Silent Running : Trifecta

the morning after this…





Shelby woke before dawn, stretching against the blankets wrapped around her, with hay in her hair.

Reaching for her top and skirt and careful not to wake Gunnar, she pulled and shimmied, snapped and buttoned her way back into her clothes. But once she was dressed a wave of nostalgia pulled her back to the warm space next to him. She ran her thumb along the length of his cheekbone covered in morning stubble and Gunnar stirred.

His hands sought her, much the same way they had throughout the night. More than once mid-dream she’d felt his fingers gently pull her hip- first to him until with urgent kisses and mumbled devotions he’d rocked them both back into a satisfied sleep.

C’mere Shelb…” he coaxed, throwing the blanket back over both of them.

So she tucked into him. He was the only thing about this life  she was going to miss but she wasn’t naïve or stupid enough to think he’d ever leave with her. Not when Tioga County fit him like the worn leather boots now slouched in the corner of the loft.

And she wasn’t willing to stay for him, even when he flipped her stomach with a simple touch.  For most of high school  she’d  waited for the hurried feeling of things passing too quickly that everyone loved to chirp at her:  It’s gonna fly by you know; try to enjoy every minute: but that feeling never came and it was finally time to just go before anything, even Gunnar and his kisses, could stop her.

As morning light started to creep across the cinnamon colored bales she rolled over and dropped a kiss on his freckled nose, “I gotta run Gun…”

He reluctantly released her,  letting his hand linger on her arm and  preventing her from getting up. Propping himself up on his elbow and tugging at stray piece of hay stuck in her curls his eyes searched hers , “don’t you think it’s ’bout time you stopped running beautiful?”, he sighed.



Trifecta this week, the word was FLY


33 thoughts on “Silent Running : Trifecta”

  1. So torn! The rebel in me wants her to pull and go, even if it means that she comes back, because then at least she will know and the other part of me wants her to be satisfied by Gunnar’s love. I loved how much this smelled like summer and teh ‘the cinnamon colored bales.’

    1. Jennifer, I KNOW. It’s exactly how I feel about Shelby..that I want her to go and I want her to stay..I want her to have both lives.

      thank you for the comment about the cinnamon colored bales…I worked that line out for a while in my head. 😉

  2. This is an intriguing beginning. Is there backstory to WHY she needs to leave? What is she running from? Because I do get a sense she’s running…

    love this line: “Not when Tioga County fit him like the worn leather boots now slouched in the corner of the loft.”

    1. HI :)
      there is, it started last week with Tethered Offers…
      and why she’s running, well to get out of course. 😉

      thank you for that comment about the line, another like the cinnamon that I worked on for a while before I could hit publish. I wanted this place to be a place she could never conceive of him leaving. I’m glad you liked it.

      1. I remember that piece. It doesn’t really explain why she’s going, just that she is. But if what she’s running from is coming, I’m happy to wait

  3. Such a nice follow up to your last segment. Definitely feeling torn for her. That last line…oh…ow. Now what? We need to know!

    1. Maggie Grace, I’m so glad you liked it.
      Yes, I think being torn for her is a good place to be and don’t worry I’m going to keep writing her and Gunnar, with their choices.

      I’m Glad you “Need to know”, that makes me want to keep writing them.

    1. Linda,
      this is such a gorgeous comment. THANK YOU..I hope you come back for the stories to come.

      I appreciate the visit so much.

  4. Love the feel in this piece Kir! It’s a tough place to be – feeling torn in two directions. And I love how soft and sensual your writing is. Beautiful!

  5. Such wonderful writing, Kir, softly sensuous. When I was in my 20’s I itched to travel. I would work until I had enough money to travel for months, come home, work, travel. At one point I started dating this nice guy with a good job, settling into a long career. As I prepared for another trip he asked me, what are you running from? I was irritated, said I was running to see the world, not away from something. Your character – I want her to go so she’ll know what she has or doesn’t have. I’m hooked on this story. What will she do?

    1. Steph
      I love comments like this, where you tell me about yourself.
      It’s such a interesting thing isn’t that, that urge to just GO? It’s not always running away from something, as you illustrated, but I think for Shelby it is, in this story, in this context. A place where she can be …free? is that the right word?

      you’ll see more of her this summer (I like writing this couple) and we’ll see where her journey is going to take her and if Gunnar is going to be part of the journey.

      THANK YOU so much for the visit, the comment, the share. You KNOW how much it means to me.

    1. OH GOOD…I’m so glad that it’s a story that you’re INTERESTED and INVESTED in now…makes it more fun to write. :)

      (I do love having you visit here!)

  6. I’m for her staying until she uses that Gunnar all up!
    There’s a lovely, slowed-down quality to this that has nice, slow fuck written all over it. And they’re not even naked!!!
    Love the fit like worn leather boots!

    1. MY very favorite comment this week (even with all the wonderful comments this has gotten already…) because you get this and you get ME.

      “the nice slow fuck” of this was exactly what I was going for, to show her hesitation and reluctance to leave HIM not that town.

      If I tell you that this comment made my week it sounds frivolous, but it really did. THANK YOU Kymm. xo

    1. Romantic, yes!
      Even young men have their moments, esp where their women are concerned. 😉

      thanks for the Visit Tina, hope you’re having a good week.

  7. As others have already mentioned, your lines such as the cinnamon coloured hay and the county fitting him like his boots……..are dynamite and do so much to help create such a soft, luxurious, loving moment in time that you were after. You have created two characters who have a lot of chemistry in this scene. You have, also, created a memorable scene that sets itself on a par with any of the great, mature, romantic moments ever set down on paper or on a movie screen.

    1. You do a ton for my self esteem as a writer (esp when I am feeling like I am a terrible one)

      I just appreciate the visits and comments from you. This one, especially, made me smile. For a hopeless romantic like me it’s something I love hearing about what I offer to the world.

      THANK YOU my friend.

  8. I still find it amazing the gender difference.. countryside all male, and cities getting increasingly female. Went to a big restaurant with after-workers and it was less than 10% men. While if I would go to a small town there are only men.. women have left. So I guess there will be yet another sequel.

    1. I hope you don’t hate this story.

      I think that most of me wanting to write it is not to have Shelby (and all her girl friends) to leave, but rather to have a place where she needs to GO in order to COME back. (Maybe because she is not done talking to me yet..)

      Plus now you have me taking in all the places I go, from restaurants to bars and pubs etc to see if I see the percentages you see. It’s been an interesting addition to this story line.

      thank you for coming over to read it, that I appreciate most of all.

  9. You’ve gotten so many comments that echo my sentiments. (I also love the line about the worn boots – beautiful description.) There are so many directions you could go with this and I’m looking forward to which way this goes. I think she should see the world…if she doesn’t she may regret it later. It may be selfish to uproot him from a life she’s content with, but a part of me (yeah, the selfish part) would like that to happen, so she can have the best of all worlds.

  10. Well, this is quite the conundrum filled with life-long “what-ifs.” Just go ahead & change her name to Jody – she’s always going to wonder now, no matter what she does! 😉 (hehe – beautiful writing, Kir)

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