Partiality to Pet Names







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The name you bestow

When you murmur, will always

Be my favorite.



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According to Dr. Beard, two of the most beautiful words in the English language are chatoyant (like a cat’s eye) and ailurophile (a cat lover). T.S. Eliot, in his wonderful Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats, used another of Dr. Beard’s favorite words, ineffable, to describe the secret name of a cat.

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I took the part about nickmames and the “name that only the cat knows” and this is what came out.

I love all the nickmame, the monikers that mean so much more beause of who bestowed them,  that I have been given by the people who love me.

Taking part with “My Lou” of LouCeel for his Haiku Friday too.



9 thoughts on “Partiality to Pet Names”

  1. I named my first kitty “Angel” because he is all white. When we got a girl kitty, a calico, we named her “Chantilly.” But collectively, especially when they were being stinky, it was “Mr. and Mrs. VonStinkypants.”

  2. I was just thinking about pet names, because I have zillions for people… poor Felix, he’s Bug, Noodle, Boy, SmallBoy, Little Man, Lovey…

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