There’s the Girl {Write on Edge, Trifecta, Studio30+}


Was she here?

Cradling his wife’s hand and striding along the planks of the boardwalk, he could swear he could feel her.

Their children buzzed around them, grabbing at the waterlogged dollar bills he fished from his wallet and bounding off toward the buzzing lights of the arcade,  while he tried to ignore the sweet scent wafting over him, diminishing the heavily salted air.

He remembered how she’d looked and felt that summer. Golden hair that brushed her tanned-copper shoulders and toenail polish that had reminded him of penny candy. He’d never seen her jaw  work a piece of it into bright popping bubbles but when he’d kissed her, slipping his tongue inside, she’d tasted like the childhood confection.

“Babe, you okay?” he heard in a far off voice as they stopped in front of the fun-house.

Working to resist the swell of emotions threatening to overtake him, he felt like a freak. Even catching his reflection in the distorted mirror confirmed it; he was as altered and twisted as what it cast back.

It was a lifetime ago“, he reminded himself, “she’s not here.”

Gripping the hand he was holding he  pushed on, forcing a nod, a smile, even when all he could taste was bubblegum.


So the Awesome Editors of Write on Edge are on vacation, leaving MANDY (god how I love Mandy) in charge.

She decided to give stuff away and ask us to write about bubblegum. (see pic above)
That is why she Freakin Rocks.

Then Trifecta asked us to use FREAK in our writing.
3rd definition took a little time to work in.

: one that is markedly unusual or abnormal: as



and Marr of Studio 30 Plus prompted us with

Swell or Unique


and now for your listening enjoyment and to forever  put me in your  ” god, she is soooo lame ” category I will share the inspiration for my words.

Earlier this week, driving home, Sirius XM radio tuned to the 80’s channel we heard a “Lost Hit“.

Ann and Nancy Wilson, known to everyone as HEART were singing a song that wasn’t “Alone“, “Barracuda” or “All I Wanna Do it Make Love to You”  (which is probably why it’s a lost hit *ahem*).

Don’t watch the video, it will hurt your eyes, (all that hair, makeup and leather…) but the words to There’s the Girl, which I looked up, stayed in my mind for days until they demanded to tell a story of their own.

If you turn it up, it really is a great summer song. (I know, I know…I’m lame.)

HAPPY Week/HAPPY Writing

26 thoughts on “There’s the Girl {Write on Edge, Trifecta, Studio30+}”

  1. Well look at you missy, also working in the three prompts (I knew you would). I love these summer stories. I think we’ve all been inspired by more than bubblegum.

    1. I’m all about the multitasking 😉 Plus I have so little time to write lately, bunching them at least makes me feel like I “did something”

      the bubblegum was a great prompt wasn’t it?

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to dismiss those memories, no matter how happy we are otherwise. They jump out at us at random moments, don’t they? Sweet, wistful little story, Kir!

    1. sometimes you can’t even prepare for them, a song, a scent just plunges you into them. It’s something that being in my mid 40s has taught me. 😉

      THANK YOU for coming by to read, you know I love when you visit.

  3. How wistful, how sad. What a wonderful last line, and I felt sorry for the woman who was actually holding his hand. It’s amazing how far we can travel from those right next to us so quickly.

    1. I know , I thought that about her too, until I realized that his feelings for her are separate from the ones the bubblegum brought back. Nostalgia for something doesn’t mean you truly want it back, not always.

      I agree, something so simple can have us traveling back a lifetime…

      thank you for reading, for you comment. :)

  4. I enjoyed this little moment, steeped in such memory. I think it was just as sweet as its inspiration (and, of course, its writer!).

    1. oh thank you! For you to like anything I write makes a day good, BETTER.

      thank you for just coming over to read it.

  5. You’re right. That video did hurt my eyes. But your words are music to my ears. Cheesy, I know… But seriously, your writing is so vivid, nostalgic… It leaves me feeling sad and pensive and thinking about lifetimes and lovers ago.

    1. HI YOU!
      oh yeah that video is just soooo 80’s isn’t it? But the song ….good. 😉

      you can be as cheesy as you want with me and thank you for this comment that made me smile, made me want to hug you.

      summer boardwalks just seem to be a place of nostalgia don’t they?

      I loved that you visited !!! :)

    1. I love bubblegum kisses don’t you?

      yes, the nostalgia can knock you back, have you remembering all the good stuff for just a moment.

      Walking on the NJ boardwalks over Memorial Day I had my walk down memory lanes. 😉

      thank you for reading …love when you visit.

  6. What a sweet story, almost as sweet as the taste of bubble gum. Mmmm. Loved this Miss Cupcake Diva! I totally imagined him blowing a bubble in his own reflection. As if a piece of gum had magically appeared in his mouth… 😉

    1. it’s funny, I thought that same thing (re the piece of gum magically appearing in his mouth) Great minds? 😉

      nostalgia is a funny thing, it can drown you in memories.

      so glad you liked it, my inspirational friend. :)

      1. I had this metallic box of old school bubble gum. When I opened the box a whiff of the smell always came out. Each piece of gum I removed I then carefully placed the empty paper back into the box to save the sweet smell for as long as possible. I think I kept that box for 10 years. I was in my 30’s when I finally accepted to let it go… 😉

  7. Holding his wife’s hand and looking for a past flame – naughty. I felt his longing and ultimate disappointment/ acceptance. Loved the penny candy nails and sweet-tasting kisses.

  8. This made me kind of sad. I know he might have found happiness again, but the surfacing of this memory- of this loss- was sad. I like how the relationship with her is open to interpretation. We don’t know if it was a childhood first love, or if they were older…or if they drifted apart, or she died.

  9. A long-lost teenage love? First love? Very touching and melancholy. His longing makes me feel like the separation was caused by some tragedy.

    1. that’s what I loved about the story, even I didn’t really know. Only that she stayed with him…that he loved her.

      thanks for reading!!

  10. Perhaps it’s because scent is the sense closest tied to memory, and the ocean and boardwalk is so full of scents along with the open horizon…It seems the perfect kind of place to both make and recall memories. This was lovely, Kir!

    Thank you for linking up!

    1. I think it is…we spend Memorial Day on the boardwalks in NJ and I was just swept away in the smells of my past, the ache, the loves, the summers full of great, big feelings.

      I am glad you liked it..thank you. (Hugs)

  11. I loved the nostalgia described. I think we all have a tender memory that can come back. Mine is green tea at a chinese restaurant.

  12. Am late to read the bubblegum prompt but you are one of several who did three challenges at once. So well written. At the end, I wasn’t sure if he missed his first wife or had killed her. I see from your comments it was nostalgia. Intense writing and captivating.

  13. She’s not there anymore, but like so many ghosts in the places we love, she lingers on.

    Bittersweet read, Kir!

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