For When I Wish I Had all the Answers

  Raising two very active and very curious little boys is exhausting. My sons have been known to wake up and barely untangle themselves from a top sheet before the barrage of questions and queries starts. Question upon question about everything from the color of the sky, to what batteries do, to why they can’t ride the dog.

Sometimes the answers are easy ones, sometimes they are thoughtful and other times they are downright funny. But as their mom I know that funny or not, they’re waiting for an answer so I better have one ready for them in 2.8 seconds or they might NOT believe that I’m as smart as I pretend to be.

The truth? My kids are much smarter than I am , in fact they might even give this little guy a run for his money? Have you heard of him yet?



The  Wisest Kid in the  Whole World The Wisest Kid(in the Whole World)  was discovered by Campbell’s and lives on a mountaintop dispensing  entertaining advice  to parents  about keeping your children happy , especially about mealtime. By getting to know him over at the Campbell Kitchen website (and all those incredible, yummy recipes)  I know that I could use him around the Piccini kitchen more than a few nights a week, especially when my question of “what would you like for dinner” is met with blank faces.  

That’s when I reach for a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle.   blogCampbells2     


Here’s what I do know. First, that Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup used to make any cold day, heart ache or just plain cranky day better. Slurping those noodles is one tradition that I will  gladly pass down to my little guys (even if it makes for one very loud dinner table). And second, that green beans taste so much better when they are cooked in Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup. It’s not Thanksgiving without turkey, football and green bean casserole. In fact I  plan to take these mini’s to the table this November because I know that my sons will gobble them up. (ahem)

Mini Green Bean Casserole

Campbell's Mini Green Bean Casseroles Recipe


Photo credit to Campbell’s Kitchen (You should probably PIN this recipe like I did)  


Yesterday Jacob said to me , “Mommy you love us, even when you don’t right?” and I hugged him tight. “You’re right buddy, I do.” Then Gio came over and said, “I think the most important thing is sharing, if people shared they wouldn’t be as mad as they are all the time.” Jacob nodded in agreement. Wise words from my twins, I just hope they remember that statement when I want some of their green bean casserole. Remember to check out the Wisest Kid in the World widget to ask your own questions and Campbell’s Kitchen to get some delicious recipe ideas for dinner!    






7 thoughts on “For When I Wish I Had all the Answers”

  1. So why can’t we ride the dog, again?

    I love that we love them. Even when we don’t.
    It’s the best part of motherhood. The only thing I really know for sure.

    Oh yeah. I also know my kids’ favorite meal is Chicken Cordon Bleu – but not the French kind.

    I make mine with cream of chicken soup. (Shhh.)

    1. remind me one day to tell you why I don’t eat Chicken Cordon Bleu anymore…;)

      I love that you came over to visit me today and leave me with the giggles.

      don’t worry Julie, all your secrets are safe with me.

  2. There is no doubt in my mind that my son is smarter than me–and you’ve got double the fun! I wish you much luck keeping on your toes with those two, but I love that they’ve got the right ideas about life and love and sharing.

    Maybe they get it from their mom.

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