Grown Up Christmas List



Haiku Friday


be my Mrs. for I’ve

been wishing too long, to be

Christmasing with you.


My *dear* friend, Lou at LouCeel host a Haiku Friday.

Mine today, a lead in to 100 more words with Velvet.


All I ever imagined.

The lights on the tree twinkling and bouncing off the facets of…

Wait; is that a diamond in the velvet box?

He’s going to ask me….

Oh. My.God.

Kiss me, you don’t need to ask, just kiss me.

And he did, Lance’s mouth found hers just as if her desire had conjured it. Katie sank down into the embrace and exhaled the breath she’d been holding for as long as she could remember.

Years of feeling never quite…finished?

(Is that the right word?)



…for him to offer this ring!!!

Can you die from happiness?


100 Word Challenge writing prompt


Velvet offered us the word BREATH this week.

Safe to say this took Katie’s Breath away.

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10 thoughts on “Grown Up Christmas List”

  1. There’s a lot of stuff you can die from … happiness, sometimes … anguish and angst more frequently, though. Which is why it’s always good to find happiness as quickly as possible – so the angsty anguish doesn’t have enough time to do you badly.

    Love the ‘Ku – love the tie into Velvet’s 100 word Challenge. That’s cool. Inventive.

    And very well done.

    1. I stole it…(Yes, I did…the Carpenters song was on in the car and I stole it from Merry Christmas Darling…;)

      but I like how it sounds, as if CHRISTMAS were a thing we do..instead of just a day. Yes?

  2. it’s the kind of happiness everyone needs :) Love it :)

    And didn’t Mama Kat have a “christmas list” as one of her topics this week? Maybe that was last week …

    1. yes, everyone needs a little happy (esp as I answer these comments a week later)
      I don’t remember, but this is MY KIND OF LIST…right?

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