Trifextra: Without My Fingers in the Wounds

Trifecta asked us to share 33 words from a favorite work of literature this weekend.

Only 33?
From one book?

ah c’mon Trifecta!


It’s like choosing between Giovanni and Jacob, cupcakes or Jimmy Choos, Christmas or Summer. Honestly I love so many books, in so many different genres  with so many lines that speak to me, I just can’t decide.

I mean there is The Prince of Tides, The Red Tent, The Pillars of the Earth, everything by Anita Shreve and all those magical Harry Potter Books.

But then I went to get something from my purse and I saw the book that I literally carry around with me.

My friend and brilliant author Marian Kent of runaway sentence  has a book of poetry that you absolutely need to buy (and carry around with you) called RESPONSIVE PLEADING.


So I give you 33 words from one of my favorite poems in the collection:


…or perhaps you are meant to paint my dreams

Such that I remember what I am.

You are part of what lies

Beyond the here,

And now I’ve found a circle….

…I believe you.


Aren’t her words just stunning?  I remember reading this poem on my deck this past summer, the sun tanning my face and shoulders and letting the tears that had welled in my eyes, fall down my cheeks.

My loves, my children, my family, my own writing, are all part of that circle, all part of that belief in something I might not see just yet, but I know,  no I BELIEVE, exists.



(and because I never really do what I’m told, I am also adding a piece of The Weight of Water, from Anita Shreve.)

“Sometimes I think that if it were possible to tell a story often enough to make the hurt ease up, … I would tell that story a thousand times.”

This is how I feel about writing.

That I can chase the demons, share my joy, live my best life, if I can just keep telling my own stories.


49 thoughts on “Trifextra: Without My Fingers in the Wounds”

    1. HI Katie
      I love Anita Shreve, I remember really resisting her and then I read the Pilot’s Wife and I was hooked…I devoured her books, wanted to BE her. She writes love, loss, redemption, so well. Plus that quote has stayed with me for years. Telling the story eases the ache.

      thank you for coming over to read this, loved having you here.

  1. The excerpt from the poem was beautiful. Ahhhh…I remember The Weight of Water and that quote is just perfection! I feel that way a lot too. And I never do what I’m told either. You are a kindred spirit, I think! Have a great weekend!

    1. if I can be a kindred spirit with YOU…wow. I’m humbled. I never do what I’m told. It’s a blessing and a curse..but it’s who I am, at 43 I finally know who I am. I don’t know if I could change it now if I wanted to. 😉
      Hope you had a great weekend

  2. “Aren’t her words just stunning?”
    She has a way with words. Thanks for sharing this passage. It’s lovely. :)

    1. oh yes, she’s truly GIFTED and wise. Her words make me FEEL so many emotions. I am enthralled, truly.
      glad to share her with all of you.

  3. I have that, Weight of Water, quote tattooed over my heart!!! Ok, well……..if I was to get a tattoo over my heart, that quote would be it. :) Making lives better helps make my life better. Thanks for reminding me of that with this great set of quotes.

    1. HI YOU.
      it’s a perfect thing to tattoo over your heart, that makes you a romantic and a lover of words..and I like that about you. :)

  4. Love those. I’ve read The Weight of Water but I wouldn’t have remembered that section. Perfect words.

    1. ahhh thanks Robin. :)
      I just love Anita Shreve don’t you? She hooks me with every single book, her magic with words keeps me invested in all her characters.
      that line from TWOW is one of my favorites because it speaks to being a storyteller…to tell that story with your heart, until the ache is gone.

      so happy to see you SMILE here. XOXOXO

    1. so glad you liked them..both of them. Check out Marian’s book, for even more stunning words. I love sharing the WORDS with others :)

    1. hi Tracie!!!! how are you?
      thanks for coming by, so nice to see you and Happy Belated Birthday…I missed it didn’t I? I am sending balloons and cake wishes. xo

  5. I had the same reaction as you lol That’s why I went for the book that inspired me as a teenager rather than trying to sift through every favorite of mine (: I love this little passage!

    1. HI :)
      I couldn’t choose, I thought of this all weekend, even after I did, and just stared at my bookshelves. So many words, so many feelings, so many glad we felt the same way about it. :)
      I loved yours and downloaded the book to my nook.

  6. that’s a lovely excerpt…
    cupcakes or Jimmy Choos — oh god, i’m so glad no one’s asking me to choose between the two ^^

    1. right? Oh I love your blog name and your cheeky comment. You made me giggle.

      let’s hope NO ONE ever asks us to choose. I eat cupcakes while wearing high heels 😉

    1. it is…isn’t it? She made me FEEL…in so many ways. I love that whole book myself, which is why I carry it around with me like a Stalker or a Hobo. 😉

    1. Hey Trifecta, how are my favorite ladies?? :)

      I almost choose between all my friends with this again another weekend ok? So I can shout out to Jessie, Cameron, Angie, Tara,YOU. 😉

    1. I just love books and words don’t you…WAIT..I know you do!
      yesterday while out and about I bought a 365 NEW WORDS a year calendar for a song (75% off!!!) and I read most of January in the car today on the long ass ride to work (Sleet, overturned trucks etc) so now I have words to impress YOU with now. I have never been so happy with something I bought on Clearance.

      it’s also fun to see what inspires all of us…what words mean something to us. :)

  7. I don’t know why, but the first quote reminds me of the one on Angela’s website (which I love) “Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.”

    1. isn’t Angie’s blog just the most peaceful place? I love her words and that quote, it’s so true. When I see you at BlogHer I will share Marian’s book with you…and you will try to steal I will get you your own. 😉

  8. The idea of a friend’s work as your choice is great! This proves that a book doesn’t have to be famous or a classic to inspire us, it just needs to be sincere. Thanks for opening us to a new read 😉

    1. Well I truly love Marian’s book. I love Cameron’s books, I love Angie’s short stories and book…I could on and on all day about the people in my life that write. Words are magic, and I happen to know some incredible magicians. Hope you read and enjoy her book as much as I do.

      thanks for coming over and reading. :)

  9. Great choices you made, to include here. I looked through your list of favorite books and I would like to suggest a couple of reads to you – “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck and “A Stone For Danny Fisher” by Harold Robbins. I am willing to bet you’d like them – and maybe even treasure them as much as I do. They may not replace any books in your list of favorites, but I am certain they’ll ADD to it.

    1. Oh I love “THE GOOD EARTH” but I have never read “A Stone for Danny Fisher” but I will look it up today. Thank you for the recommendations, I always love when other “lovers of words” share theirs with me. It makes me feel connected.

      hope you had a great weekend Lou. :)

  10. The selections you chose speak so much about you, Kir. You are a warm, kind soul. You not only read the words in front of you…you feel them. It also carries into your own writing.

  11. Yay for Roswell. Marian’s book is snuggled between Eliot and Yeats on my shelf, but maybe it should be in my purse instead!

    1. I look like a poetry hobo. 😉

      but it helps me through bad days, and reminds me on good days of how much love I have in my life.

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