Where Have You Been? {Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday}

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Back for Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday with the

musical and ah-mazing Jen Kehl.

This week’s mixes should be all about songs that were “new to you” last year.

I relate to this concept very much.


My husband and I will be in the car, listening to music:

Me:  “Wow this is a great song!”

Him: ” Oh no, not again, you’ve never heard this song before?”

ME: Blue eyes sparking..as to avoid the question.


Him: “How is it that you can know the words to almost every song I turn on from a hundred years ago, but some songs EVERYONE has heard, are completely off your radar?”

Me: “It’s a gift. (Cue giggling) Now please repeat that song, who sings it?”

Him: *Shakes his head*

because it’s probably THE ROLLING STONES, LED ZEPPELIN or some other band that has never been on my radar.

 Welcome to Road Trips (i.e. commuting ) with Kir.


Betty Who: Somebody Loves You

It  all started with a viral video about a  wedding proposal in a Home Depot I saw on Facebook and grew into a crush on this song and artist.

This song just makes me happy and feel like dancing.

(plus it’s about the one thing I adore: LOVE!)

ZZ Ward: 365 Days

It’s not just that she’s from Abington, PA ( just a few exits on the PA turnpike from me) or that’s she’s got a voice that is so powerful for a girl her age (she’s not even 20 yet). It’s not even that the first time I heard “Put the Gun Down” I felt like she was channeling P!nk and Adele all at once.

No it’s all those things.

She’s a new favorite of mine.

Better than Ezra: Porcelain

This is one of those songs that John played in the car and I immediately started googling, downloading and looking up the lyrics for completely aware that it was a “‘new song” a few years ago.

(and of course asking him to press repeat)
Hey, you’ve got a lot of nerve to show your face around here.
Hey, you’ve got a lot of nerve to dredge up all my fears.
Well, I wish I could shake some sense into you and walk out the door.


Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks

They were new to me, this folk indie band from Iceland, but the first time I heard Little Talks, I just fell under it’s spell.

There’s an old voice in my head
that’s holding me back
Well tell her that I miss our little talks.

Soon it will all be over, buried with our past
We used to play outside when we were young
and full of life and full of love.

Their albums soothe my soul, bring tears to my eyes, inspire me.
If you like this song, try “Love, Love, Love” next. It’s haunting and beautiful.


Last but not least, I saw her first last spring on VH1 You Oughta Know.

(Every once in while, I pretend I’m still young and carefree and put on that station on  Saturday mornings to prove it.)

and from the first note of “Next to Me” I was hooked.

She was Aretha, she was Carole King, she was Adele infused with a voice with the kind of power Whitney’s used to have.

It’s this song that I fell in love with in 2013, I’m an Emeli Sande fan.

Emeli Sande: My Kind of Love

I know I’m far from perfect,
Nothin’ like your entourage.
I can’t grant you any wishes,
I won’t promise you the stars.
But don’t ever question if my heart beats only for you, it beats only for you.


I’m actually thinking that I did this mix wrong (I didn’t put the best songs I heard in 2013) I introduced songs that were “new to me” but that’s what’s great about TMT, it’s a MIX of all tastes and styles.

Plus, Jen? I listen to pop music and mix it with my 70’s tunes. *WINK*

I invite you to make your own mix. It’s fun and introduces you to new music every week.

Next week we are sharing FAVORITE DANCE/CLUB songs in honor or my recently deceased brother Ben, who was a professional DJ (DJ BENNY BEATS).

I’d really love for you to take part in that mix.


7 thoughts on “Where Have You Been? {Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesday}”

  1. Love this list. You have some on here that I adore and I think it’s funny what you put your husband through. I play his role in the relationship. Better to find the 90s Better Than Ezra in 2013 than never! :)
    ZZ Ward is so good. Funky!

    And that Home Depot video was so awesome. I cried.

  2. Okay, I need to start listening more! I haven’t heard of any of these songs :-(. Better get my head out of the books! My hubby is more into music than me and tends to like R&B. Cute dialog between the two if you!

  3. Oh this list is fantastic!
    Somebody did ZZ Ward on a mixtape a long while ago and then I couldn’t remember who she was anymore and she is so phenomenal! I hope she gets the acclaim she deserves! The whole story with your husband is hilarious, it is so nice that he he is so patient with you!

  4. I had no idea that you partook in this link. I want to give it a whirl one day.
    I do love Little Talks. I know that everyone had different interpretations of the songs lyrics (from what the song was intended to be of) and for me, it spoke to bipolar disorder and how my husband guides me through the darkest storms…
    “Some days I don’t know if I’m wrong or right. your mind is playing tricks with you my dear” It’s funny because when my husband listens to it, he hears the same interpretation.

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