Trifextra: Honoring the Holiday

I’ll wind you up Ebenezer , humming my favorite

Christmas Carols, go about with Merry Christmas on my lips.

You can bury me with a stake of holly through my heart…

In January.



I love A CHRISTMAS CAROL, it is my favorite story of all time. (Not just at Christmas)

Love, Redemption, Forgiveness.

Trifecta wanted 33 words that will make you laugh, make you giggle, lift your spirits this weekend.

I wrote this before the news starting coming in about the elementary school shooting in Connecticut.

18 children, 18 BABIES are gone. Many of them not much older than my Giovanni and Jacob.


It is unbelievable and horrific.

It made me want to not publish this, it made me sick to my stomach and devastated with the idea that anyone would be so troubled, so full of hate or despair as to walk into a school and kill the children.

But there is too much darkness in our world right now, there is too much grudge and hate.

I choose LIGHT AND LOVE today. I hope to make you smile.

Then pray for all those babies, for all those families, for all that hate…wishing we could love it away.

22 thoughts on “Trifextra: Honoring the Holiday”

  1. I’m glad you posted this. The CT tragedy is heartbreaking. We should take from it that without love, we have nothing. I hugged my 21 yr old daughter so hard – she was so confused :-). This scrooge is going to try harder to make Christmas special this year.

  2. I’m glad you posted anyway. We can’t let the darkness take over. The tragedy is horrible and I pray for all the parents that will never see the holidays in the same way again.

    Your piece made me smile. Can’t let Scrooge take Christmas away :)

    1. LOL.
      well in A Christmas Carol, Ebenezer says that…but Vampires are good too I guess 😉
      thanks for coming over to read, it means a lot to me.

  3. I’m glad you posted too. I respect all of those who couldn’t find or post the happy this weekend, but I’m grateful to those who held out some light for the rest of us.

    1. thank you Trifecta. Your prompts and words and challenges give me a break, a chance to look inside and write out the bad stuff.
      I appreciate that, am glad I found your community.

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