Score those Galaxy Guardians (Twisted MixTape)

I missed Twisted Mix-Tape didn’t you?

Because if there is anything I love more than cupcakes, TV, shoes and books…it’s music. 

And 70’s music?


I haven’t seen Guardians of The Galaxy and I’m not likely to before it’s on TNT or another cable channel years from now but I have (because of fans like Jen) seen the the soundtrack for the movie.

And it made me (almost) want to see the movie. 

Jen, in an attempt to ease us back into Twisted Mix-Tape Tuesdays, has asked us to help make Volume 2 of the movie soundtrack this week before we get back to business in September.

(Here’s Volume 1) 

I picked some of my favorite songs of the decade I adore and of course I thought they’d make a great addition to the saving of earth with a little sap  thrown in for the hopeless romantics like me.



There’s nothing better than this song in the summer.

Plus it’s about something everyone enjoys…. 

Fallin in Love

Elton John serenades us with a song of redemption and soul saving…goes well with that whole “guarding the galaxy” theme don’t ya think?

Someone Saved My Life Tonight :

You remember her/him don’t you? The first love that did your heart in? Well if you don’t Rod can tell you all about it while you’re off protecting the planet :

First Cut is the Deepest: 

And after heartbreak comes the determination to get them back in your heart no matter the cost. The Gibb brothers wrote this song  I made up moves for in my childhood bedroom and still use when I dance around my kitchen today:

If I Can’t Have You:

Oh yeah….

Wanna Be Starting Something:

I love me some Barry Manilow and I couldn’t offer a  soundtrack laden with 70’s tunes if he wasn’t part of it. Plus “you wouldn’t believe where I’ve been, the cities and towns I’ve been in” sounds just right for a band of misfits who are put in charge of guarding the galaxy.

It’s gonna take a miracle…

It’s a Miracle:

Because everyone needs one…

Hand to Hold On To:

and a bonus song I thought was the best way to end this compilation:
(and I was watching DreamGirls last night and had Ms. Ross on my mind)

“If there’s a cure for this I don’t want it….”

Love Hangover:


Welcome Back Twisted Mix-Tape

Rock on.

3 thoughts on “Score those Galaxy Guardians (Twisted MixTape)”

  1. Oh my gosh! It’s like you were there, like you saw the movie!!!! That would make the perfect soundtrack, and you can be sure I’ll be bugging the powers of Marvel to take our advice! And thanks Kir, it’s good to be back!

  2. I have totally seen Guardians of the Galaxy (obviously. comic book/graphic novel nerd over here) and the soundtrack was AMAZING. And the way it was integrated into the plot made it that much better.

    Awesome playlist, my dear. So much great music.

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