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What was your favorite thing you did alone this summer?


I read a lot of books. More than I have in many years and although that is only thing I am doing alone these days, it’s one of my favorite things.

So win/win.

What was your favorite thing you did as a family this summer?

I think it’s been all the talking.

Because Giovanni and Jacob are growing, they are also becoming articulate (as much as 6 year olds can be). I love talking to them about life, death, acting, rummy and how humans act.


The other thing I’ve loved as a family is getting to know other families. Most specifically our new friends The Kelly’s. Our time spent with them, laughing, talking, parenting has made some of my favorite summer memories this year.


And of course I’ve loved all our time with my Mom and George before they move to Georgia. I feel so blessed to be able to spend time with the people I love the most.


What books did you read this summer?


The Husband’s Secret

What Alice Forget

The Marriage at the Rue Morgue

To Live Forever: The Afterlife of Meriwether Lewis


The Fault in our Stars

Threads of Love

Like No Other (just started)

The Goldfinch

Love Life (Rob Lowe) 


(more in the TBR pile too…which makes me happy)

What do you WISH you had done this summer?

Read even more and written more. I also wish I had sat in the sun when I had the chances and just daydreamed more often.

What movies did you see this summer (if any)?

We did see Maleificient in the theatre and Rio 2 (a hundred times) at home. Nothing else, we simply didn’t have time, but that was fine with me.

Where did you travel this summer?

The Jersey Shore and the 2 miles to the Community pool, but those places make me very happy.


What was your favorite treat (as in dessert) this summer?

Ooh, I rediscovered the Choco Taco.

I am not a huge fan of ice cream but every once in a while I like to have a little waffle cone, a little crunchy chocolate and vanilla ice cream made to look like a taco.

Other than that, our grocery store has started teasing and tempting me with individual cupcakes on a table at the front of the store.

I have fallen in love with their Banana Cream Cupcakes. YUM.

What did you celebrate this summer?

Kindergarten graduations!



Our niece Amanda’s HS graduation and acceptance to Ohio State.


Our niece Victoria’s place on the dean’s list at PSU!

And my mom and George bought a house in Savannah Georgia. (More on that later)


Did you grow anything this summer?

Are you effing kidding me?

Grow things?


(Oh you’re serious?  Sorry. 😉 )

Nope. Not in the traditional sense but I think I am “growing a backbone” these days. (Not a bad thing!)

What is a favorite post (if you blog) that you wrote this Summer?

I had a few:

But this week I had two I’m so proud of hitting publish on:

The Thing You Never Knew 

Marriage Material (on Mommy-Miracles #writingvows series)

About how “Once Upon a Time…” took me a little longer than most people.

and this one from earlier this summer:

My Mother’s Child 

A guest post at The Writer Revived about my relationship with my mom in this moment.

What is a favorite photograph that you took this summer?

This one…on the 4th of July. As one Facebook friend said:
I see their grown up faces in this picture. I see them in college!”


And so do I. This picture, more than most, captures the mischief in Jacob’s eyes and the brotherly berth Gio normally gives him.

I love this shot, I love these boys.

Here’s another one that makes me smile: Mommy’s boys. 

What do you want to do next summer?

Well outside of hoping we’ve won the lottery by then and are vacationing near George Clooney on Lake Como?

We are all looking forward to (and sobbing sometimes too) my parent’s move to Georgia.


I hope to spend time in Savannah next summer, hugging my mom and getting to know her new home state.

Like this place:

Belford's Savannah, GA

Elaine, thank you for bringing back OLD SCHOOL BLOGGING.

I really love sharing my answers and reading the other bloggers.

You can follow on Twitter or add your link with the hashtag: #OSBlog 

HAPPY SUMMER! (enjoy every moment my friends!! XO)



8 thoughts on “Summer Bloggin’ (Old School Blogging)”

  1. I have so much to comment on. First of all, I FORGOT that I read What Alice Forgot, also. Umm… not sure what to think about that. LOL.

    Also, I totally see the boys’ older faces in that one photo and I ADORE the one of the three of you together, so cute!

    Lastly, let me know when you are in Savannah because I’ve always wanted to go and seeing you while I was there would be awesome!!

    Thanks for linking up, girl! xoxo

  2. I love hearing more about your summer Kir. And yes! So many books! I love that you read so much and celebrated so much. Your boys are adorable. Isn’t it crazy how fast the grow? PS – I love your new (newish?) look here! xo

  3. I never write in the summer. Read? Yep – Several on your list, in fact – because I can do this with Jack and Karly. But as the years fly and I see the time with my children living under this same roof shrinking, I stay away from the computer during their summer vacation.

    If I’m writing (anything) I get snappy and resentful when interrupted. I can’t help it. It’s just what happens. Knowing this, I refuse to begin a project (even a blog post) so that I don’t end up unintentionally ignoring them.

    Extreme? Probably. Silly? For sure. Lazy? Yes.
    But in three years, I’ll be facing the rest of my life with empty bedrooms down the hall. There’s plenty of time.

    Hug those boys of yours. SIX is a fabulous age.

  4. I wish I could do a better job of keeping track of the books I read. I love them with all my heart while reading and then when I am finished I cannot even remember their names. Does that make me a book whore?

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