The Women in My Corner Story Circle of Love: Alex Passes to Adrienne


  My dreams come true sometimes. 

 I wished that I could bring COMMUNITY to the blog world just by starting a CIRCLE where women and men could celebrate one another. Well,  here we are with another addition. Plus it’s introducing me (and you) to bloggers you might not have known or were only mildly aware of.

It’s opening my world and filling up my heart.

I am so happy that this CIRCLE OF LOVE is helping us build our VILLAGE here in our online lives

(and as Alex will tell you, in our Real Life lives as well.

Today, Alex from Late Enough is passing to Adrienne from No Points for Style.

I have many people online that I love and admire. I don’t have an online clique, I don’t belong to 15 Facebook groups, and none of my Internet friends have ever asked what dreams are mostly because they involve ninjas and terrifying fire monkeys. But I have a few phone numbers and most of those people reply to my texts so I’m happy in my introverted, disgruntled way.

However, one blogger has changed my life in ways that I would’ve scoffed at when I began blogging and reading “blog friends are SO REAL.” Adrienne blogs (not as much as she or I’d like) at No Points For Style, which I immediately coveted for the perfect blog name and URL. Yes, she made me laugh and cry long before I call her friend. I loved bantering with her on Twitter and nodding my head to her political rants on Facebook.

But a few years ago, I was faced with a real life problem, which took my breath away, and I thought that she might understand so I emailed her and Facebook messaged her like most heartbreak is told nowadays. Not only did she spend no time explaining how her situation was harder or different or how I needed to get over myself, she actually sent her phone number within a kind and lengthy email full of love and hope and help just in case I needed it one day. She was the first person on the blogosphere who didn’t live in my hometown to do that. She did it without hesitation. She also gave me a suggestion that made more of a difference for my family than every suggestions made by family, friends and doctors for the 4 years before I reached out to her. I say that without any exaggeration or hesitation. She literally changed my family’s life by just sharing her experience.

As my in-real-life struggles grew over that year, I finally used that phone number I swore I would never need. I was crying and angry and confused and we had never spoken on the phone before so that’s quite the hello. She and I talked for 45 minutes. We had so much more in common than we ever realized and laughed at how we could’ve found each other in such a vast Internet. I told all my friends and said a little prayer of thanks when I got off the phone.

I could not be more grateful to Adrienne. Her compassion, her willingness to Facebook message her phone number to a stranger, her honesty and her amazing ability to write is a great gift to me, to my family and to the blogosphere.

She is a woman I am glad to have in my corner and in my life.


To see how the Circle started you can read this POST

and then see how Angela, Cameron, Mandy and Alex joined hands as our CIRCLE widened.


Adrienne will be back next month to pass on the Love.

It was so nice to meet you Adrienne! Love, your new stalker. 😉

Until then, I encourage you to do the same on your blog and in your lives.

 Let a blogger that encourages, motivates, inspires or just entertains you know how they have opened up your world.

7 thoughts on “The Women in My Corner Story Circle of Love: Alex Passes to Adrienne”

  1. People underestimate how wonderful blogging is…we build communities and friendships…some of which are better than the in real life ones we have.
    I’m so blessed to know you even though it’s behind this blasted screen. You can be in my “We’re cool but we won’t say it because you know it so we don’t have to say it” club

  2. Adrienne sounds like an amazing woman. I’ll have to check her blog out.

    And, this is such a cool idea. Thanks for creating such a cool way to spotlight special people.

  3. Oh, my. Oh, I’m all verklempt now. Weepy, even. Isn’t it amazing how the universe sometimes drops new family into your lap when you didn’t even know you needed more family? I love when the universe does that.

    Thanks, Alex. And thanks, Kir. This pretty much makes my day. No, week.

  4. And, see, I have loved both Adrienne and you, Kir for a long time (well, long in blog years, which are counted like dog years – multiply). And yet had no idea that you even knew each other, let alone that your connection ran so deep. Big, big cyber-hugs to you both, my friends!

  5. First. I love this idea so very much. It is brilliant.

    Second. I love Alex. She is amazing.

    Third. I need to spend more time at Adrienne’s blog. I’m going to fix that now.

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