Guest Pass: {Trifecta/Studio 30 Plus}



The ice melted in Daphne’s glass as her eyes scanned the crowd. Without tasting the libation she lifted it  to her lips and tried to not to lock gazes with anyone in particular. Standing among them draped in blue satin she mused, these are my people and yet they are not. Some knew her secret, others could only guess at the mystery behind her violet eyes, but whenever she walked into a room she felt the heavy bristle of tiny hairs lifting on every forearm as the air shifted to welcome her.

Mistress, she often heard whispered.

It had started so innocently, a friendly handshake, a shared joke nestled inside a confession of attraction that had taken her by surprise. Yet, with every romantic declaration, given to her in small amounts as if he were spoon-feeding her, Daphne cast her doubt and shame aside, choosing to sit in the small spotlight he would shine from time to time. It made her feel as if she had finally been given access to a private club, one that promised inclusion regardless of her past or marital status.

Coincidentally she’d never questioned falling in love with him, if only because she’d heard his voice proclaim it first. And when he’d finally touched her, pushing the stray tendrils away from her face and cupping her cheek before his mouth zeroed in on hers, it felt like a light turning on inside her, as if he’d walked into a dark room and illuminated it with passion and care.

Even as her head screamed, he shouldn’t be trusted; she had, with her whole being.

Which  is what made it worse when without a hint of remorse he merely flicked the switch again and bathed her in darkness; rejecting her, reminding her that the membership to the inner circle of his heart  had been revoked.

Daphne sipped at the water-downed vodka and watched the bustle of activity around him, wondering, not for the first time, who was being offered a guest pass now.


Trifecta this week: the word is CLUB: 

3a : an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported and meeting periodically; also : a group identified by some common characteristic <nations in the nuclear club>  



and for STUDIO 30Plus I wrote for the PROMPT:

25 thoughts on “Guest Pass: {Trifecta/Studio 30 Plus}”

  1. Kir, this is fabulous! The pacing of it, the way you lead us through the story from courtship to abandonment – just wonderful. And you thread the concept of the club through the whole piece without beating us over the head with it. That takes finesse. Great job! Thanks for sharing it with us. ~Christine (Trudging Through Fog)

    1. Oh. Well.
      I am humbled by this comment. I often feel like I am the one “Thing that doesn’t look like the others” when I am around other writers.

      For me, just having you enjoy this would have been enough, or even just taking the time to read it.

      This comment will be the reason I smile today, thank you for that.

  2. The heart has a difficult time overcoming what the head knows it ought to do, or not to do, doesn’t it? She knew he couldn’t be trusted. Ouch. Well drawn scene from the blue satin, to the watered down vodka. Nice writing, Kir.

    1. You are so right Steph, the heart often wants things it shouldn’t, or is tricked into feeling like it is cherished as much as it thought it was.

      so glad you enjoyed this, I am humbled by your visit. Thank you for coming over to read it.

  3. Have just been having a tootle around your website..

    You write with such feeling and depth.. Beautiful…xx

    1. Oh! First, thank you for visiting, it’s such an HONOR to have you here.

      Second, thank you for your comment, it will make me smile today.


  4. The highest highs and lowest lows. You capture the rush of falling in love and the pain of losing it with such raw emotion.

    1. HI Tara,
      well here’s the thing, I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a blessing or a curse that I have LOVED and LOST enough that I can write about it like this….
      I’m still working on those emotions. 😉

      thank you for this comment, it makes me feel like at least there is something I write about that truly rings true. I appreciate that support. :)

    1. You flatter me, I’m mildly okay at this writing thing. (thank you t, thank you)

      but I do love that come over here to read me. That makes me happy.

  5. This is an incredible piece of writing – the way you tell the whole story and convey the emotions at each stage is superb.

    1. HI Freya,
      so glad that you liked it, that it kept you guessing, that you wanted more. I might continue to write her for the summer…I like thinking that Daphne has a story to tell. :)

  6. This is a wonderful portrayal, Kir. From the first look-see to the watered-down vodka, she is that part of us that remains hidden because of someone else’s dictates. The joy, the worry, the pain, all locked up and unshared.

  7. Violet eyes: preferred eye color for mistresses.

    Some knew her secret… she most likely assumed she was all the gossip at the water cooler. I love how you ended this with her wondering about the guest pass. This was a cool metaphor, because an affair really is like having a guest pass. Wonderful take, and great POV.

    As usual – I loved!

  8. I always look forward to reading your pieces – and this did not disappoint!
    “Which is what made it worse when without a hint of remorse he merely flicked the switch again and bathed her in darkness; rejecting her…” – -ugh, I can almost feel the abandonment she’s experiencing there…

    beautifully written =)

  9. You made me sympathize with someone who I would normally dislike from the get-go. Well done, Kir.

  10. I’m fairly certain everyone else has said all the things that need to be said, so I’ll just say that I love it.

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