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I came to Twisted Mix Tape Tuesdays a bit hesitant.

I am the queen of VANILLA MUSIC for sure, but the one thing besides words that has always helped me through the darkest times of my life has been music.

But I found yet another tribe  with the people of the TMT and the more I get to know all of you, the luckier I feel to be part of this musical community.

Back in December, only weeks after my Brother’s death and in the spur of the moment, I emailed Jen and asked her if we could have a week for Ben, using Dance/Club songs as inspiration. I was quick to add that I didn’t want sad mixes, my brother was not sad when he was spinning. He might have been a kick ass pharmaceutic rep during the day but DJ BENNY BEATS was an entertainer by night. I just wanted to honor his life and the music that makes us all HAPPY.

Jen? THANK YOU for saying YES!  XO

If you are participating this week, there are no words for the kind of THANK YOU I want to offer.

 Please know how truly grateful I am for your shares and your songs.


So I’m not sharing Ben’s favorite songs…I mean you can always go to:
DJ BENNY BEATS (my brother’s DJ website)

and find his mixes:
SOUND CLOUD or Downloads

Ben and I didn’t share a love of the same kinds of music, he loved HOUSE and Club mixes, I liked DANCE music with a beat and a story to it.

So today I’m not sharing songs I think he would have liked , instead I’m honoring him (or maybe making him hang his head and say…”Kirst….really?”) by linking to songs that make me happy, make my hips shake and my heart pound.


I’d like to think that this is one song we might have liked together.

It’s the newest song by Lady Gaga Featuring R. Kelly.

Honestly, I just heard it for the first time over the weekend, but the baseline grabbed me and I loved the lyrics. It made me think of of my college days, the sexual freedom of my single days  and the adrenaline rush of hearing a song that makes you want to bounce to the dance floor , even if you were the only one out there.

(I did that quite a bit, I wasn’t a shy dancer back then and I would have gotten into a lot of sweet trouble dancing to this song for sure.)

LADY GAGA (featuring R.Kelly) Do What U Want:


The first mix I ever made for my first iPod had this song on it, even today, almost three decades later (did you know Madonna started with THE BREAKFAST CLUB as their drummer??) I will stop what I’m doing and crook my little finger to “move out to the left for awhile” and “slide to the right for a while”, making my kitchen a sticky dance floor wondering what I have to do to “get you back.”

This song never fails to make me smile and dance.



What do you get when mix  the 60’s, 70 and 2000’s: Fitz and the Tantrums.
I love this band, and this song that I’m sharing has been a favorite for years now. Plus, my baby sister, Dana loves it too.

We can shake our tushes together and that always makes me happy.

Fitz & The Tantrums: Moneygrabber: 


My sons are great DANCERS. Seriously, they are.

Giovanni and Jacob have some MOVES. So when I’m feeling blue what I love to do is put some music on and invite them into the kitchen, the living room or my bedroom and say “Let’s Dance!”.

This is one song that the boys just adore, they have the rhythm of  my daddy and their uncle Ben built into their DNA and it’s such a trip to see them shake their cute little booties down. I remember dancing with my dad, Dana and Benjamin all over the house growing up and I love making those memories with the twins.


Nikki Manaj: Starships:

This one is for you Ben, because whether you liked this song or not you always added it to my mixes, you danced with me to it, and didn’t laugh as I swung my hips and crooned, “All this pain you said I’d never feel..but I do, I do do do...”

Maybe it reminded of you of  Shippensburg University and the year that our lives overlapped while we shared the campus together. But that summer of 1997, I fell in love with this song and you never forgot.

You were a ROCK STAR even then and it was there at WIBS that your DJ life started.

All really good, drunk, fun memories.

The Best kind of memories.

Ben, thank you for always dancing with me to

Mark Morrison: RETURN OF THE MACK:


You can make your own Twisted Mix Tape and share it with us.

I’d love to hear your mixes this year.


(and thank you for all the love and comfort you’ve offered me and my very grateful family the past few weeks)

11 thoughts on “Dance Me Away: Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday”

  1. I totally didn’t know that Madonna started out as a drummer! I never would have thought! I love that you started with gaga and ended with Mack. It’s a beautiful memorial.

  2. Oh my gosh KIR!!! I forgot about Right On Track completely, wow did that song just suck me back into time!!!
    Love Fitz and the Tantrums, when I think of going to a club those last two songs are right there.
    I am glad that this made you happy. xoxo

  3. ‘Moneygrabber’ is very popular in this house. Great list and grateful to be a part of this week’s mixtape. Love this: “I’m honoring him (or maybe making him hang his head and say…”Kirst….really?”)”

    Keep dancing. <3

  4. Return of the Mack brings me back to university days too – so I suppose it could have made my mix this week as well.

    I feel a bit odd that I don’t know who The Breakfast Club is. But then, that’s one of the perks of this hop – learning all these things!

    This was a wonderful way to pay tribute to your brother.

  5. This is a wonderful way to honor your brother and your shared love of music. I was glad to see I have one of your tunes on my playlist – Fitz & The Tantrums: Moneygrabber. Now, every time I hear it I’ll think of you and Ben.

  6. You know what? I’d give a lot to get to dance with you to Lady Gaga – acting like no one else can see my sweet sweet moves – ha!

    (This is mostly because I’m not a very good dancer and also because that’s the BEST way to have the most fun, right?)

    But truly, I love that music is one of the things that keeps Ben in your heart.
    It beats on…

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