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This House Needs a Mouse (A Book Review)


The book showed up and we all fell in love with the cover. My first grade readers were intrigued.

“This…house…neds (no!) neeeeeds (needs!)…a…mouse!”


“Mommy? Does our house need a mouse?”

I looked anxiously at my husband, side-eyed and trying not to giggle. “I’m not quite sure this house needs a mouse.”  Ahem.

But then we read the book and my eyes opened up right along with my heart. I found myself smiling, giggling, intrigued and most of all, invested in that little mouse. A mouse that was for all the world ordinary and quite possibly, insignificant, who became so much more than that because of his desire to do his best work and a family’s desire to employ him by looking past his outward appearance.

It was a book about acceptance and love on a large and very, small, perhaps fuzzy, scale. It changed the way I looked out at the world and reminded me (Once again, since I’m obviously a slow learner) that you cannot judge a book by its cover or a person by their appearance or a rodent by their tail.

Author C. Jeffrey Nunnally  (@CJNunnally) brings us a lesson wrapped in an engaging tale about three families and the extraordinary things that connect them.

It’s already a favorite on my bookshelf.

Treat yourself, your family, your favorite children to a copy and I promise it will be a favorite for you too.



But the thing I love most about this book? It taught me that not everything is what it seems, that everyone has a purpose and that even the most insignificant things are surprisingly significant.  Those things you are so sure are ordinary  are really the most extraordinary of things. They are, in fact, the most special things about you.

And now, I’m quite sure every house, does indeed, need a mouse.

You can get your copy of “This House Needs A Mouse”  on the book’s (adorable) website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Big Tent Books.


I was sent a copy of this incredible book for review. All opinions, love and cheerleading for this book are entirely my own. 


The Nuk

Sorting away laundry the other day, I found a wayward nuk in the bottom of a drawer. I picked it up and hooked it around my finger wondering how it had found its way to my underwear drawer and then tilted my head, trying to remember if I was the one who dropped it there in a desperate attempt to hide it before Jacob changed his mind about giving them up.

I was at BlogHer’12 drinking, chatting and completely uninvolved when the Nuk Fairy (aka: John) visited and rid our family of the small plastic accessories. My sons’ deep and abiding love of the nuk started in the NICU when a nurse popped a pacifier in their tiny, just born, mouths.

One suck and they never looked back for four long years.

I bought nuks as often as I purchased diapers and formula and there were moments during that time when I worried Jacob might never relinquish his ownership of the brightly colored soothers. I myself have been orally fixated my whole life; my thumb sucking providing the best medicine for a variety of maladies from migraines to depression and even simple boredom, so I understood the fascination and comfort they offered.

It’s hard to give up something that offers you that kind of unconditional serenity.

But as the mother, I also knew it was my job to help them relinquish the nuk before Kindergarten or at the very least in time for the junior prom. Which is why that task landed firmly on my less sentimental but obvious ingenious husband.  It’s been almost two years since letters were written and their plastic friends were placed, with much ceremony, into a box for “other babies, who need them more.”

Since then there have been other findings by the boys in various and unexpected places, much like my own that evening, where  I would wait, breath bated, to see if there was any tiny spark of nostalgia or even a hankering to pop it into their mouths like their much beloved ring pops.


Instead they would run, full force to me and drop the pacifier into my lap rambling off a list of names, children younger than them, for us to bestow them upon. I was reminded again how resilient children are, how eager they are in letting go of some things once their minds are made up.

I twirled the nuk around my finger, contemplating a walk to my bathroom trashcan, but instead I tucked it back in among my silky unmentionables.

I am a little worse than my children at letting go of some things, I suppose. 



Just Write

also linking with Mel and Melissa (those awesome gals) 
for Ketchup With Us

Let’s All Be Giving,Helping,Awesome,Scary Mommies!

Scary Mommy Nation


 Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up for me it was a day that held many ordinary traditions.  It was my father’s favorite holiday and for weeks he would read cook books and magazines coming up with new recipes for stuffing or sweet potatoes.

Our television allowed us to attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and as always in our home, the radio played and we danced, hummed and sang as we set the table.  We dressed up, used our good silver and ate ourselves silly.  Our family and guests would eat and chat, laugh and sometimes fight but what I remember most about Thanksgivings growing up was the giddy anticipation of the holiday season, pretty china on our tables and cold turkey sandwiches on soft bread for days.

I don’t know if my parents ever had a hard time putting that dinner on the table. I know my mom used many coupons and that she was a bargain shopper even in the grocery aisle, but what my family never felt was the sting of hunger.

I want every family to have a memorable Thanksgiving and it hurts me that there are families that cannot afford to do that.  As a mother my heart aches when I think about another mom and her own shame, hurt or helplessness when she realizes  she cannot provide a meal for her family.

But this year, I DID something and  you can do SOMETHING too.

Since 2011 Scary Mommy (The incredible Jill Smokler)  has been providing a meal for families through the

The Scary Mommy Thanksgiving Project 

 100% of your donation will go to a family in need, and we will share as much information about “your” family as they are comfortable providing. Give $50 to support a whole family, or we’ll partner your donation – whatever it is – with other donors. Every dollar counts, so please give what you can. –via Scary Mommy 


And if you read the stories of these families, you’ll see that even the smallest donation can make this day of GIVING THANKS a happy and stress-free moment for a family in need. You never know if you could be that family and so I’m inviting you to send some good karma out to the universe knowing that the it will make the  whole world a better place.

Please. PLEASE do what you can and let’s all be AWESOME Scary Mommies this year.

As bloggers we are a family and a tribe of our own.

I look at this as simply taking care of our own, providing for each other in times of need. 

THANK YOU and have a beautiful holiday season.

To Donate, Click HERE! 


You can also send checks to: Scary Mommy Nation • PO Box 20866 • Baltimore, MD • 21209

Scary Mommy Nation is now a registered 501(c)3 charity, so 100% of your donation is tax deductible  

Scary Mommy Nation


Essence of Now {The Halloween Edition}


I’ve never really liked Halloween, even as a child it was never my favorite holiday…

(which tickles my husband since I love to decorate for fall. A mystery wrapped in an enigma. That’s me)



but it seems that two little boys are making it more than a pandering evening and sugar rush for me…


Kindergarten has been going full speed ahead.

Learning stuff, new and earlier bed times, lots of great discussions as my boys show off how smart they are

and so Halloween is just one more time I get to see their little personalities manifest and spill over:

Plus I’ve met some incredible parents and we enjoyed our first TRICK OR TRUNK.

Which is right up my alley:



Their incredible Kindergarten Class (35 other children they will be with until 8th grade. ) and their 8th grade buddies.


Now starting as a wide receiver for the NY GIANTS: (he looks like he was born to wear that uniform)




Then, did I tell you that I have Royalty living in my house?

Oh yes, King Peter of Narnia has taken up residence with us: (again he was born to be an actor)

Jacob said to me as we watched the PARTY CITY commercial, “Mommy, I’m am NOT a costume, I am A CHARACTER!)



So Halloween, this year, has been creative, fun and most importantly happy.  For all of us.


Good friends and candy.  The Oakers 2013

We even got to have dinner with Grandma and Pop Pop last night


and this morning my coworker brought me a TREAT of my own, to make Halloween SWEETER. BlogHalloween2013PinkBucket

These beautiful little faces


made the season special.




Essence of Now

 Join Essence of Now every week with Natalie and Jess.

Show off your “Now“.

and if you haven’t picked up your copy of Precipice Volume 2  yet, you can click here.
I’m published in it along with some other incredible writers.

Thank You!

Trifextra: Love from Both Sides

They come at me from both sides,

    Chugging like small locomotives,

huffing, puffing before coming to a screeching halt.

I feel their sweet breath connect with my cheeks,

and love being sandwiched in.




Trifecta Weekend!!!

This weekend we are giving you three variations on a prompt.  We need you to give us 33 words back, and 2 of those words must be either “cheap flights,” “sandwiched in” or “spectacularly clean.”  This weekend, your piece must also be non-fiction (poetry or prose).  And yes, we reserve the right to call your mothers and former lovers to ask for verification on your tales.


Proud Mommy Moments: Greta from g*funk*ified is in my Corner


It’s been a while since I had a PROUD MOMMY in the Corner, but I’m so glad that today I get to introduce you to

Greta of g*funk*ified  



You know that saying, “make new friends, but keep the old?”

This year has seen me do that, over and over again.

My life has been filled with lots of NEW friends, women who inspire me with the way they live, love and parent.

One of those truly exceptional women is Greta.


She is funny, she is honest and true and she is A LOT of fun. She prays for more patience and jewelry (my kind of friend!)  I can’t help loving a gal who’s tagline reads

 “I’ve got my sassy pants on.”

Kind, supportive, and BUSY since she is the mother of 4 little “tornadoes” (her words, which I love!)

..and living Gluten Free.

While I have known her from her blog and twitter , it was her blog seriesGREAT EXPECTATIONS that opened my heart to her. Having other bloggers talk about their expectations for themselves, their children or even their world is something that only someone with a HUGE heart and a vision for the future could do. If you’ve never read any of the Series you should. Greta is building a community with others’ words and you all you know how much I adore that.


Today she is here to share a Proud Mommy moment about her Henry and Ivy. A story that will make you reach for your tissues.

Greta, I’m glad that after a lull you are the first one here to share your  sweet Proud Mommy Moment!


Greta’s Proud Mommy Moment:  

Two different teachers. Two different kids, two completely different personalities.

We went to Parent/Teacher Conferences this week for my first grader and kindergartner. Of course, I know that my two oldest are different…my son (the first grader) is a performer. He loves to tell stories, to draw elaborate scenes with characters and action sequences. He loves to make announcements, as long as he has everyone’s attention. He has big ideas and an even bigger personality.

My oldest daughter, the kindergartner, is a lot like me. She’s shy, and reserved, and saves her singing and dancing for home. She doesn’t like a lot of attention, but she is thoughtful and sweet and oh, so sensitive.

And her teacher told us as much. She talked about how Ivy is just starting to get comfortable with her and chatting with her. She rarely raises her hand to answer a question, but she’ll answer the question when called upon. She’s a “people pleaser” and loves to tell me that she’s never lost a penny (the consequence for bad behavior). She’s soaking in what her teacher tells her, and practicing at home, on her own because she wants to. I drop her off at school and hear a chorus of little people say “hi, Ivy! Sit by me!”

Henry, on the other hand, has trouble staying focused sometimes, when he gets in his own head (probably reenacting a zombie/monster fighter battle scene up there). But when his teacher was talking about him the other day, she laughed and told us stories like only someone who really cares and enjoys his company would. He’s a smart kid that honestly entertains his friends and his teacher. He tells stories, but they also tell stories about him. He is loved, I could tell.

I know that kids sometimes behave completely differently than they do at home, where they feel safe acting out or forgetting their manners. So to talk to these two teachers and hear the positive words that they have to say about my children, the children they see and interact with every day, is thrilling. It makes my mama heart swell with pride.


Greta, I loved your moment, mostly because having twins meaning that everyone (including me) tries to compare them to each other. Yet, I know that even though Gio and Jacob are very different from one another there is a love between them that binds them and I too, love hearing the good stuff about them from the people who care for them outside our family.


Isn’t she awesome?
You can find her lots of places:

Her Blog: g*funk*ified

Follow on Twitter: @gfunkified

And Facebook

and Pinterest of course

thank you for being here Greta, I love having you in the Corner today.

***if you are reading Proud Mommy Moments and haven’t shared yours yet (and would like to..) just email me at . I’d love to add you to the series!!!***

Wordless Wednesday: Bunny Boys Color the Eggs


 Bunny Ears were donned, old T-Shirts were slipped over tiny bodies

“like a smock at school mommy!”


 Colors were chosen and eggs were dumped, plunged and dipped in the vinegar water.

You used a spoon to spill and soak, splashes of color hitting the white plastic tablecloth.


 Watching one another, working together, we colored the eggs.

Dark Blue, Light Blue, HOT PINK, subtle yellow and Lime Greens.

Even some brown ones from eggs that traveled to every colorful pot.

Then we talked about the Easter Bunny and his basket of goodies.  


We added stickers and fought with the stringy synthetic green Easter Grass

to provide a good place for our masterpieces,

even your bears, all dressed up for SPRING, wanted to be part of the picture.


 We’re Ready for Easter.





iPhone Photo Phun

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Please don’t forget to VOTE for my nominated piece for BlogHer’s VOICE OF THE YEAR about my struggle with infertility,

you can click right here to vote for BEING CARRIED. Thank you! xo


Proud Mommy Moments: KLZ *Taming Insanity* is Rockin the Corner

Today, I’m doing something for the first time.

While I had some doubts about it at first,
 it’s one of my Favorite Mommies & Bloggers
so, I’m willing to just do it.
Today, I’m cross blogging with my awesome, amazing, funny, snarky and all around
Phenomenal friend, KLZ from the equally phenomenal blog: Taming Insanity.
There is a lot to adore about KLZ, first the girl wears a Reindeer Antler Headband
in her “About Me ” page and on her twitter avatar.
I mean, that, right there is enough me for me to pledge my devotion.
But she is so much more than a funny amusing picture.
First, she makes me giggle with posts like this one 
and then this one that I was jealous of and then wanted to steal.
Sometimes she reminds me of myself (and I like that)
and sometimes she’s just herself and it makes my bloggy crush on her
that much more apparent.
Plus, if that wasn’t enough she is also the co-founder of the
exceptional Eli | Rose Social Media  (if you blog, you need their services)
and the ever entertaining iPhone Photo Phun that is encouraging all of us to use
our cell phone cameras for good and not evil. (well maybe a little evil 😉
And since she is here to share a Proud Mommy Moment
I should talk about what an fun and incredible mom she is to her
and they will be adding to the Insanity soon,
A new baby with a truly fantastic,
albeit emotional, momma.
 (Hey we are soooo alike, KLZ!)
I am so happy she is here today, sharing this story…because you’re
going to need Kleenex and those are the BEST STORIES to share..
“laugther through tears”
So here she is, my friend, KLZ, with her Proud Mommy Moment:

There are many thing I like about our son. Which is lucky since it seems once you have the child, it is frowned upon if you don’t love and raise him. So I’m glad that in addition to loving him, I genuinely enjoy his company.

That said, it’s not that the child is without fault. He roars at other children at the playground when he’s mad at them. He’s mad at them…pretty much when they touch anything at the playground that he has played with, would like to play with, or may consider playing with in the future.
We’re working on it.

Still, while we work on it, I’ve worried. We have another little guy on the way and frankly, our son is already rather possessive of his mommy. So I’ve been having casual conversations with him about what to expect when the baby is born. He knows the baby will cry when he needs something. He knows the baby will only drink milk when he’s born. He knows the crib where he once slept will become the new baby’s domain. Most of these things took time to get him acclimated to. But we keep talking so that at least, he knows it’s coming.

Still, I worried. I do that.

See, even though I loved our first born for months and months before he arrived, it was a huge shock to me to see what adding another person to our household did. It took me months to feel us gel together as a family unit. Previously, it had just been the two of us. Having a baby fractured that twoness – it took us months to feel that everyone was connected again. I hadn’t quite anticipated the hugeness of it. I know there’s no way to prepare him for that. So, I worry.

I’m not sure how much he can truly understand at two years old, but I keep talking.

So one day, laying in bed, I couldn’t help but burst with pride. Our son was trying to buy time to stay awake. Quickly he kissed daddy, then mommy, then my belly. Daddy, mommy, belly. Daddy, mommy, belly. Round and round he went.

Carefully, he articulated, “I wubv you daddy.” Kiss. “I wubv you mommy.” Kiss. Then, in a burst of emotion, he wrapped his arms around my stomach and hugged it tightly. “I WUBV you baby. I WUBV you.” Kiss.

It was the first time I felt like a family of four.

I was so proud of our son for including his little brother.

Will they be perfect together? No. Will there be an adjustment period after the baby is born?


But I’m proud that he remember to include his little brother even before he’s born. I’m proud that he brings all of us closer together.

*Here’s your tissue*
Yep, I know that as the mom of two boys, it won’t always be perfect
but there is also so much to look forward to and the bond between these
two boys is going to warm your heart and fill your eyes with tears
every single day.
Isn’t KLZ awesome???
Wouldn’t you love to know her better, to read her awesomeness regularly?

Here are some places to do that:
Her Blog: Taming Insanity

and I encourage all of you to
introduce yourselves & your blogs to
Eli | Rose Social Media , you won’t regret it.
thank you so much for being here my friend,
you’re my very favorite “Sarcastic Pain in the Ass” xo
Oh I almost forgot, I am guesting over at her place today, so if you want to
you can visit me over there for a post about Jacob and his listening skillz.

Proud Mommy Moments: Sweaty from Do Sweat The Small Stuff is Here to Class Up the Corner

Welcome Other Proud Mommies!

This Thursday,I have an extra special guest.
If you found your way here from her blog you know Sweaty:
the amazing,witty smart,prolific writer over at Do Sweat The Small Stuff
 (don’t you just LOVE that blog title?)
If you don’t know her yet, then you should.

I don’t even remember when we met,but I do rememeber liking her
from the moment we started corresponding.
 See, she’s so Damn Witty , Sweaty always tells like it is.
It’s like she has the inside track to your brain wile she tells you all about the lessons she has learned.

I used to go over to her blog to smile and know that I was understood there.
Which just by itself was enough to make my day.

Then something wonderful happened.

Sweaty joined Write on Edge and she started to write and write
and so that with each thing she wrote about Ash, and her life or
even the heartbreak of her seperation (and possible divorce)
she stood her ground, she remained cheeky and honest.
She has talent and grace and the ability to make you sigh and tear up at the same time.
(if you go to read this one, please take a tissue with you)

When I claimed a guest bed at her place,she changed my LIFE with her words to me
and I will never forget that. Ever.
I guess it’s safe to safe that I ADORE Sweaty.

I love her for the giggles and internet hugs she is always willing to give.
I am so used to be the cheerleader for other people that her comforting words,
her thoughtful comments and her love that sits so honestly on her sleeves is like
a breath of fresh air in my world.


Plus she is also  fierce in her adoration for her daughter:
a wonderful little girl who is just as witty & devilishly funny as her mom.

It is my great pleasure to have her here today.

Sweaty, I can never find the words for how much you mean to me.
How your friendship has enriched my life & how you being here in my space
is a TRUE GIFT to me today.
I can only hope that you feel SPECIAL and CELEBRATED today.
Cause you are!

Sweaty, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for sharing this moment with us

for Hangin’ with me today and classing up the joint. 😉

Proud Mommy Moments
by Sweaty
To My Little Miss Chatterbox,

There has never been a single moment that I look at you and not feel proud. I thought I knew what real love was, until you came along and proved me wrong. Then and there I realized, never have I loved anybody as much as I love you. You are the apple of my eyes, the love of my life, the reason for my existence.

I remembered the day I found out about you. I cried because you came much earlier than planned. Before I was ready to become a mother, when I felt that love was something I needed and was not ready to give. I’ve never been more wrong. Because if there was such a thing as perfect timing, it was when you came into my life.
I remembered the conversations I had with God, asking Him all sorts of requests to make you as perfect as my childish mind could wish for. Secretly fearing in my heart that I would not be capable of loving you if you were anything less than perfect. But then you showed me that YOU loved me despite my imperfections. You accepted me and needed me and trusted me much, much more than I deserved. You made me believed that I was a much better person that I thought myself to be.

I remembered those months when Postpartum Psychosis took away whatever good that was left in me, leaving you with nothing. It had robbed me of many memories I should have been able to treasure of the first year of your life. Yet blurred as they were, one memory stood out: even back then, you always had a smile on your face. You were such an easy baby, it was as if you understood, in your own little way, not to give your mommy more than she could handle.

There has never been a single moment that I look at you and not feel proud. Every day you’ve given me more than I could ever hope for. Your eyes, so wise beyond your years, never fail to watch over me. You are always ready to defend me, to comfort me, to convince me again and again that my life is worth living. Even back then, when words were not something you understood, you showed how much you loved me by the way you squeezed my finger, by the way you hugged me and lay your head on my shoulder, by the way you instinctively moved your body closer to mine whenever you sensed that I was sad and vulnerable.

There are not enough papers in this world for me to put all the things that I am proud of when it comes to you. The little steps your feet used to make have now grown into leaps. Your two dimpled hands that used to pat me awkwardly on my back have now developed into a set of slender fingers able to tie a pretty ribbon for me. “Ma Ma” spoken only verbally has now become a perfectly written “Mommy” in the middle of a perfectly drawn heart.

Your kindness towards others around you truly humbles me. Like the time you packed an extra bag of your favorite snack because your friend told you she liked it. Or when you used the money I gave you to buy me a pair of earrings (that you said “would match with Mommy’s everything”) and a blue tie for Daddy (because “Daddy’s favorite color is blue”) instead of buying something for yourself at the school’s fun fair. Or that time when you read Dr. Seuss’ “Green Eggs and Ham” to the new girl in class every morning for four days to distract her from crying when her mommy left.

This coming November, it will be seven years and 36 weeks that you have been in my life. In that short time, you have changed me for the better, you have taught me more about life than all the schools I attended during all those years, and you have shown me what unconditional love looks and feels like.

Every moment that I look at you, YOU have made me more than proud. Always.


Posts like this are the reason I keep asking the women in my life to write for me on Thursdays.
In all the chaos of our mothering, it’s words like these from other moms that remind us
how much we are alike and how strong our love for our children is.
Sweaty, you are an incredible example of all that!
Miss Chatterbox is so lucky to have YOU as her mommy.
If you’d like to read more about Sweaty (and you should want to now,right?)
you could follow her blog: Do Sweat The Small Stuff
Give her a little Love or “LIKE” on Facebook
Tweet, Tweet, Tweet with her on Twitter
One of the things I love about her is that she is “always around”
Thank you girlfriend, hoping you are feeling all the love I have for you today.

Proud Mommy Moments: Cameron from Move Over Mary Poppins has Flown In

Did you know it’s possible to have crushes on other bloggers?
Well I  admit to having crushes on all sorts of bloggers,
women who write so beautifully it takes my breath away,
or others who use humor to bring a giggle I didn’t even realize I had been holding to the surface.
Some bloggers write about their children with such love my heart explodes
& still others share a piece of themselves with us  and it changes us and them.
Sometimes those posts happen here in my Corner,
which is why Thursdays have become such a gift.
Cameron from Move Over Mary Poppins is a wonderful, warm, super creative & amazing woman that I am happy and proud to know.
She is a bloggy crush of mine
Her words speak to me and her creativity knows no bounds.
See, she is a writer.  
A woman of words and phrases, of deep beautiful descriptions
and sensual illustrations made with letters and sentences.
From the first time I read her stories of Sam & Will I was hooked and I was envious.
Cameron can weave, she can dance and build, she has an  undeniable talent.
If you are ever looking for a place to get lost in a story,
to fall in love with the characters or to be astonished at
how words can move you all you have to do is click here or here
and put your life on hold.
Like all writers, she dreamed of publishing a book, bringing her talent to the people.
Then, she did it!!!
(go now and download it, I’ll wait)
and it’s a wonderful story that does not disappoint.
I often think, 
Someday I’ll be standing in a line waiting for her to sign my copy of her book.
Telling the woman behind me
 “She’s my friend, I knew her when she started writing this book”
That’s how you daydream about your bloggy crushes.
You would think that would be enough for a woman of such talent but
she also  just took on a new role as one of the Editors of Write on Edge 
and her inspriration and support have been instrumental in taking our writing to a new higher level.
Yet, like all of us here on Thursdays,
she is first and foremost a mom to a Fantastic little boy
who is just as talented and creative as his mom.
When I asked her to write for Proud Mommy Moments and she accepted
I felt like I would if Pierce Brosnan asked me to have coffee:
I was awe struck,honored and HAPPY!!!
Thank you so much for being here Cameron,
your friendship and presence here today means so much to me:
 Will Sit Next to You
by Cameron
I just left a nanny position.

I should say, “We just left a nanny position,” because my son has been coming to work with me since he was born–first for a family I’d been with since before his birth, and more recently for a family in a nearby town with children closer to his age. His relationship with the children at this last job was an equal measure of affection and brawling. I suppose much like having actual siblings.

My son and their daughter were often mistaken for twins when I was caring for them, not out of any real resemblance, but because they were two similarly sized children out in the world with a woman who appeared to be mother to them both. They may not have been twins, or even siblings, but they have been each other’s best friends for more than a year. Best friends who have shared as well as scratched. Hugged as well as shoved.

Our last event with that family was the daughter’s birthday party. She’s recently turned four, nine weeks older than my son. As we sat down for pizza and cake, the little girl said, “I want Felix to sit on this side.” She offered the other seat to her other favorite playmate.

Felix happily climbed into the offered chair, and in that earnest and endearing way that only preschoolers have, said, “I will sit next to you because I love you.”

It took every ounce of composure I had not to cry in front of the family that was letting me go in favor of a seemingly better alternative, not only for my little boy losing his friend, but more because I was so overwhelmed by his pure and easy expression of love.

Because I was so proud to be nurturing this sweet little soul.

He won’t remember the fights and the tears. He’ll remember having pizza and cake at her birthday party. He’ll remember love.

What could a mother be more proud of?

As a mom, I know that my greatest success is always measured by
the actions of my children, knowing that their hearts are kind, comforting and true.
Your son is a lovely example of “your success. “
So now that you’ve been introduced to my lovely friend ,
I encourage you to get to know her better
You can follow her blog : Move Over Mary Poppins
You can download her book: Closing Shift on Smashwords
I know that she would appreciate a “Like” on Facebook Page
and you can always find her Tweeting
Cameron thank you so much for being here,
for sharing your Proud Mommy Moment with us.
I was happy and humbled to have you in my space today.
* I really love doing Proud Mommy Moments and I am striving to give all the AMAZING
mommies I know a chance to share their moments here. I am currently booked for every
Thursday until February 2012 (yea!!! Unbelievable !)
but I will continue to ask women to write for this space and keep filling up the calendar.
(I have a list started and will start filling in Feb and forward  sometime in November.)
If you would like to be featured on PMM, just DM me or email me at
I am so proud of how well PMM is doing and can’t
wait to fill 2012 with more stories of your
amazing mommy moments. *