I’m Thankful Every Day For the Gift




Little or Large.

Wrapped or Unwrapped.

A sweet or (insert tears) unwelcome surprise.

I love gifts in all their costumes.

The everyday miracles:

the giggles of my sons

an email from a colleague

                                an unexpected call from my best friend or text from my husband.

                                Sometimes it’s just the store I love having a sale I didn’t know about.

And then there are the Life changing presents:

                A call from the nurse saying “You’re Pregnant!”

A knee bent, a ring offered, a voice I love asking me to share its life.

                                                Someone saying “I love you” every single day.

A family that holds you, hugs you, understands and supports you, through every good and bad time.

A voice that calls you “Mommy” or “My best friend” or “Sister”.


I’ve even grown to appreciate the gifts I never really wanted,

refused to accept and stuck in the back of a drawer, my mind or my broken heart.

                                The people who said goodbye long before I was ready.

                The broken body and heavy spirit that kept my dreams of motherhood at bay.

                                                                All the times I was told “no”, “you’re not the one” or “maybe next time”

I was being taught Empathy, Forgiveness, Patience, Acceptance,

HOPE, Faith and true LOVE & Friendship.

Enough to be able to give them back with a full heart.

and I’m thankful every day for those gifts.


Mama’s Losin’ It

Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts have always made me think and write with purpose. This week is no different.

The Prompt I chose:
5.) Take a line from a song you love and turn it into the title of your next blog post. Let the content follow.



THE GIFT is a Christmas love song that I’ve liked for a long time, but this line of the song doesn’t always remind me of the guy that gives the best hugs, sweetens all my dreams and has given me so many gifts (ones that sparkle and others that just warm me with the knowledge of how deeply I’m loved). This line brings to mind all the GIFTS we’re given, not just at Christmas but throughout our lives, that fill the shelves of our hearts and even the ones that collect dust in the back of our minds.

You never know the true value of anything until you just accept the gift of what it *Really* is.



12 thoughts on “I’m Thankful Every Day For the Gift”

  1. So very true! Sometimes I hear a song that has most people thinking of just one specific thing and that is all that is talked about on the radio and portrayed in the video but the words bring to a collection of memories in my mind and feelings in my heart. I love that you let the words move you…that is another wonderful gift!

    1. I have been thinking that maybe I’ll do a weekly post like this, Picking one line from a song and writing to it, about it etc. I just really like that freedom..to hear a song or line from one the way YOU DO. What do you think? I’m going to ask Kat if she’d share this prompt with me. I love music, I love lyrics I think it would spur a lot of writing for me.

      thank you for this comment…I just adore you , you know that right? :)

    1. what a beautiful thing to say, what a beautiful GIFT to give me…thank you.
      Life is full of all kinds of presents and lessons. I am just beginning to understand many of them.
      thank you for this comment, it means a lot to me.

  2. wow.. best post that I’ve read today.

    We’ve all been given so many little gifts in life… gifts that we should cherish every single day. Thank you for pointing that out.

    1. best comment I’ve read all day 😉
      thank you Jackie.
      I love when you like something I’ve written, I know it’s touched you and that makes me smile.

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