Women in My Corner: A Story Circle of Love: Mandy Passes to Alex


 It started with me loving on Angela and her writing.

Angie passed the love onto Cameron (who gave me the idea of a Story Circle of Love)

Then Cameron piled on her love to Mandy.

It’s Mandy’s turn and she has picked a writer, woman, phenomenon that I am so excited to have here in this space.

Alex from Late Enough.

(did I tell you that I recently met Alex, hugged her, DANCED with her? )

Carrie (The Sweetest), Me and Alex at BlogHer12




What I learned about her?

She’s sweet, kind and funny as hell. She is stylish and snarky and WONDERFUL. 

I always await the people the LOVE it passed to with butterflies in my tummy.

I am so glad to have these two WOMEN in my CORNER today.


Here is Mandy passing the Story Circle of Love to Alex:

Once upon a time, there was a blogger who didn’t realize she was a blogger. She had been tapping away on her online journal for years, but had thought she was merely keeping an online version of the pile of half filled paper journals collecting dust on her night stand.

One day, after migrating to a more “open” blog from her locked LiveJournal, she discovered her moms’ forum solicited things called “guest posts”. Nervous, she submitted a post and then nearly leaped for joy when it was accepted and then proceeded to stalk the blog where she discovered a mother from Richmond who wrote with a dry wit and finely tuned sense of the absurd.

Clicking on the link next to her name, this blogger discovered and promptly fell in love with Alex of LateEnough.

When I look at the groups of bloggy friends I have, the writing opportunities I have had, they all circle back to Alex. It was through her, that I discovered SITS and BlogHer. It was through her, I met so many of the women I’ve come to call friends. She was my first twitter follower – explaining to me that no, the little egg is not going to hatch and turn into a bird after a certain number of tweets. She was my first email subscriber, signing up so quickly my head spun. And she invited me to join Makes Fun of Stuff, her honest, yet funny, review site.

Throughout my blogging life, I’ve often felt I was winging it. I’m not the most tech savvy person and had no understanding of blogging platforms, sponsored posts, and ad space. Alex assured me I wouldn’t break the blog, gave me a run down on how to write a sponsored post, and, most importantly, never made me feel as if I was a Freshman in a class of Senior Honor Students.

Over the years, I’ve come to care for and admire Alex. Hers is one of the handful of blogs I read every day without fail. She makes me giggle with her photo captions and zombie apocalypse preparations. She makes me think with her insightful posts on tough issues. She makes me want to be adopted into her family with the snapshots of their lives. And when my own life tumbled apart, she was there, virtually holding my hand and letting me know I’d be okay.

She claims she’s awkward, but I’ve come to know her as a warm, funny woman who doesn’t blink twice when I exhibit my chronic foot in mouth disease. There are a few people who I call friends, rather than bloggy friends and she is one of them. Not only is she in my corner, but she’s cheering me on, making me laugh, and sharing in my paranoia that those people in the other corner are looking at us. Probably.

But only because we’re so awesome.


It is letters like this that make me so glad that I started this CIRCLE OF LOVE.

The community, the villages, the love we all share is something that I treasure in this big wonderful space.

Alex will be back in a few weeks and she will pass on the LOVE.
Until then, I encourage you to do this yourself, tell someone who has inspired your writing, encouraged your talent, supported your story.

It’s a wonderful way to PAY IT ALL FORWARD.




11 thoughts on “Women in My Corner: A Story Circle of Love: Mandy Passes to Alex”

  1. I love this post. It took me a while to discover Alex’ blog and longer still to comment because she is so witty :) She’s become a must-read for me, and I love hearing that she is just as wonderful as I would expect from reading her words.

    1. Same here! She’s the only person for whom I’ve spellchecked my comment. The funny thing is, she’d never think anything if I misspelled a word. I just feel like I should. 😀

  2. Im crying. Your comments, support and personal blog keep me brave and willing, Mandy. Thanks for making me feel less alone.

    Ps. Meeting and dancing with you, Kir, was such a treat. I’m totally stealing this photo for my favorite blogher memories.

    1. Love you Alex! Really. Steal all you want, are you kidding? just knowing it was a favorite memory for you is making me teary. xoxo

  3. I just got to meet Alex — and what a pleasure it was. I’m actually sad to say that, while I had seen her around in commenting circles, I had never been to her blog or followed her on Twitter.

    Obviously, that’s changed — it’s funny how quick a dry wit & proper grammar can turn you from “think I’ve heard your name” to “an absolute must read.”

  4. I saw this the other day, but was too out of it to remember to comment.

    I love Alex. She is one of the most real, awesome women I have met via the people in my computer. I also count her as a trusted friend.

    This is a beautifully TRUE post about a beautifully TRUE person.

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