Hidden {Friday Fictioneers/Haiku Friday}

Haiku Friday


Within the tall grass

we scamper. A ruse of sorts.

We long to be found.


Every Friday I join with my friend Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday.

17 syllables of fun.

Aqueduct -Sarah Ann Hall

Copyright – Sarah Ann Hall

“8, 9, 10…ready or not here I come!”

Milo’s legs pumped and his chest heaved as he ran through the field, his eyes locked on the old smoke stacks. Skidding to a stop he plopped down into what he knew was the perfect hiding spot for a five year old even as the tall grass scratched his already bruised legs and tickled his nose.

From a distance he heard the squeals and high pitched giggles as one by one, his friends were revealed. His tummy clenched as the voices calling his name got farther and farther away.

“I’m right here…” he whispered to himself.


100 words based on the picture above, with one of my favorite communities.

Friday Fictioneers

I try to have my Haiku compliment the story.

Thanks Rochelle, for letting me WRITE ON with all of  you.

Happy Weekend, Happy Writing.

10 thoughts on “Hidden {Friday Fictioneers/Haiku Friday}”

  1. Lovely haiku and how true for adults ~ reminds me too of ‘hide and seek’ played as a child ~ Enjoy ^_^

  2. Oh dear. My heart was in my throat for those last three sentences. What an interesting observation/twist on the purpose of hide and seek. We all want to be found.
    Just lovely, darling.

  3. Good job. It could also have a scarier twist at the end if the voices are getting farther away for some other reason. :-) Heeeeelp!! Too much FF!!!


    1. HI
      Thank you so much for coming over to read and comment, I appreciate you taking that time.

      Plus you liked the Haiku..yay. :)

  4. Dear Kir,
    Hope the little guy hasn’t gotten himself into too much trouble. Cute story.

    1. HI Rochelle,
      I think he’ll come out, come out wherever he is before long 😉

      hope you had an enjoyable weekend. :)

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