Please Don’t Forget Me

Please don’t forget…

The first time we said Hello.

Don’t forget the sound of my voice

Or the way my smile would make you smile too.


Please don’t forget…

The smell of my skin, the twinkle in my eyes

The feeling of my hand in yours.

Remember me wrapped up in your arms.


Please don’t forget…

The stories you told me (the life you shared with me)

And the ones we wrote together.

Share and retell them whenever you miss me.


Please don’t forget…

The true miracle of us ever meeting.

Our “firsts” (kisses,talks, phone calls, fights, dates, days of school, vacations, holidays)

Are forever etched on my heart. 


Please don’t forget…

Our sad times or our harsh words for one another

Just remember that “I’m sorry” and “I Love you

Is the only good way to heal a broken heart.


Please don’t forget…

That saying goodbye

Isn’t always an ending

Unless we want it to be.  (Just for the record, I don’t want it to be)


Please don’t forget…

How very much I love you…

And always will.


 27 lines for the 27 lives that were taken so violently from us in Newtown, CT and Sandy Hook Elementary School last week.

I imagined every voice, from the smallest to the oldest, asking us not to forget. I heard my own voice.

Trifecta offered us the word HEAL this week.

An appropriate word for the way we need to live now.




and I felt like this was a true POURING OF MY HEART as I grieve those lives with all of you.


I will not forget the town of Newtown, or Sandy Hook Elementary.

My friend and fellow Listen to Your Mother reader, Kate, lives in Newtown.

This post she shared yesterday asks us not to forget her community and their losses. 

This poem was written to promise her I wouldn’t.


14 thoughts on “Please Don’t Forget Me”

  1. Hopefully the 27 voices that we’ll never hear again will help to spur on a movement that will ensure that many more voices aren’t also lost in the future. Our future.

    Beautifully done, Kirsten.

  2. Kir, this is absolutely beautiful. The tears came to my eyes before I could even try to stop them and then I thought, why try to stop them? This is bigger than all of us and it could have been any one of us. We will NEVER forget. much love to you!!

  3. Beautiful poem. I love that the number of lines in the poem has significance, and that this didn’t make it feel forced or contrived. I don’t think we’ll soon forget. I’m still in shock over it, so I can’t imagine how those poor parents feel.

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