FIVE SUMMERS: A Review & Book Promotion




Just in time for Summer comes a book that is going to remind you of Summer Camp, falling in love for the first time and how the friendships of our childhood shape our lives now and forevermore.


FIVE SUMMERS the  debut  YA Novel by Una LaMarche  is on sale today!


It’s that time of year again, when we can smell the sunshine and our skin is slick with Coppertone. That time of year when emotions run as high as the thermometers and we are flooded with memories of campfire talks, first kisses beneath a star filled sky and making the friends that will carry us through our adolescence and beyond.

Do you remember your trips to Summer Camp? The agony of being homesick or the delight in escaping to the woods for weeks of swimming, secrets and sun? The story of Emma, Skylar , Jo and Maddie’s will bring it all back and then some. This beautiful and sometimes heartbreakingly honest tale of these young women and the five summers they spend together will have you wishing on stars, hungry for s’mores and reaching out to your oldest friends to share their own memories.

It’s the perfect read for this time of year and you’ll find yourself reaching for it like the rewind button on your favorite song, wanting to drink it all in, smiling at your favorite chorus and tearing up during an emotional riff.


Here is the trailer for the book….

And you can get your copy TODAY, May 16th, just in time for your Memorial Holiday.

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Una and I met during our time as cast mates of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER NYC 2012.

She is a bright, beautiful wonderful voice of our generation as she proves with her debut novel.

Pick up your copy today, I promise between the laughter and the tears you won’t be disappointed.


***disclosure: I received a copy of FIVE SUMMERS to read and review. All opinions about how wonderful this book is are all my own***

4 thoughts on “FIVE SUMMERS: A Review & Book Promotion”

    1. you will LOVE it…it’s a really great book. I finished it in 2 days.
      I fell in love with every character and found so many memories in those pages.

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