Girl of Summer : Trifextra



Salt and chlorine nestled in my nostrils, I stroll the boardwalks, legs bared and shoulders kissed with the red copper of sunshine.

A season after the rest of the world does, I bloom.



Trifecta this weekend is all about SUMMER and what it means to us: In 33 words of course.

I love summer. *sigh*

(and I’m still pouting that I can’t make it to the Trifecta Meetup! )

thanks for stopping by to read..

Happy Weekend/Happy Writing

40 thoughts on “Girl of Summer : Trifextra”

    1. HI Linda!
      I’m so glad, I do love this season of sun and sea. I can’t help but write HAPPY when I’m asked.

      thank you for visiting, you know it means a lot to me.

  1. love this – I enjoy the sun and the heat (to an extent) but it does a bit more than kiss my shoulders. :) Lobstah, anyone?

    1. HI Barbara!
      I’m always so glad when YOU visit. THANK YOU.
      I have been known to burn at first, but then I get coppery and I know that I look so much better a little kissed by the sun.
      hope you’re having a good week

    1. HI Maggie Grace,
      thank you. I was hoping that anyone reading this was sighing and smiling afterwards. I’m glad you were.

      THANK YOU.

    1. My mom still calls me her “BIG OCEAN Girl” because we’d get to Jersey shore and I’d be so excited to see the BIG OCEAN (as compared to the little one I suppose..LOL)

      thank you for coming over to read.

  2. You have always struck me as a summer girl – somehow, it even comes across in your writing! I loved this piece, both the sentiment of it and the way you led us there.

    1. Christine,
      that is the nicest compliment, that you see me as “Summer” as I always want to be the bearer of sunshine as much as I can be.

      Thank you for the visit and for the sunshine you offered me. :)

  3. Legs bared, sun-kissed shoulders…….all awesome signs of summer. Your post makes think of the smell of bare shoulders, nuzzled and kissed, after a day in the fresh air and sunshine, by the water. Lovely thought to have placed in my brain so early in the evening. Thanks, Kir. :)

    1. MY very favorite comment on this piece. I love knowing that you smiled and clicked away with lovely thoughts swimming in your brain.

      I do love the way our skin smells after a day near the water, and goodness knows I love being kissed on those tender shoulders.

      hope you’re having a good week

    1. THANK YOU!!! Oh Jody, I love when you visit and so happy that you left with a smile.

      hope you’re having a good week

    1. Nope, and blooming in summer suits me. You should find the place you shine and have at it. Right?

      thanks for the visit!!! So nice to have you here.

    1. HI Suzanne,
      so glad you liked that line and that the last line made it worth the visit.

      thank you for coming over and giving me some sunshine.

  4. I always had to snort out pool water when I got chlorine up my nose 😛 haha

    Kir that last line is lovely! 😀

    1. I didn’t write that I had chlorine up my nose you SILLY GOOSE. Although now I’m laughing and snorting anyway.

      I like the way chlorine smells on your skin after a day in the pool.

      at least the last line saved my piece.

      hope your vacation was awesome. :)

  5. Own that boardwalk, Kir! Show the sun and its copper kisses what it means to shine in the summer.

    Thank you for linking up! Please be sure to return for the voting!

      I tend to own the boardwalks even without knowing it, I’m 18 all over again..and in love with summer and sunshine and the smells of the shore towns.

      so glad you came by, hope you’re having a good summer!

    1. hmmm, maybe. Could use a little aloe. 😉

      thank you for coming over to read this and visit, I appreciate that so much!

    1. HI!
      so glad you liked it (and is it a coincidence that over Memorial Day I actually did stroll the AC boardwalk??? )

      when does the challenge end? I’d love to participate!

      hope you had a good weekend

    1. HI Bjorn
      THANK YOU! I love summer, I’m glad that came through with my 33 words this weekend. Hope you had a good one!

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