Memories Captured: An Old Friendship and New Ornaments


 15 years ago I was a 27 yr old Senior (STUDENT) at Shippensburg University.

I had been assigned to be the Resident Assistant in a residence complex, so I needed roomates.

(Oh yeah, everyone wants to be roommates with the RA. Um, NO!)

But this girl needed a roommate.

(Lucky her right? STOP LAUGHING.)

My dad had just passed away the year before

I was lamenting Law School (I never did go)

and going through a very bad breakup with a  boyfriend.

It was GOOD TIMES. (again, NO.)

But somewhere in the middle of all that, Noelle became my best friend.

She took me home to meet her family (she has 10 Siblings!!! all of whom I love)

She became my other sister.

We laughed, we drank, we danced (Oh YES we did) and we graduated together.

She saved my life, my sanity and my heart so many times that year.

15 years later, we’re still here.

Married with Husbands.

Mothers with Children.

Still sisters at heart.

 (although I think we’re just HOTTER now..15 years later.)

Every December I drive to her house and we drive to her sister’s house for the 

Round Robin Annual Ornament Exchange.

We laugh, we catch up, we open beautiful bags and boxes with gorgeous ornaments inside (and then we decide if we’d like to “STEAL” that particular gift from our friends which leads to even more laughing. . )

It’s fun and festive & the EVENT OF THE SEASON.

 This year my theme was CUPCAKES (I know..Shocker! LOL)

I bought three cupcake ornaments like this one …A Blue, A Yellow, A Chocolate…and a SNOWMAN MUG


and so I baked some cupcakes & some cookies too.



I came home with these beautiful baubles that are already hung on the curtain rod in my kitchen.



They match perfectly.

 Just like my friendship with Noelle.


Noelle and her beautiful family just lost their dad the Thursday after Thanksgiving. If you pray, please keep them in your prayers or just send some good thoughts to them as they grieve. Her dad was a wonderful man who raised a wonderful family and my heart aches with my “sister’s”.

Love you Noelle, ALL MY LIFE. xo

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34 thoughts on “Memories Captured: An Old Friendship and New Ornaments”

  1. That is such a beautiful friendship and I think people really do come into your life for a reason the way she did for you. I also love the ornament exchange, such a fabulous idea that I may have to steal it and do it with my friends. Stopping by from Memories captured…

    1. STEAL AWAY Miss Julia..the Ornament Exchange is the MOST FUN. I love it, I love the friendships, the laughter, the food and drink. 😉

      Noelle came to me when I needed her most and it has brought the most amazing friendship into my life. I love her like family.

      have fun if you decide to do an ornament exchange…SO MUCH FUN :)

  2. Friendships as wonderful as this seem like they should be so easy to come by as we read novel after novel, watch show after show and movie after movie but they are not. It takes a lot of work and a lot of love to keep a friendship close and sometimes a chance encounter just when you need it. So happy you have such a wonderful friend in Noelle!

    And I don’t know what you both looked like 15 years ago but you look fantastic now!! Way to go, ladies!!

    1. My favorite comment of this post (and believe me I loved every single one…since I love Noelle ) but you’re right, our friendship wasn’t forged like a LIFETIME movie …or maybe it was , but the ones that you need tissues for sometimes.

      She stuck by me, she let me do really stupid stuff, we fought, we made up, we laughed until our sides hurt..we cried in front of each other…and in the middle of all that, she became another part of my heart. I love her like family…

      and I have friends like you, inside this screen, who I wish lived close enough for me to HUG like I want to. I got to MEET you, got to laugh with you and it has made me so very happy. I feel so lucky that 2012 gave me YOU as a friend. xo

    1. thank you for the love and good thoughts…I appreciate them so much.

      yes, our friendship has seen good, bad, ugly, simply amazing times…and I love her like family. I am so lucky to have her in my life.

    1. HI Galit
      I adore you, you know that right?
      I am so lucky to have IN LIFE friends like Noelle and Lisa and online friends like you.
      thank you for the love and good thoughts, I am thankful for them…more than you know. xoxo

    1. HI Carolyn,
      so happy to see you here, thanks for coming over.
      yes Noelle is amazing and I’m so lucky she still likes me after all this time.

      thank you for the good thoughts…I truly appreciate them.

  3. So many great memories. Old friends are the best because they know all our secrets and still like us.

    Keeping Noelle and her family in my thoughts.

    1. LOL..yes, I tell Noelle and Lisa that all the time..that we must remain friends because they know all about me. (hee) Of course I know all about them too…hmmmm.

      I love my friends..old friends, new friends, people who let me share their secrets and stories, love them all. I am just so lucky that I have two amazing best friends, and that I have some pretty phenomenal NEW friends too (lookin at you!)

    1. first, thank you for the love for know it means so much to me (and her)

      and I feel so lucky to have YOU, my ladybug, as my friend. I feel BLESSED to just know you. I hope you always know how much you mean to me. xoxo

  4. Love this! I don’t think that we pay enough tribute to our strong female friendships. So great that you have this person in your life.

    1. HI Christie,
      thank you for stopping over…so nice to have you here.
      I agree, we need to give more credence to our “Sisters”, the women who hold us up and bring us joy. I loved writing this for Noelle, to celebrate our friendship. I am tickled that you enjoyed it.

    1. Oh Ang, you are my BEST FRIEND online…you know that right? My heart here on the internet?
      Noelle is most special, she is just the giggle that makes me remember how really lucky and blessed I am to have such amazing people to love, care and support me. (Like you. )

  5. I am so glad you needed a roommate then. I have a roommate from college that is a true, life friend as well. You girls are gorgeous.

    I’m so sorry for the loss of Noelle’s father. Prayers at this terribly difficult time…

    1. Hi you beautiful girl..
      thank you for the prayers and love, I know that Noelle can feel them.
      I am so glad you have a friend like this too, someone who knows so much about you…and can bring you joy and clarity when you need it.
      you’re lucky !! and I’m lucky to have a friend like you, someone who I loved huggin!

    1. Hi world traveler!! How was ROME?
      Yes, Noelle and Lisa, my 2 BFFs save my life every day. They really do. My other friends (like you) add the sweetness. :)

    1. oh thank you! Thanks so much for coming over to read it…it made my day.
      I’m the lucky one and Noelle, well thank goodness she puts up with me year after year. 😉

      I feel so blessed with my friendships.

  6. Such a beautiful story and friendship. I am grateful you shared this. Blessings to Noelle, I am sorry for her loss, and so glad she has a friend like you.

    1. HI YOU…
      thank you for the love and the blessings, I appreciate them and so does she.
      Yes, my friendships are one of the best GIFTS I’ve ever been given..I treasure them.

      (You’re a friend…xoxoxo)

    1. thank you for the prayers, I know she appreciates them. We can “tend her heart”
      and yes, her friendship keeps me happy, sane, cared about and allows me to know how love works. I feel so very blessed to have her in my life.

  7. Special friends and special ornaments. Two of my favorite things! I have a dear friend (fake sister) and we have been in the same women’s bible study for 6 years running together. Every year the group does an ornament exchange, and those ornaments are memories on my tree. But, this year neither of are able to attend the study, but we still keep in touch. She’s just one of those sisters that will never go away. We decided to have our own ornament exchange. Just the two of us. I think this year’s ornament is the most treasured. It represents a friendship that stays connected in spite of life’s interruptions. So special!

    These are fantastic pictures! I bet you are hotter 15 years later! <3

    1. hi you…so nice to see you here, I know I owe you a GOOD LONG VISIT.
      I love your story and that friendship you share, what lucky ladies you both are …and I adore that you have another “sister”. Those women are the ones that will stay with you forever. And yes, it is special , thank you for sharing this story, it made my day.

      I am not hotter..I am not HOT at all..but Noelle…WOW, she’s gorgeous! :)

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