Proud Mommy Moments: Tracy of It Builds Character is Visiting


 I love Proud Mommy Moments don’t you?

I love asking other mommies (or daddies) to share a moment with me. I especially love it when they may have been frazzled, tired or on their last nerve and yet they still found something wonderful and valuable about that time.


Today, I have the great pleasure of welcoming Tracy from

 The Plight of the Suburanite and It Builds Character to my Corner.

In reading her bios she readily admits that she was a career gal who used to  take on non-profits and fundraising in a single bound, and has become a mom to 2 children and a “mostly” stay at home mom.

I say this because I think she does more WORK in her position than I do at my Out of the House Job. 😉

But it’s her smile that makes me adore Tracy. It’s Wide and Welcoming, it’s True and Trusted.

I met her because she is a fellow contributor at Just.Be.Enough.

Her words always make me think, they push me to write my own story, to be honest and real and to remember to be kind and generous with others. That is what other good writers and mothers do after all, they encourage you to open yourself up to to every experience and to be accountable for how we are raising this next generation of children.

When I think about her, I think about that phrase that “sometimes you get what you need” and when I met her, when her words started to be part of my every day, I needed them to remind and help me navigate my own motherhood. 

Tracy, I’m so glad to have you here today, I am so humbled to have your words in my corner.

I give you Tracy and her  truly BEAUTIFUL Mommy Moment:  


When Kirsten asked me to write a Proud Mommy Moment, I did this crazy happy square-dance that in person would have looked like an awkward flail. So I’m thankful I was safe at my computer. All the same, I was thrilled, Kir’s response was, “It’s just me.”

And that’s part of what I love about Kir. She is warm and talented and inviting, and nowhere in that does she add ego. I love her focus on her family and how hard she works to keep her marriage strong. Thank you so much for including me in such wonderful company!

My proud mommy moment:

With two kids ages three and one, I spend a lot of time at the pediatrician’s office. At one point, the receptionist actually knew my voice on the phone. This is a big office, people. They get plenty of calls. But she knew my voice.

This office has seen me at my worst. These doctors are the ones who see me unslept. Unshowered. Anxious. They’ve seen me sob my way through postpartum depression. And they’ve withheld comment as I’ve bribed my kids with 47 snacks to survive a long appointment.

Last week, we had a double dose of croup. The kids were just sick enough to not be sleeping, but well enough to have insane levels of energy, especially from being cooped up.

I was frazzled as Abby broke the doctor’s tape measure. Austin took swipes at her laptop, bent on shutting it down. Neither kid had any interest in their crayons and coloring books, but instead seemed to enjoy opening the office door to try to make a dash down the hallway as I did my best to complete a sentence.

As a bonus, Austin, my youngest, pushed his sister hard and she staggered backwards, whimpering. I got down at Austin’s level, taking his hand.

He pulled away, ready to strike again. I took it more firmly.

I managed to keep my tone even as I told him, “Austin, we don’t push. We are gentle with each other. Can you tell Abby that you’re sorry?”

He grinned at her, “Sorry, Abby.” He hugged her tight.

For the next few minutes, all they did was giggle, hug and smile at each other. Over and over.

The doctor and I stopped talking about croup and just enjoyed watching them.

When she got up to leave she said, “You’re doing a really good job, you know?”


Well I’m teary, are you?

Tracy, this is exactly the kind of moment I dreamed of when I started this series, for all of us to find the extraordinary in the ordinary days.

Thank you for bringing it here and letting me share it here in the corner.

 I’m so Thrilled to have you here.


Now that you’ve read just some of her amazing words, I invite you to get to know Tracy better:
Her Blog : Plight of the Suburanite

Her contributions at It Builds Character  and Just. Be.Enough

You can LIKE her Facebook Page

or have 140 word conversations with her like me on Twitter: @chimomwriter

Tracy, it was such a pleasure to host you today.


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22 thoughts on “Proud Mommy Moments: Tracy of It Builds Character is Visiting”

  1. This is just lovely…it made my heart so happy to read it! It is the absolute BEST when you hear the words “you’re doing a good job,” especially from somewhere unexpected. You ARE doing a really great job, you are a wonderful momma and a wonderful person! Love this post! :)

  2. It seems to really hit home when your doctor, who sees umpteen kids a day, notices and says you’re doing a great job…it validates that stress!
    You are a great mom and I loved reading this today!

  3. Kir, thanks so much for having me here today. I love this series and am thrilled to be a part of it.

    This was one of the very best moments – completely out of the blue and turning our day around. Who can resist those hugs and giggles?

  4. Tracy, that is a great proud mommy moment. I cherish those when others tell me I’m doing great. I know that we all have moments of self doubt. Sometimes these confidence boosters come at just the right time!!! And I hope your little ones are doing better… croup is no fun. Also, I so agree with your words about Kir… from the first moment I stopped by her little corner I’ve felt welcomed. She always puts a smile on my face. :)

    1. Thanks, Susi. The kids are back to their crazy selves. We do croup a lot, so it’s all routine these days!

      I’m glad we’ve got this Corner on the Internet. Such a wonderful place to spend some time. :)

  5. Tracy, that’s awesome. Hearing it from other people when you are at the end of your rope is SO nice. Especially when you know that you have worked so hard to teach your children… and lo and behold, they are actually listening :-)

  6. Looking thro the list of people who have commented … and what a special bunch of women are here lending their support!
    Kir, i just love this meme that makes one stop for a moment and focus on our good stuff because we are so quick to judge ourselves.
    And Tracy, oh sweet Tracy … how i heart you and cannot wait to hang again soon in like what 80 sleeps? 😉

    1. I love that you love this meme, I love that you think of it as valuable….that means so much to me coming from YOU. I cannot wait to see you in August. Truly. xxoxoo

  7. Love when those crazy chaotic, I’m just about to rip my hair out from the stress transition into such a beautiful moment =)
    Hope everyone is on the mend soon.

  8. That is a sweet moment. It is so nice when others acknowledge good parts of your parenting. People are usually so quick to comment on the parts they don’t agree with. :) It does sound like you are doing a great job.

    1. It’s amazing how a few kinds words can pick us up. I’m lucky to have an AMAZING pediatrician’s office. They are always incredibly supportive, and when you’re tired, anxious or frustrated, that’s huge.

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