

      THANK YOU!!!!!!

  7. Hey Cutie Pie:
    It’s me, writingdianet. Newbie on W.O.E.. I really, really liked this post. Why? Because it was different than everyone else’s. Not that theirs were bad. I was just ready for a change.I liked the fresh take. KWIM?
    I have to confess something. I don’t have a very best girlfriend right now. But the gal who’s closest? Wanna know what one of our “glues” is? Animals. We call and weep unashamedly when one of our furred offspring pass from this world. Tears, snot, hiccuppy sobs? I don’t have to hide them from my friend, Jill. I think maybe I should get out a creme brulee torch and melt whatever structure is between me and her. Constructed by me, not her.

    1. HI!!!! so NICE to see you here. I’m so glad you came over..thank you.

      And loved your comment, what a great way to get to know each other. I am so glad that you have a CLOSE amazing friend. Hope you’ll be back soon. I really enjoyed reading you this week…I look forward to learning about you.

  8. This is just beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes as I imagined my dearest girlfriends and all we have lived through together. They have made me who I am and given me the strength to get through everything life has had to offer, both good and bad. Love this.

    1. HI Mary..and thank you so much for coming over to say Hi and leave me such a gorgeous comment. It’s made my day. I am glad it reminds you of your girlfriends and my hope is that you always have WOMEN like this in your life to lift you up and make you better. :)

  9. Kir, that was beautifully written. You are so fortunate to have friends like that in your life and they are lucky to have such a wonderful friend in you. This makes me miss all of my old friendships!

    1. I have YOU too….and I wish these kind of friendship for you…you deserve NOTHING less than that you beautiful girl.
      Thank you for these words because coming from YOU they mean so much to me. xo

  10. Yes! You are so absolutely right. The people who surround you and the way you interact with them paints the perfect picture of the person that you are. I loved this, Kir. It flowed so beautifully, made me want to grab my best friend and hug her. Through her, I’ve become more myself, and that (along with all of the things you’ve mentioned here) is why I love my friendship with her.

    Beautifully written.

    1. HI!! I am so glad to see you here!!! WOW.
      I agree that this is a really nice and honest way to see the everyday, in the extraordinary and all the in between. I am just glad that you thought of your best friend…maybe give it to her (I don’t mind) and tell her how much she’s loved. :)
      THANK YOU so much for this comment. xo

    1. Oh Nancy, I loved your comment. THANK YOU so much. (if my writing actually lowered blood pressures that would be awesome!)

      thank you for always supporting me, it means so much.

    1. Jen, HI!!! how are you? It’s always nice when you stop by!!! See my smile?? :)
      thank you for your kind words and made me smile even more. xo

  11. This gave me chills Kir!
    Amazing writing. While I was reading I was thinking of how this could be applied to a mother and daughter as well.
    Love this. You’ve described friendship perfectly.

    1. You are so right Leighann, it could be a mom and daughter :) The best moms/daughters are friendships mom is a GOOD FRIEND of mine for sure.
      thank you so much for your words to me, they means so much xo

  12. I like that no one has specific labels and I’m left with a glimpse of friends who are part of a whole and each offers the same gifts. This is truly a well written piece. I love it!

    1. thank you Debbie! I am glad you liked it and saw lots of facets of friendship in it…it’s one of the reasons that I love it as well…it covers both of these amazing women in my life so well.

    1. It was one I read again getting your POST ready here and I loved it…how you can’t put someone into 300 words but you did. Girlfriends are just the icing on every single cupcake :)

    1. HI Andrea :) SO glad you liked it. I truly am lucky, so lucky that they have blessed my life. I don’t know what I’d do without either one of them.

  13. Oh Kir, this is so lovely! The stuff that they print on Hallmark cards for birthdays (and I mean that in a fabulous way where royalities are involved!)

    1. HI Jackie, what a compliment. You know when i was in HS, I used to tell people that I wanted to write for Hallmark and my husband would tell you that it’s one of the great loves of my life. So you saying that made me SMILE :) thank you. xo

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