Cindy’s First Dance {Trifextra}


Listening to her bare feet slap against the marble of the foyer, she twirled and tapped herself dizzy.

Noticing the white wigged butler take in her impromptu dance, she smiled and shooed him away with her skipping waltz.

“Don’t!” she sing-songed to him as he approached to collect the shoes she’d abandoned, “those heels changed my life.”



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Trifextra this weekend :
Tell a story in 3 sentences.
I am in a fairy tale kind of place today…

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15 thoughts on “Cindy’s First Dance {Trifextra}”

    1. yep, even if we aren’t crazy about the Charming Prince, we can always enjoy (and be grateful) for the music in our heads, our “good fortune” 😉

      thanks for stopping by!

  1. I can’t imagine dancing in glass shoes so Cindy has the right idea…however, WHERE is that prince of hers? Why is she dancing alone in the hall?

  2. What a sweet moment. I like how she expresses her joy (without the horribly uncomfortable glass slippers!)

  3. I’ve always loved those moments at dances, weddings, parties, when the music is thumping, the room is heating up, the dance floor fills and the heels come off! A beautiful woman dancing barefoot is always a turn on to me and most guys I know. Thanks for putting a smile on my face with this imagery! :)

  4. What an awesome take on the Cinderella story!! I love that it isn’t until the last sentence that we realize who you’re telling.

  5. Great take on Cinderella – and way to let your own obsessions shine through, lol. Great post, Kir!

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