Trifecta: Belief (Going Green Christmas)

They stood toe to toe.

Black patent leather lined up against Lightening McQueen Red.

One white gloved hand reached out for the other and I’d swear later that a smile passed between those palms.

A bearded face gazed down into its clean shaven mirror, delighting in its rosy cheeked twin.

I took in their Mutt and Jeff version of their holiday namesake as they compared fur covered collars and white snowballs hanging like ornaments from their furry hats.

Charmed by their mutual appreciation of one another, I covered my mouth to keep the glee mixing with salty tears from seeping too quickly and simply watched as the taller sank to one knee.

Twinkling blue eyes met inquisitive chocolate ones.

“It’s me…” a tiny voice whispered.

Then just like Magic, I saw it happen.

All the wonder I expected to fill the tiny brown eyes lit the cerulean ones instead.

I know you…” the jolly voice answered.

Because that’s what happens when someone believes in you.



Trifecta’s word of the week is
WONDER (great word for the season)

****December 2013: From Tracie (Hi Tracie!!!) is hosting aGoing Green Christmas Edition where we can “recycle or spruce up an old Christmas post to share with you

I didn’t spruce anything up with this one. It’s just one of my favorites. Jacob is still dressing up like Santa, he still has WONDER and MAGIC in his eyes and I still tear up thinking of the day he met the Guy in Red and this happened.

thanks for visiting, hoping you’re having a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS SEASON.

The Mommy MessPeppermint hugs to Tracie and Adrienne  XO


7 thoughts on “Trifecta: Belief (Going Green Christmas)”

    1. oh thank you Tara…I wish you could have been there to see it in person. It was so magical.

      it’s so cool to have a “santa” in our house this year. :)

    1. Hi my friend…I hope you had a great holiday. It’s always so nice to see you here…

      this is a real story, you should have seen Jacob with Santa this year, it was so magical. :)

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