The Women In My Corner: A Story Circle of LOVE

My Blog Turns 7 years old this Month and in CELEBRATION of it, I am introducing
Warm, Caring ,Giving Warriors
 It’s  just who we are.
And yet…sometimes we disagree, we name call, we are jealous or envious, we criticize and we judge.
The Media Calls it “The Mommy Wars” or something equally silly.
But then there are those times when we are each other’s BIGGEST SUPPORTERS, THE CHEERLEADERS on the sidelines of our greatest struggles and the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE we need to keep going and keep chasing our dreams.
It is then, when I am most proud of us as women.
I believe in the POWER of the phrase, “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” 
I adore the warm fuzzy feeling the word “COMMUNITY” gives me.
But learning to trust and turn to other women didn’t  always come naturally to me.
I  grew up feeling too much competition and scrunity to truly open up.
It wasn’t until I was in my very late 20’s that I found the women who would redefine the definition of friendship for me and show me the healing and exceptional capacity of the heart of my sisters in this world.
And it changed my life forever.
Since I started blogging I have always felt the overwhelming love and pride, support and encouragement of the people I have called The Women in my Corner since the first post was published.
Blogging can be a wonderful thing, it can bring us all together and it can introduce us to friends that will be part of our lives. 
So starting now I want to celebrate those relationships.
I want to grow this community by telling each other how we feel about the special people here in our BLOG WORLD that make it better, that keep us going, that allow us to feel as if we’re never ever alone .
Inspired by my dear friend Cameron and her STORY CIRCLE, I want us to have a Circle of Love for the
Starting today, and then continuing once a month, a blogger will be told, here in this space how much she means to someone, the circle will then be passed to her and she will pick another blogger to write about in this space and so on.
This is not a meme or a giveaway . There are no prizes or sponsers
 There is nothing for you fill out or make sure you have up by a certain date.
If you want to do this on your own blog(I encourage that!!!), I will gladly send you the button and you can link back to the circle here but it’s on your own time, in your own words.
I know that normally a blogovesary invites a CELEBRATION of stuff to give-away but in this case, I want my GIFT to you to be something we all need these days…
SUPPORT, LOVE and APPRECIATION for just being ourselves.
Plus it will introduce all of  us to other bloggers who made a difference in the lives of others.
Today I am going to start the Circle with my beautiful friend Angela Amman of Tread Softly:
In March, I wrote for Erin Margolin about how she introduced me to The Red Dress Club which became Write On Edge. I talked about her writing her own fiction (or memoir) awakened something in me that had been long dormant, the Pleasure and Desire to WRITE.
What I didn’t share was that once Erin brought me to the party, Angela kept me there.
So I can actually point to the day I became smitten with Miss Angie, March 3, 2011 when she wrote The Godmother.
Yes, Angela, you of the beautiful words and phrases, the red pen of constructive critisism and the support of a thousand people, you kept me coming back, worrying about prompts and spinning my stories. Your writing changed the way I looked at everything I wrote before I hit publish and I wrote to make you proud, to share this journey to our dreams of published works.
Your comments were helpful and hopeful. I knew that you were listening when you would reach out to say “me too” or “I feel that way” , so that little by little, day by day and post by post you were my new friend.
You’re  a dreamer, my friend. You are good and funny, your accent is my 2nd favorite thing about you because her heart (that is the size of Texas) is my 1st. I adore the way you just get me , here inside this screen. Sometimes it’s hard to know what people really think of you and if your words are making any difference at all, but from the very beginning I felt like I found a kindred spirit and a blogging twin in you.
Plus you teach me how to be a better person and a better mom. You push me to be a writer in evey sense. Plus, whether we are discussing something important or something completely silly I never ever feel like we aren’t connecting. I know if I call you, we’ll be on the phone a while(and ignoring our lives while we discuss) , if I text you and ask for an honest opinon you’re going to give it, I know that when I need a friend more than anything else you are the someone Ican count on.
So Angie, thank you for always being here for me, for letting me read your words and hear your laugh and feel your support and love.
Your Friendship inside this screen has changed my life outside of it for GOOD.  
I don’t call you my blog friend, I just call you what you are, my dear sweet wonderful FRIEND.
And now I’m going to hand the circle to Angela. 
In a few weeks she’ll be here with her own words for the person in the blog world that is ALWAYS IN HER CORNER.
I hope this sparks something in everyone that reads this, I hope that it brings to mind a person who has changed your life since the day you discovered their blog and who inspires you to be your best self.
*and the beautiful, amazing button was made by my dear friend
 Kim of Mamas Monologues and Kimberly Muro Designs.*

37 thoughts on “The Women In My Corner: A Story Circle of LOVE”

    1. Really?? do you really love it? Because I wasn’t sure how it would do, but to have you tell me this is making me so weepy. THANK YOU from the bottom of me my gorgeous friend. xo

  1. Now I am seriously weepy. You know I love you, and your friendship is a highlight in my life each and every day. I feel so honored that you chose me to start out this Circle of LOVE because I know how important it is to celebrate the good and the beautiful and the positive things in life. xo

    1. OH Angie, I just want you to know what your friendship means to me, what you mean to me. Always. SO excited to have you build the circle with me. xoxo

  2. Well, I can retire now.

    If this kind of celebration of hope and friendship is somehow a legacy of mine in some small way, I don’t see how I can improve upon that.

    And Angela is a treasure. Someday there is going to be one hell of a “family” reunion for the Write on Edge community, and you both will be at its heart.

    This is a seriously beautiful concept, Kir.

    1. I’m so glad you liked this and that you know what kind of inspiration you were for it. (not letting you retire my dear!)

      I just wanted some sweetness in the blog world right now, and I think this is a good place to start.


    1. oh thank you my sweet friend, my other “muse” here in blogland. Finding your blog has changed me in so many ways and given me you as a friend. I love that and you.

    1. oh thank you Alison. Coming from you that is a huge compliment and it warms my heart. You are such an inspiration to me.

  3. What a wonderful idea and Angela is a great person to start it out.
    LOL…. her accent? I think that it’s hilarious when people say that those of us from Michigan have an accent! I think we sound perfectly normal!

    1. I’m so glad that you like the idea, I really didn’t know how people would take it but it means a lot to me to have you say this.

      and ummmm, you do have accents. :)

  4. Oh my sweet friend, this is a brilliant idea!! I love the idea of women celebrating other women. These Mommy Wars are so crazy. I just love you and your heart! Sorry I havn’t been by in a while. Ive taken some time lately to put the computer down and focus on my boys. I’ve definitely missed your writing.

    1. I know where you were..and you are always in my heart, so don’t you worry one little bit. Plus I am so happy that you like this, I don’t know what I expected but I am so happy that it seems to be something that people can relate to. love you gir1!

  5. I love this idea and the beautiful words you wrote about Angela. This is truly something to help remind us of this wonderful blogging/writing community and how much it means to each of us.

    1. and I’m so glad that you feel that in this ‘Experiment” …I truly want to just bring us all together, to have us look at our similarities and how each of us is each other’s greatest cheerleader.

      so glad that blogging meant I got to meet you Susi.

    1. that was just the sweetest thing to say to me, thank you so much, for being someone that hsa changed me by letting me read your words too. xo

  6. I love this meme. This is completely you. Thoughtful, loving, sincere, and warm. I’m so proud of you for doing this.

    And Angela? Complete sweetheart. I adore her.

    1. Well it could have been YOU too, your words and friendship have completely changed my life from my first visit to your blog. I want to just hug every single person that has made this space what it is to me now…a second, WARM & SWEET HOME xoxo

    1. I’m SO Glad that you think that…because I have no idea what folks willthink of this , but your really lovely words just made my day. You have changed my life with your blog and words too..I’m thankful for you in my CORNER :)

    1. this made my day because you are such an inspiration and woman I look to in my blogging world. You thinking this “matters” has touched my heart. THANK YOU so much for that. xoxo

    1. ah thanks Kimberly…that is the nicest thing to say. I don’t see myself as inspiring but I’m glad this is looking like it might be. Blogging has opened my life to so many new people and experiences…I just wanted to thank them for all those doors they opened in my heart, mind and life.

      LIKE YOU. xoxox

  7. Spreading the sugar …
    Love you and your kindness and all that you bring to the blogosphere. The words you share here and the love you have shown your dear friend – what a declaration of support and trust, and goodness for women to lift eachother up and be there for one another.
    You are a true gift my dear.
    A class act – and so blessed to have you in ‘my corner’.
    Waving hi to the amazing Angela – love you both xxxx

    1. you make me tear up daily lately Lady, the hug you are getting from me in a few weeks (JUST A FEW WEEKS REALLY!!!) is going to last more than a few seconds.

      you are the gift, your blog, your heart, your way of making everyone feel special and loved is as much inspiration for this as anything. If you feel GOOD here, it’s because you make me FEEL GOOD in every way. Loved, supported, heard…that is your gift to me and this blogging world.

      you have changed my life with your words and your blog, so lucky and blessed to you in my corner, always.

  8. Oh my, lady. You just grace this Earth with your presence in more and more beautiful ways each day. What a beautiful idea. I would do this on my own blog, as you suggested, but this is all yours and you deserve all the beauty that comes back to you through it. xo

    1. OH Robin, I’m just speechless. Please do this, help me celebrate all the women and men who make being here in the blogosphere that much better. I love that you LOVE this, it warms my heart and makes me feel blessed to be your friend. THANK YOU so much .

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