What You Come Here For: Trifextra



Sometimes a fantasy…


You come to indulge the reverie.

To imagine

fingertips that linger &

lips that whisper breathlessly.

So, I’ll weave those romantic tales of passion for you.


…is all you need. 




Trifecta asked us to give them 33 words, any style, any form..

just bring it.

I bring the LOVE STORIES

(thank you so much to all of you who tell me that you enjoy them!)

with another Thank You to Billy Joel for letting me borrow some of his lyrics.



42 thoughts on “What You Come Here For: Trifextra”

  1. oh yes, you do – and always beautifully. I love, love, love the way you wove the words within the message (you always have such a knack for your details!)

    1. someone said to me the other day, “do you get sick of writing about love?”
      My honest answer was “no, because it’s hopeful, even when it ends or I have to write a break up, a leaving, I am still hopeful for that heart to find another”

      thank you for indulging my love of the LOVE STORY my friend. xox

  2. Yes – we do indeed come to your corner to live vicariously through your words. And such lovely words at that!

    1. my best and favorite cheerleader (IN REAL LIFE). thank you for always reading with an open heart and for indulging me through plot lines and ideas. you are one of the reasons that my writing feels so real sometimes. :)

      THANK YOU for that.

  3. You always weave those romantic tales and I am a sucker for them. Nice that you put it out there like that. Well played.

    1. Really? are you just saying that?

      I love when you visit, love that you enjoy reading me. Glad you liked it, hope your weekend was a good one.

    1. Best compliment from one of the BEST people (writers or otherwise) that I know.

      you made my whole weekend. <3

  4. This is wonderful! Love the line “fingertips that linger & lips that whisper breathlessly” – yes please! :)

    1. Oh Steph, THANK YOU. I may not be good at many things writing wise, but I’d like to think that LOVE I’ve got a handle on.

      You made me smile…thank you. xo

    1. Hey you…Hey. I’ve MISSED YOU, thank you for coming over to say hi. I wish I could grab a cupcake and come sit on your couch and just gab.

      your visit made me smile today, thank you.

    1. it’s so true and I love being the one to write those stories so we can all indulge our fantasies. :)

      Hope you had a good weekend, thank you for visiting!!!

    1. :)
      I like being the one that gives everyone something to imagine once in a while…

      thanks for coming by, you know I love when you do.

    1. LOL, well there is NOTHING wrong with the ROCKY theme. 😉

      but I like that you “felt” it, that makes me smile.
      Thank you for coming by!!

  5. I can think of no one I’d rather have write a romantic scene for me than you. You are the best of the best when it comes to affairs of the heart. :)

    1. I will take that compliment and just smile. If you ever need me to write a romantic scene for you, let me know. :)

      thank you for always making my day with your comments.

  6. When you think love stories, you think Kir because you want quality. We always know where to go for our weekly love fix.

    Thanks for linking up. Please remember to return for the voting!

    1. I truly want to frame this comment or hang it up where I can be reminded that you like what I do sometimes.

      THANK YOU Trifecta, for helping me become a better writer, for pushing me to be more creative, for encouraging me to write what I know.

      I simply love being a part of this community.

  7. Ah this is breath taking. I tend to write on the down side and ugly parts of love, so to read your post are a breath of fresh air.

    1. HI Donetta,
      I am just happy that you came over to read me and leave me such wonderful words. THANK YOU.

      I will continue writing if you continue reading.

    1. :)
      that smile is my first reaction to this comment. thank you for being such a great cheerleader for me. I appreciate it more than I can tell you.

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