A Time to Speak, A Time to Listen…My Lorax Moment

 “You talk too much”

“Is there a point to this story?”

“Oh you want to hear a story?  Kirsten tells the best stories”


I have thought for DAYS about how I could tell you about the Awesome that was LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER and in some of those stories spinning in my mind , I was funny just like my Adorable and FREAKIN Incredible friend Una whose recap was so funny I almost wet my pants laughing, thankfully my other friend Ilana of Mommy Shorts didn’t pee her pants, instead her story of how mommyhood changed her life got so many laughs that other people almost did.

Then there was (my girl crush, yep I said it) Deborah who told us about how 2 moms are not always better than 1, after the show she introduced me to her partner Gabriella and honestly, I fell in love all over again. One of my cast mates, the beautiful Abby Sher said in her piece that she’d make a lousy lesbian since she “falls in love with women easily and without thought“. (Ummm, right there with you Abby. 😉 because I left that space on Sunday in love with every single one of those LADIES (and Howard too).

See I’ve adored Patty and Kate’s stories since they read them to us at the first rehearsal and so seeing both of them all dressed up and telling those stories was overload for an emotional girl like me. I truly just want to be best friends with all of them…Eve(captivating with words) , Jonny (sweet & Funny), Estelle (such a beautiful soul),Cynthia (new and quite simply; amazing friend), Alysia (so pretty it hurts to look at her)  and Kathy (pretty, comfortable and read one of my favorite pieces) . Plus there was Howard, our only non-vagina, who gave Motherhood not only a voice, but a new NAME. (Charlene) and I adore him for it.

Should I talk about Rene (Squeeee!!) who was more friend than emcee (and who has friggin FANTASTIC hair!!!)? How we girl talked backstage while we applied makeup, made helmets of our hair with spray and peed (there it is again, the peeing) every few minutes in nervous anticipation? *Do not mess with a woman and her bladder on “SHOW DAY“.*

or how Amy, our DIVA Director, made me cry and laugh in the space of two minutes as we all held hands and wished each other luck as we glanced around our circle? (Amy=AWESOME). She passed out these beautiful necklaces with the word “LISTEN” on them and a handwritten note that is going to be one of my cherished mementos.

Speaking of Holding Hands, that was the name of my friend (OMG, she’s MY FRIEND and she was in the NYT) Varda’s piece. She was also the PERFECT PRODUCER. Everything about this experience has been better because of Varda. She is lovely and funny, fierce and gives the BEST hugs.


Holly, our AMAZING ASSOCIATE producer, who has become like a soul sister to me, had a smile plastered on her face all day. She should have, she worked her butt off to bring a beautiful, emotional, moving show to every person sitting in those seats. My gratitude is only upstaged by my DEVOTION to that woman.

Then the unbelievable, Ann Imig and her mom,( both lovely, wonderful, warm women) stepped into the theatre and we erupted, here she was the Mother of Listen to Your Mother” in NYC to see us read. I was star struck and then she hugged me and told me she recognized me from my blog pictures. (I died a happy death inside). I also hugged Deb Rox, just sayin.

Then the brilliant and beautiful (she is all that and more I assure you) Jennifer Lee, took my picture.

(Go ahead, be jealous)


So, yes, I could talk about all that…but the most amazing part of Sunday was having my family (JOHN and Mom, George, Dana!)  and my best friend(s) (Lisa and Tara) in the audience.

It was being able to tell the world about Giovanni & Jacob and the way I live my life as the mom of twins.

On Sunday, I spoke for all the things I love:

Family, Infertility, Cupcakes.

 For Moms who Work, Love Stiletto Heels & Are the Cheerleaders in Everyone’s Life.

Women who dream BIG and reach out to chase them.

Ladies who laugh, hug, cry and share their stories.

Writers and Readers, Listeners and Speakers.

I got to be BOTH.

 photo credit for Jennifer Lee Photography

To my cast of NYC LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER…you have changed EVERYTHING about my life by welcoming me into yours and sharing your story with me. I can never, ever THANK YOU enough for that privilege. 

the other shoe signed by the CAST

 and now for those of you aren’t sick of seeing these pictures on Facebook

here I am trying to look um, ‘pretty enough”

 The Flowers my Sister in law and family sent because they couldn’t be with me:

 why yes, those are pink flowers in a High heeled shoe. *squeeeee* 

My brother and sister in law made me the only Trophy I’ll ever receive for performing on stage:

 Videos!!!! and GOOD LUCK texts from Carrie, Angie, Kimsley, KarenElena and Tonya. ( I love every single one of you.)

Every tweet which lifted me up, every voicemail that brought you there with me, well you know what it meant don’t you???

and then there was the picture that says it all, that does my speaking for me…..

 me and the ONLY reasons that matter.

And it seemed, for one GLORIOUS day, everyone wanted to hear my story. 

 My incredible friends, Galit and Nicole, have a meme link about who you speak for, please join them as we add our voices to the CHORUS.


49 thoughts on “A Time to Speak, A Time to Listen…My Lorax Moment”

  1. Kirsten you brought such incredible light and joy to the show. The second last spot is tougher than one might think and we always knew that cleanup spot, that bring-it-home-girl spot, belonged to you. Thank you for your hard work and your enthusiasm. You’re the best! Amy

    1. Like Holly’s comment, I thought of this all the way home last night, letting the tears come because I can’t possibly be this girl you talk about, happy and in denial about how much faith you had to have in me. SO thank you for telling me this, for letting me know that you believed in me. It means the world to me to know that.

      You, Amy, are wonderful and bright, I feel so proud and honored to say “Amy was my cast mate, director and friend during LTYM NYC”..it will always be one of the most special moments of my life. THANK YOU for that.

  2. Well I do believe you’ve made me blush, Miss Kirsten!! I wouldn’t mind if my only claim to fame were being your girl crush. You were amazing on stage and supremely adorable off stage, and I am grateful to Varda, Amy & Holly for casting us in the same show.

    Thanks for such a fun recap, Charlene… Until we meet again which I hope will be sooner than later.

    1. you can CLAIM that all over town my friend. 😉
      I love how I’ll get to tell everyone that I got to be “Cast mates with Deborah for LTYM NYC and FRIENDS, we’re FRIENDS…;)

      thanks for the hairspray, the hugs and the happiness you’ve brought me. I can’t wait to see you…soon!!!! (say Hi to Gabriella for me too!)

  3. I really have tears while I write so will try not to drip on my keyboard. Working with you has been truly serendipitous, although we knew you were in our show the second you left auditions. Never forget that, you were THAT GOOD.

    You’ve made me see things about myself I never knew were there. How is it possible to meet someone virtually and end up being life-long friends? I’m not sure, but I found you.

    1. Holly! Holly. Oh Holly. I read this yesterday and cried all the way home, little tears running down my cheeks as I tried to digest how much I adore you.
      This comment, the words you have given me that I find so hard to believe about myself, are a gift I don’t know if I can ever ever repay. But truly finding YOU in this great big world is FANTASTIC. I don’t know how we found each other, but I’m telling you right now, I’m never letting you go my friend.

  4. It fills me with happiness, the thought of you standing tall in those shoes, riding on all those good wishes, because that’s what YOU ARE in real life, all the time – you are such a wonderful support to so many, and EVERYONE wants to lift you up in return. Big hugs and smiles, xoP

    1. YOU fill me with happiness! I love knowing you, being in your space and getting to tell everyone FOREVER that “Patty and I were castmates in LTYM NYC”. It’s a proud, amazing, AWESOME moment of my life. THANK YOU Patty, for being YOU.

    1. SERIOUSLY?! you are the bomb, the awesomesauce, the FUNNY! I feel lucky to just be in the same room with you and then they sat me next to you…OMG. I know I keep saying it (I wish I was sorry) but meeting you (and your spectacular mom) has truly changed me in the best possible ways. :)

  5. Yours is a light that should never be hid away but out there, shining for all to see, and hear … and read. You are an enormous blessing to all that know you with your fab calorie free cupcake comments, with just the right amount of sweetness and candor, love and support.
    You are a great treasure my dear, and my life is all the richer for knowing you and sharing my world!
    Thanks for the linking in and the shout out xxx

    1. I think a lot of people would love to hide my voice or at least cover my mouth…LOL but thank you for this beautiful..tear jerkin comment. I wish I could see myself the way you do, but these words, did make my day, my week, my month. I can’t wait to hug you in August. xoxoxo

  6. Oh my friend! You are glowing in all of those photos, and I know it was a dream come true for you to experience this in New York. I can’t wait to see the video and see even a fraction of your light and loveliness shine through my computer.


    1. YOU WERE THERE…you really were. I don’t think there was one BIG MOMENT where I didn’t send LOVE and FRIENDSHIP out to you (hoping you felt it all day). You are such a good, magnificiant FORCE in my life and I am so thankful that you’re my friend. TRULY. xo

    1. I don’t know about amazing, but thank you so much for “BEING THERE” with me. Your friendship has been one of my favorite “gifts” this year.

  7. Oh so very many pieces of your puzzle, all together in one place, one voice, one experience.

    And that, my friend, is the glow and light I see in your photos, and hear in your words.

    (Love this, love you!)

    1. OH Galit, you made me cry. Thank you for seeing all that, for hearing all the things I wanted to speak for. I told you on Twitter, it really all comes down to LOVE with me, I want to speak for the LOVE in the world. I hope I do that (and thank you for being such a great role model to follow while I find that voice )
      love you too..xxo

  8. The trophy got me. That is 750billion% love.

    Thank you, Kirsten, for your time, talent and contagious enthusiasm and love.

    You were FANTASTIC.

    1. OH Ann, having you here in my space is such a Thrill for me and having you there on Sunday was so life changing for me.
      Thank you for giving us LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER, thank you for waking up a hope, joy and passion in me and letting me read in one of your shows. It was a MOMENT in my life I will never, ever forget.

      (The trophy is really cool isn’t it…Ben and Emily totally rocked the gift!)


    1. OH you were there, in my heart, on my SOLE….I’m just happy to know you. You don’t have to be proud of me, but your love and friendship those are the GIFTS I treasure. xoxoxo

    1. seriously, didn’t you just bring a NEW GORGEOUS BABY HOME??? and you’re still reading my goofy posts. That’s LOVE and I love you Alison. I haven’t stopped thinking of you and smiling for DAYS!!! xo

    1. Oh my sweet friend..you were there…in my heart, on my SOLE…in my words. I spoke for all of us and for the friendship you give me every single day. :)

  9. What size are those shoes? I want them, or really, just the autographed one. Brilliant idea from a terrific writer and great friend. Go get ’em, Kir, you’ve got much to give.

    1. They are a 9 and I’d be HAPPY to share them with you…you need a little inspiration, I send them “THE SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING LTYM SHOES!”
      you are the brilliant one, so to be in your space was phenomenal for me. I’m just so freakin glad I got to meet you Kate. YOU ROCK! xo

  10. I’m so glad you had a wonderful experience with LTYM. It is such a neat thing to be a part of!!! And? You looked absolutely fab!!! :)

    1. Gigi, you’re here!!!! My day is complete! thank you so much and I think I looked “pretty enough” :) It was a wonderful, special, phenomenal couple of weeks and one that I am quite sure I will remember far into my 80’s with grandchildren on my lap. Yes, I’m sure of that.


  11. I am so damned proud of you and you never have to try to be pretty enough. You are GORGEOUS, inside and out.

    I’m also a wee bit jealous of you getting to meet and spend time with all those fabulous women. Isn’t Deb Rox amazing?

    1. Everything and everyone was amazing…and in a few months I get to write a recap about how I got to hang out with YOU….and that will be just as filled with joy. Thank you for this comment and for being such a great support for me. You mean the world to me my friend.

  12. Leave it to you to begin a post about your experience with LTYM by extolling the virtues of the others who were there with you.

    Could there be a more generous person, friend, writer, woman?

    I think not.

    Everyone in attendance was lucky to have shared this experience with you and oh, how lucky are your boys to be the reason why you put your words out there in the first place?

    THAT lucky.

    p.s. I love your recap and I’m glad you didn’t pee your pants.

    1. Julie, you make everything just BETTER and you make me feel loved and ( dare I say it? …respected…shhhhh…don’t tell, since I’m not a real writer!)
      Of course, I’d talk about everyone else, they were THE SHOW, I was there and I loved BEING there, but I was a part with all of them. It was nothing without ALL of them.

      I just love knowing you’re out there, jumping up and down in my corner for me. xo

  13. What an honor to speak at that event! Holy cow. Even DARCY has heard of Listen To Your Mother. I’m so glad you were able to lend your special and wonderful voice in such a prominent way.


    1. Oh I don’t know about that…but HI Amy!!! thank you for taking the time to come over and say Hi and read this. LTYM was PHENOMENAL…just like meeting strong, inspiring women like you has been. xo

  14. It sounds like a simply AMAZING day fiit for an AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL person! I’m so glad your dream came true, you have met such inspirational and wonderful friends through this experience, and you are beyond happy! I love you Kir!

    1. OH MY GOODNESS, LOOK WHO’S HERE!!!!! Thank you SO much for commenting, it just made my whole day. I love you Noelle, so much. I love that your heart was with mine every minute of Sunday and that your friendship has truly turned my life around from the moment we met. You will never know what you mean to me, but it’s the WORLD. Always. xo
      “all my life”

    1. I soooo wish you could have been there, it would have been so nice to hug you. But soon right????

      (yes a panel asked me to speak with them, I’m thinking I should be pinch myself anytime now, it’s not going to last :)

      happy Early Mother’s Day love…xoxo

  15. I’m so happy that your experience was wonderful, and I’m so proud to be able to share this bit of camaraderie with you, even if only virtually. I cannot WAIT to see all of the videos so I can see all of my bloggy friends in their best element. Wasn’t it amazing? I will remember it for the rest of my life.

    1. to be part of the 2012 CLASS of LYTM with you makes me smile ALL THE TIME. I can’t wait to see your video girlfriend. Yes, amazing!!! Just like you!

    1. oh Jonny, thank you, for coming by, for saying Hello…welcome to my little Corner! it’s SO nice to have you here :) xo

    1. HI!!! you’re back! It was amazing….and I’m hoping that the You Tube video will be able to give you a great view into how phenomenal that day was.

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