Daring to Dazzle

There is a saying that the more a diamond is cut, the more it sparkles.

Well God knows I have felt the chisel.

Left to wonder, what hurts most?

The self inflicted or deliberate?

No matter, the blood it lets is always crimson.

Sadly, I always yielded to those blades.

I wasn’t listening, deafened by the noise of disappointment.

I closed my ears to the sweet chime of my own twinkle, paying no heed to the bright glimmer inside myself that could light the way.

Yet, in the end;

Cuts heal, ears open and diamonds dazzle.

And so will I.


100 Word Challenge writing prompt

Velvet at Velvet Verbosity offered us the task (and word) of LISTENING.

Mama Kat’s (PRETTY MUCH  WORLD FAMOUS) Writing Workshop

Mama’s Losin’ It 

had a prompt about using the word SPARKLE and it spoke to me this week.

Thank you for visiting today, hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season.




49 thoughts on “Daring to Dazzle”

  1. You blind me frequently, I feel like I’m staring straight at the sun.
    Because you’re my sunshine when days are hard.
    So sparkle away my friend. You’ve always been a gem to me.

    1. this is the other comment I won’t erase from my phone, I read it, tears spring to my eyes and I wonder how I got so freaking lucky as to have YOU as a friend. To have YOU think good things about me.
      I love you Lady Bug, I hope you know that…without a doubt. You are my sunshine. Always.

  2. Oh Alison, you are the stunning one, the one that dazzles me. I know that having you in my life has been the sunshine I NEEDED most.

    this comment is going to keep me teary (and feeling so blessed) all day long.

  3. I don’t feel much like a sparkly person. But hopefully weathering the tough things do make me a little more shiny. Great use of word and writing.

    1. I used to..be a lot more sparkly. I wonder where that went?
      Yes, I do believe the hard times help us find our dazzle, it hurts for sure, but then we know why.
      I’m so glad you’re here, thank you for reading. Means a great deal to me.

    2. HI Jamie..
      thank you..I feel like I’ve lost my sparkle and I need to find it. Writing through it is helping me and comments likke yours are lifting me up. I appreciate them more than you know.

    1. I kept this comment on my phone..I won’t delete it, because I love it so much.
      I tell you often (but not enough) that you make me smile every single day….and I am so happy that fate or the internet brought you into my life and my blog.

      there are no words for my appreciation of that Lou.

    1. *just tears* you know that I don’t feel much like sparkling lately…but thank you for letting me sit in your light until I do. xoxo

    1. AMEN. Yes, the hard times will be hard, but if we get through them the LIGHT is coming.

      thank you for this beautiful comment. Much appreciated.

  4. Well. It looks like I’ve come across something bigger and more meaningful than what the prompt implied. Hoping your day shines, Kir.

    1. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable..I apologize. I’ve been going through something the past few months and the writing is helping me purge it.
      thank you for reading it and deciding to comment anyway, that means so much to me. My day is actually a lot more BRIGHT because you did.

    1. Oh. thank you…so much. Thank you for coming over to read it and for leaving such a truly wonderful comment. I appreciate it more than you could ever know.

    1. You’d be surprised, but thank you…because you help me to sparkle…simply by letting me sit in YOUR LIGHT, where YOU dazzle me.
      thank you for coming over to read this…it meant so much to have you here to read these words.

  5. The cuts always hurt, self inflicted or not, evne more so when they are deliberate. But the sparkle is worth it in the end.

    1. HI :)
      thank you so much for coming over to comment, that means so much to me.
      thank you for your words, you’re right of course that it hurts, but getting through it makes the light shine.

    1. I’m trying very hard not to let anyone near my sparkle..some times that is hard, but then I think of friends like YOU who teach me all about being Dazzling and I sit in that light and hope it rubs off.
      I love ya Kimber…so much.

    1. I wish I felt like I did. I’ve had a hard year. But thank you, thank you for seeing me like this, for being a friend that helps me to sparkle…I do hope I do the same for you. You dazzle me all the time with your life, your writing, your talent. Always.

      1. That’s no nice to hear! It’s always good to know that your work is helping someone in some way. In my case I hope to inspire and to create a safe space for people to grow with their writing. 😀

    1. WOW. For YOU to say that To me? I mean, what a lovely thing to say. Truly. I don’t know if you know that I needed those words, but thank you so much for saying them.

    1. OH Kat, first thank you for coming over…I know how busy you are. Next, thank you for this comment..sometimes I really need words like this from other people. I appreciate them more than you know.

  6. You know sweet love … diamonds are so very strong, and not brittle or fake. If cut too shallow, their light is lost. Once cut and polished, their shine cannot be dulled, and yet only a portion of its light is reflected since the rest travels thro it … like you. Light radiates from you, you sparkle from deep within and glimmer with brilliance.
    So very lovely xxxx

    1. You help me to Sparkle you know. It’s you being in my life, hugging me when I need it, slapping me when I deserve it and reminding me of what and who I am.

      thank you for being part of the LIGHT inside me. I love you Nic. xo

    1. I was so happy to see you in my email and in my corner. Thank you for helping me to DAZZLE…for being such a sparkling part of my life.

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