Capturing The Easter Bunnies : Capturing Memories with Alison & Galit


 It’s been a week since Easter.

2012 is racing by but in the small moments,

(those moments we get to CAPTURE because of Alison & Galit now )

I found true happiness with my little bunnies.  


 Then it was time to put on everything in their baskets:
Including new Jake Shirts, New Cars Shoes, holding their new Jake dolls 

Hope your holidays and spring breaks were just as sweet as ours.

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52 thoughts on “Capturing The Easter Bunnies : Capturing Memories with Alison & Galit”

    1. I love Memories Captured, I really really do….it’s changed our blog world and I couldn’t love you and Galit more for doing that. THANK YOU xo

    1. oh Jess! thank you…you came over to say HI, that makes me soooooooooo happy!!! Hope you’re having a great SPRING xo

  1. We had a lot of lovely small moment memories for Easter, too. But seeing your pictures reminds me that I need to go out and find some bunny ears on sale for next year, because the photos are so adorable! Stuffing my boys’ baskets was such a blast, and they’ve been playing with their new toys all week. Glad you caught this moment. Off to vote for your post for VotY!

    1. hi Jess! Thank you for being here, for voting for VOTY and for being such a great support to me. So glad your Easter was fun. Our kiddos have been enjoying their STUFF too 😉

    1. you are tooooo cute and I love you sweetie.
      CUTE METER…well Chunky has to to break that thing every single day!!! xo

    1. I know Ashley, it’s really taking on a life of its own isn’t it??? thanks for coming over to say Hi, I love when you visit. :)

    1. I know how you feel because I have to say that 4 has been “THE YEAR” for all of it, Santa, Easter, etc…they really GET It this year and it’s so much fun to watch them enjoy the holidays as much as we enjoy them. :)
      thanks for coming by!!!-

    1. I was just as surprised,….I couldn’t believe they left them on at all..but they really did enjoy them and I loved them for wearing them for me.

      thanks for coming over to say HI!

    1. oh yes, Jake and the Neverland Pirates on are on Disney Jr and my boys just love them. They are worth a look! Thanks for coming over!

  2. You’re right, this year is flying by! I think I’d miss, or at least have trouble recalling, a lot of the special moments in between if I wasn’t writing about them.

    Hug those little bunnies close!

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