Women in my Corner:A Story Circle of Love:Cameron Passes to Mandy


It started here, with me telling you about my friend and writing twin, Angela.

Angela then passed the love to Cameron.

Now it’s Cam’s turn to englarge our story circle of love, as she passes on her thoughts about Mandy, from Mandyland.

I love Mandy too, she’s a wise and wonderful woman who has been an inspiration to my writing and a good good friend when I really needed one.


Here is Cameron, telling us all about her friend and woman in her corner: Mandy: 

The first time I read your blog, Mandy, was like coming home. It was the beginning of Hidden Hollow, and I fell for your Henry like a ton of bricks. And then I laughed because my own fictional romantic hero, Will, was so similar to Henry as to be brothers.

There we were, two romance writers burning up Red Dress prompts, and we both had Montana ranchers in our stories. “Brain twins!” we giggled.

We discovered a mutual love of #excessivehashtagabuse on Twitter, and had lengthly and serious discussions about our horoscopes. You don’t think I’m crazy to want to tour the country in an Airstream, in fact, you suggested we do it together!

Fast forward two years-ish, and we are seriously considering borrowing each other’s characters and working on deeper collaborations.

You garden and preserve like I wish I could. You’re crafty and ambitious and a seriously kick-ass parent. You make me laugh. Somewhere in the middle of a recent late night Skype conversation, I realized that I hold you up as an example of how to live with grace.

You have such forgiveness and compassion and understanding in your heart, qualities I feel I often bury under a layer of snark. You are determined and tenacious. I need to follow your example. And then your irreverent humor reminds me that you’re perfectly human, and I love you even more.

We often joke about being neighbors, sharing the babysitting, letting our kids run wild in the yard, sitting up until all hours of the night drinking wine and talking. I often wish that the three thousand miles of geography could just be overlooked, so we could do just that.

You write with honestly, fun, and fluidity. It’s a pleasure to have you as a friend and a colleague, a sister of words. I’m looking forward to meeting you in the real world more than I let on—and I’m not shy about it to begin with.

Thank you, Mandy, for all of this, and for all the fun and late night tears and giggles yet to come.


What a beautiful way to see how much you mean to someone else. I hope you enjoyed your day in the sun today Mandy.

In 2 weeks, Mandy will pass the love along herself and introduce us to a woman (or man)  in her corner that has changed her life, view, perspective with their blogging/writing.

If you want to know more about WOMEN IN MY CORNER, you can read the first post here.

As always, I am always open to any of you doing this on your blog (just ask me or take the button). I am thrilled with the way it’s opening our hearts and lives to each other.



27 thoughts on “Women in my Corner:A Story Circle of Love:Cameron Passes to Mandy”

  1. You’re both such great writers! I love that you are also so close–even if it isn’t that way geographically. Maybe Write on Edge should sponsor a conference :-)

  2. This made me weepy, because you are both such wonderful women. You live in ways that inspire me, in part because you don’t even know how much of an impact you have on the people around you. The universe will smile when you get to meet.

    (And um, invite me to the 2nd meeting??) xo

  3. This was the best thing EVER to wake and read. xoxoxox, my friend. The Universe may be sly and have a wicked sense of humor, but it does know how to unite #braintwins.

  4. This was such a beautiful way to tell your friend how much she means to you. I’ve actually never visited either of you do I’m heading now to check out your blogs. I find my friends online get me so much more than my IRL friends. Weird huh?

    1. I love when YOU visit, you didn’t even need to say something so lovely and nice to me. Just come over 😉

      I’m so glad that so many women are embracing this, seeing it for what it is…I am so glad to be hosting the LOVEFEST, for sure.


  5. You truly have the biggest heart, Kir. You know how to make people feel good about themselves for the right reasons. You share those things with all of us and it encourages us to do the same. I’m lucky to call you a friend.

    1. you made me cry. Like big salty, UGLY CRY tears. In a good way, I promise. I needed to hear this, you don’t know how much.
      I don’t feel like I’m special…I like making people feel good and special. I enjoy being the cheerleader of all of you incredible women, I swear it’s enough.

      but having you say you’re lucky to call me a friend, just touched me in a way I truly, truly, truly, needed. xoxox
      THANK YOU.

  6. Cam, you put that down beautifully! It is amazing to be a part of this community, isn’t it?! The world can be so cruel sometimes and then you are reminded of all of the wonderful, kind people we have yet to meet and all on a blog. It’s a wonderful world with lots of people around every corner that could some day be a friend.

    1. The blogging world opened up my life in wonderful ways. Showing some gratitude and telling a friend how special she is just feels good, you know?

  7. Cam, Kir and Mandy (who probably doesn’t know who I am but I know who she is and I’m a FAN!)…

    What three fabulous people to celebrate all in one space.

    You ladies are all inspirations in your own way.

    Keep the words coming, my friends.
    Because yours are special, indeed.

    1. HI there darlin, so glad you came by. I know that Cam and Mandy are so happy to see so many people visit their lovefest.

      I do love this feature, this celebration of one another.

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