Women in My Corner: The Circle of Love Passes from Angela to Cameron


 Two weeks ago I started my own little Circle of Love here in Blogland,  which was actually inspired by the woman being honored today.

I wanted to introduce us, as women, to a place where we poured thanks and goodness on each other here in the blogosphere, instead of being petty, selfish and envious. A thought was born: to tell everyone about a woman (or man) who has changed our life with their blogging, to introduce each other to our muses and our mentors, our girlfriends and our soul sisters that we have met here behind these screens.

In my own post, I wrote about my good and amazing friend Angela and today, Angie is showering Cameron of CameronD.Garriepy with thanks and love.

Cameron is an amazing writer, 3 books now available : Requiring of Care, Closing Shift and Parallel Jump (get your copies today), she is a  gifted STORYTELLER and a friend of mine. She is also one of the editors of Write On Edge and a mentor in every sense of that word.

So today,  here are Angie’s words to Cameron… 


Creased and bent, the spines of my favorite books cradle bits of magic. Battered covers protect the words that make me laugh or cry or sigh at a particular string of letters pieced together in a perfect way. 

But Cam? Your words build lives I wish I could live. The beauty you weave is breathtaking, whether you’re writing the food your characters are eating, clothes they’re wearing, or an entirely new world filled with magic we can only imagine. 

When I fell under your spell, way back when we were all trying on dresses at The Red Dress Club, I was a bit intimidated. Your pieces read like spun candy, delicious and effortless, with the unexpected slice of sharp sugar biting into your tongue with the introduction of a villain. 

Then I read a simple sentence that pushed aside the intimidation. 

“In the eighth grade, I wrote my first romance novel on an antique typewriter, using a stack of pink paper. “ (from the author page at Cameron D. Garriepy)

 With those words, I just wanted to hang out with you. 

Working together at Write on Edge has shattered the idea of intimidation into simple admiration and a serious dose of gratitude that the stars aligned to push our paths together. 

Your words still move me, the ones you publish and the ones that help me out of HTML corners as I learn WordPress and the ones that make me laugh after yet another night of crazy sleep issues with my youngest sleep-fighter. 

Though we’re the same age, you’ve become a mentor to me, and it’s not only because you watch shows like Downtown Abbey while I’m closing the blinds in hopes that no one spies me watching the latest Gossip Girl. 

You share your knowledge and experiences with the straightforward kind of support one can only hope to find in a fellow writer.

 You compliment without false flattery, edit with a sharp eye and ear, and temper my nerves with the type of sarcastic humor that makes me savor the idea that someday, somewhere we will share a bottle of wine and talk for four days. 

I would say you talk me down from the ledge of writing angst I find myself teetering on at least once each week. 

But it’s better than that. 

You know there’s no sense in a writer retreating back through the window. Instead, you’re pushing me off and helping me uncover the belief in my writing I’ve kept pushed down for so long – the belief that is going to help me fly.


Cameron, I hope you enjoyed your letter from Angie.

In 2 weeks Cameron will bring us a woman (or man) who has changed her life, writing, perspective with their blog.

I can’t wait to see who it is.


(as always, I encourage you to do this on your own and on your own blog if you choose, I’d be happy to share the button if you’d like to thank someone for truly being “IN YOUR CORNER” )



15 thoughts on “Women in My Corner: The Circle of Love Passes from Angela to Cameron”

  1. This little circle of love? Is both brilliant and beautiful. Truly, you are one of the good ones.

    And this letter? Is also beautiful. There is so much inspiration out there…the relationships we form out here are so very important. Love celebrating them.

    1. do you have ANY IDEA how much this means to me??? to have you LOVE something I’m doing (because YOU are such a hero and mentor and inspiration to me)

      thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. I plan to start adding ONE person myself with each pass (just from me to them…YOU are on the TOP of that list!!!!)

      I love you Alison..your friendship means the world to me.

  2. Angela, that was beautiful, and now my coffee is a little salty. Mmm, salty coffee.

    Thank you so much for the lovely words. It’s a gift to have you in my corner, and a privilege to read such a letter.

    Kir, this is such a wonderful space, so full of light and friendship and wonder. Thank you for that.

    1. Cameron, thank you for inspiring me to do it, for always being such a mentor and friend to me. I’m so glad you are part of this circle, it feels “RIGHT” that you should be here.


  3. This is what a writing community is supposed to be. Support, flattery, ideas, and honor.

    Double A, this was perfect. I know Cam is blown away by this because she’s such a big-hearted person.

    I love that you all did this. I’m glad to be your friend.

    1. I’m glad even the dudes like this, YOU are such an inspiration to me Lance and I’m always happy when you visit the Corner. Glad to have you here.

  4. I love this idea. It’s so beautiful and empowering. I enjoy reading both of Angela’s and Cameron’s words… I even own “Parellel Jump”!!! :)

    1. well I love YOU!!!!! I am giving You an honorary mention one of these days, since your blog keeps me sane my friend. xoxox

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