When It Happens to You {WOE and Trifecta}

Daphne had always heard that when it happens to you the world shifts and that every emotion you’ve ever felt suddenly feels like some fuzzy, hazy farce.  She’d listened to the stories of the phenomenon with a mixture of childlike fascination aligned next to heavy dollops of very adult-like disbelief.

She went about her life sure that moments like that only existed in the diaries of romance novelists and comforted herself with the thought that if she stayed smart she’d never succumb to it, even if it showed up and banged on her door. The key was in not answering it and making certain that her “porch light”, as her mother often put it, was indeed off.

For nearly two decades Daphne held tight to those convictions, silently smug and at times so righteous as to appear arrogant. There was right, there was wrong and only a foolish, selfish woman- child would think to cross that line. In Daphne’s world, black and white didn’t make room for gray.

So she wasn’t exactly ready when it happened.

Ironically she’d been performing the mundane task of folding laundry when her phone chimed. It’s unsettling how thirty seconds can change the relationship of friends sharing the light banter of daily things to five words that can tilt the axis of your world.

I think I love you.

The sun was a rusty copper sphere in the sky that evening, equal parts yellow, orange and red and she could have sworn that with that exchange, her world did shift, change, expand and open to take in all the colors. Suddenly black and white swirled and tipped until they melted into one another, taking her breath away.

Thinking back, that should have been the moment where she ignored the knock. But it had happened, just like all those stories she’d heard, and  suddenly it felt like years of never questioning her own desires had led her here.

In the time it took her to answer  she realized she was already halfway gone.

Last week I won Trifecta

(I KNOW I can’t believe it either, and incidentally I can’t stop smiling about it)

with this piece, GUEST PASS.
Then Lumdog (awesome guy) asked me if I would bring Daphne back at some point, so I did.

This week’s word is RUSTY:

MY BIG NEWS is that this week I was introduced as an Assistant Editor with WRITE ON EDGE



This week Mandy gave us a picture of a lighthouse and the a song from Lifehouse (Coincidence?) called

HALFWAY GONE. I didn’t use the lighthouse, instead I went with the song.

Thanks for stopping by to read! Hope you’re having a good week!

30 thoughts on “When It Happens to You {WOE and Trifecta}”

  1. Love how you combined the prompts!
    An excellent description of the shifting if one’s universe. Tipping black and white together made a gorgeous pattern in my mind.

    1. I am ALL ABOUT using more than one prompt! I would never get anything written. 😉

      I am also so glad you liked that about the black and white blending…I wrote and rewrote that line. I am TRULY glad you liked it. SQUEE.

  2. and just like that! Life is funny in how it works. Nicely done, Kir. Thanks for linking up with us this week.

    1. yes, I think it is. Things you never expected can turn your world around.
      GOOD LUCK with the judging….hope you had a good week!

    1. Well FIRES burn out Steph. 😉 I am happy right now with what I’m getting accomplished and hoping my writing is getting better with the practice.

      as always, thank you for coming over to read me, you know it means a lot to me.

  3. Another great (romantaic :)) story! You’ve got a lot going on right now- congrats on the Trifecta win and the assistant editor position. I’m not familiar with Write on the Edge, so I’ll have to check it out.

    1. HI you,
      thank you for coming over to WOE to say Hi, it made my day.
      And please come over and write for WOE, that would make my MONTH.

      have a great weekend

  4. Beautifully written story, Kir! Is there anything better than finding love? You have captured that moment so wonderfully well. :)

    1. thank you Tom, no there is nothing better. I wish it had gone better for her, (Daphne) but at this point of her story, she is indeed captured. 😉

    1. thank you, and I’m sorry I missed the Higo this week, I am swamped at work and I miss you and all the stories. I’ll be back next week.

    1. HI Kymm
      thank you for coming over.
      So happy that the description of the sun was a favorite of yours. One of those places where I write until it feels good, and having someone point it out feels like it was worth it. :)

  5. Weaving those beautiful words as always, dear Kir. Great job. Especially the part about the copper sphere. Loved that image.

    1. Oh thanks Rox, I like thinking of the sun as a copper sphere, it’s exactly how I see it.

      THANK YOU for coming over to read.

    1. and heart breaking when it ends…;) LOL
      for Daphne, I wanted to write the emotions she was having before she let herself go and allow the feelings in…and to show that maybe that was her mistake. (which is sad…BOO)

      glad that this described the emotions enough to make you believe it.

    1. the one thing I know about..the highs and lows of love…I’m still trying to figure out if it’s a blessing or a curse.
      But this one felt right to tell Daphne’s story before the FALL itself, that something about her had been trying to hard to not fall..that is when it’s inevitable.

      thank you for coming over to read…I love when you visit.

    1. HI Alexa,
      thank you so much!!!! I always blush and hang my head when anyone is PROUD of me, I love that feeling of doing something that someone thinks I’m worthy of.

      you can’t know what that means to me. XO

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