A Man’s Choice {Trifextra}

“There are other fish in the sea…”

“Not like Neesa.”

“You’re crazy man. You make a big display for one girl in a world of millions?”

“Because Neesa’s my one in a million.”

mohammadali / Love Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

 Trifecta Weekend

(Oh I missed you, all of you, while on vacation last weekend!!!)

this weekend: 33 words inspired the picture above.

In fulfilling my duties as the “cheesy love writer” that Draug loves, I give you this. (wink)


I also have a collaborative story over at SAM’s place : MY WRITE SIDE

 Her summer series, FLIP FLOP FICTION  involves taking fairy tales and mixing them up with each other.

This week I was humbled to be writing with her as Captain Hook falls into Cinderella’s Castle and a good ole fashioned cat-fight  with a piece called HOOKED. C’mon by if you’d like to see what we cooked up.


thanks for stopping by to read!
Happy Weekend and HAPPY WRITING.

11 thoughts on “A Man’s Choice {Trifextra}”

  1. ahhh Kir, missed you so much! <333

    I didn't say cheesy love writer haha I love all of your work, dark or romantic or funny or what-have-you. 😀

  2. I love what you did with this prompt. Shoulders slumped, a sprawling city with possibilities before them… The girl who eventually wins his heart will be very lucky indeed :)

    1. oh thank you…I just love that you came over to read it. Love seems to be the one thing I can write about with my whole heart. I’m always glad when it comes through to the people reading it.

      THANK YOU my friend. xo

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