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Happiness is The Holiday Collections from Shutterfly

When does Christmas find you?

Every year, right after Halloween, I find myself in the Christmas spirit. Humming carols, sipping hot chocolate and dreaming of the warmth, joy and peace of my very favorite season of the year.

And so I call on my favorite photographer and endeavor to have funny, frame-worthy pictures taken of my family. I ended up buying the sweaters the boys are wearing during the after- Christmas sales of last year so I knew that our color palette would include cranberry and white this year.

I was giddy with the prospect of more beach pictures but this year we added a fun, midway-feel to the typical family photos. We posed, we pondered and we giggled. We tried in vain to stand up straight and I kissed the beautiful, soft cheeks of my sons too many times to count because it was soooo cold on that boardwalk.

And you know what I did after that fantastic photo shoot?

I headed over to Shutterfly to make those memories into our gorgeous Christmas cards . Every year I am thrilled, surprised and up spending  hours in their galleries picking the perfect backgrounds and accompaniments to our photos.


This year Shutterfly introduced The Perfectly Personal™   line including their new Foil Stamped Line and I quickly set about positioning favorite photos, then adding on things like spiffy back-sides, address labels,  stickers to use as closures and personalized postage.

Their “solution sets” made it easy to put together several collections perfectly suited for family, friends and everyone else.

Christmas2014ShutterflyCollageRedCheerThe Cheers card  with matching address labels and stickers.


 The Perfect Peace card comes in signature or pearl shimmer cardstock then all you have to do is  just add a personalized address label and postage. It’s just that easy to make your pictures into a work of art.

You can choose from all different kinds of trim options like rounded, scalloped and bracket and then add back-of-card designs, various fonts and colors to compliment your color scheme.

I was lost in a palette of snowflakes, candy canes and holly leaves. No one has the kind of selections they offer and I might have used about 22 fonts and colors before I settled on one.

The joy of so many choices!

And if you’re planning a Holiday party, bash or get-together you can customize your collection with invites, address labels and stickers  to match your holiday cards and put together a lovely streamlined look.



Is it any wonder that I turn to Shutterfly for all my holiday needs?

Solution sets for Flat Stationary Cards:  party invitation, holiday greeting, address label, sticker & personalized postage stamps

  • Layout options:  1, 2, 3, 4+ photos
  • Trim options:  rounded, bracket, scallop & ticket
  • Sentiment options:  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year & Editable
  • Color options
  • Back of card designs & layout options
  • Paper options:  Signature cardstock or pearl shimmer cardstock

There are so many options and variations to set your creativity in motion and before you know it…Christmas has found you.

Once you get over to the Shutterfly gallery be sure to check out all these amazing, whimsical and elegant designs sure to make your holidays merry and bright:


  • Real foil stamped, gold or red, premium look
  • Trim options:  rounded, bracket, scallop & ticket
  • Sentiment options:  Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year
  • Back of card designs & layout options
  • Paper options:  Signature cardstock or pearl shimmer cardstock

3/4 cards 

  • More photo spaces
  • Text boxes to add captions to more photos
  • Copy space for holiday newsletter/top 10/year in review within the card
  • Sentiment options:  Fixed or Editable
  • Paper options:  Signature cardstock or pearl shimmer cardstock

Tri-fold cards

  • More photo spaces
  • Text boxes to add captions to more photos
  • Copy space for holiday newsletter/top 10/year in review within the card
  • Sentiment options:  Fixed or Editable
  • Paper options:  Signature cardstock or pearl shimmer cardstock

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and be sure to check your mail pile for our Christmas card in the coming weeks.


***I was compensated with product for my honest review for the Shutterfly 2014 Holiday Collection however all opinions and LOVE for Shutterfly are my own.***

See Christmas Through Your Eyes {Old School Blogging: #OSBLOGGING Holiday Edition}



Welcome to The Kir Corner.

When Elaine of The MissElaine-ous Life  asked me to co-host her December/Holiday edition of her amazing blog meme Old School Blogging, I may have started humming Jingle Bells.

She’s not only one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met she is also a true lover of the Holiday season like me.

I love this time of the year, as Ebeneezer Scrooge says in the Classic “A Christmas Carol“,

I will honor Christmas in my heart and keep it all the year.”

So without further ado Elaine and I bring you Old School Blogging, Holiday Style! 


First things first: 1 Holy Night or 8 Crazy Ones? (Do you Celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, both?)

 Well, I’m Catholic so I celebrate Christmas. My grandma’s family was Russian so we also save a special place in our Holiday for Russian Christmas, (The Feast of the Magi ) in early January. For a  girl like me the season can never be too long.  

Peppermint or Chocolate?

BOTH? If I have to choose one, at the holidays, it would have to be peppermint.

I love candy canes, peppermint patties and the TWISTED PEPPERMINT scent from Bath and Body Works. 

Sing us into the Holiday Season, what is your favorite Carol this time of year?

Sleigh Ride, Do You Hear What I Hear and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen are my faves.

I just did a Twisted Mix Tape of Christmas songs, you can read all about them here 

Tell us about a Favorite Family or Personal Holiday Tradition?

My family is Polish Catholic, so while Christmas Day is a lot of fun, magic and special time with my family, our HOLIDAY is truly Christmas Eve. Since I was little our Christmas Eve has always been the most special part of the Holiday Season for me. We call it Wigilia (the link tells you all about it) and we during our fasting, (we don’t eat meat on Christmas Eve, only fish, pierogies and sometimes pasta ) we also go around the table breaking bread with one another with a type of communion wafer. We offer the wafer to one another and we each take a piece of it, saying it “MERRY CHRISTMAS” or “I LOVE YOU” and then we eat our pieces from each other. It’s holy, spiritual and my favorite part of celebrating.


(consecrated bread wafer which is similar to that used during Holy Communion in the Roman Catholic Church


C’mon you know you remember your favorite  (Christmas, Hanukkah) gift, tell us all about it:

 I’ve had lots of lots of gifts over the years that have made me smile…made me believe in Santa (Gio and Jacob are two of them since they held on until AFTER Christmas and into January to arrive) but when I was 17 years old I visited a small clothing boutique in our small town near the holidays with my parents and fell in love with an outfit.

It was red stirrup pants, a cream, button at the neck shirt (military looking almost) with small red/green/gold crests all over it and a cream V-Neck sweater with red/green/gold stripes along the edges. I remember how badly I wanted it and I asked, of course, but they shook their heads. I didn’t make a big deal, oh I talked about that outfit but I knew that it either wasn’t in budget or they’d already spent all the money they were going to on my gifts, I vowed to save more of my after work money (I did have three after school jobs by my senior year) and get it for myself.

So imagine my surprise when I opened my last box on Christmas morning and the whole outfit was in there.


My “OMG ! MomandDadYouDidNOTface” (and my beautiful and gone too soon baby brother Ben) circa Christmas 1997


That magical moment? (Your favorite scene in a Holiday movie…it’s okay if you have 2)

 I love when Scrooge wakes up and starts spreading love all over humankind..or when all of Bedford Falls comes out to help George Bailey with his $8000 problem, and then there is the first scene of Love Actually, well ever scene really. I adore how that movie captures LOVE, LAUGHTER and Christmas and gives it back to us in 90 minutes of cinema.

Kissing under the mistletoe? Who do you hope is standing underneath (We know it’s normally your spouse but if it didn’t have to be, who would you choose?)

 Pierce Brosnan or Hugh Jackman (this is why….)


Swans- a- swimming, lords- a- leaping, golden rings; which gift of the 12 days of Christmas would you like most?

 Two turtle doves…because it reminds of me love. A love would give you turtle doves…that cooing would be so pretty.


Play Secret Santa, what inappropriate gift would you love to give this year?

 Ohhhh, I don’t really like pranks…or phone scams…

plus I think the worst thing you can ever give anyone is fruitcake..(Oh How I hate fruitcake) so I’ll think of someone I’m not fond of (not mentioning any names) and say I’m sending them a fruitcake.


Martha Stewart or the Grinch? What is your decorating style? (Pictures would be awesome!) Christmas2013OurTree





 A little Martha, a little Kirsten, a little Jesus, a little Santa

that’s the way I celebrate Christmas.

(no Grinches here)


What is ONE WORD that defines the holiday season for you? (Examples: Believe/Wonder/Bah Humbug?)






If Santa could assure its delivery, what’s the first thing on your CHRISTMAS LIST? 

This year, Christmas will be bittersweet , because we lost my 34 yr old baby brother to a massive heart attack this week .



I got my present this year, because even though we lost my beautiful brother , he was an organ donor.

Knowing that there will be someone getting his heart, his lungs, his kidneys and big brown eyes is a bittersweet gift, a gift that makes me smile through salty tears. I could say, MORE gift cards, more shoes, a little less stress, my book being published….but when it all comes down to it, this year my gift is one my brother is giving to countless families and people who are ill. The gift of life.


Now it’s your turn to share your memories, traditions and HOLIDAY Spirit with us, You can add your Holiday Link here:


special thanks to Elaine for letting me co-host this month. Love you girl!
Merry Christmas!!!

Twisted Mix Tape Tuesday – We Need a Little Christmas

My Skewed View



Wow, I love saying that.

It is “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and now I don’t sound completely bananas when I say it to, well, everyone.

The tree is up, the stockings hung and Jen invited us to talk to you about CHRISTMAS SONGS for this week’s

Twisted Mix Tape.

(plus now I have even more of a girl crush on her since she loves Christmas, Broadway and the Carpenters)

*Happy Peppermint Sighs*


 Kir’s Christmas Mix:


Even without the lyrics this song is the holiday season to me,  it’s wonderful and deliciously seasonal.

Plus, the morning John asked me to marry him…on November 21st…he put this song on as background music to his proposal because he knew how much I’ve loved the song since childhood.


Sleigh Ride- The Boston Pops


Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about how in another life I am a soulful, beautiful black woman?

Well when it comes to my Christmas songs, only the rich, soulful, choir-like voices of those amazing women will do for me. Vanessa Williams, Aretha Franklin, and the gone-to-soon Miss Whitney.

I cry when I listen to this song. As a survivor of infertility, when I look at my children I am always blown away that they are even HERE, in my life, in my arms. So as a parent, if you don’t listen to this song and think of Mary, holding baby Jesus and thinking, “who would imagine you’d be a KING? The KING? Our Savior?” then listen to it again. :)


Who Would Imagine a King- Whitney Houston

I couldn’t decide, because Whitney’s voice is one of my favorite in the whole world.

Do You Hear What I Hear is in my top 3 of Christmas Favorites, the whole story of Christmas being given to the world by the night sky, a sheep, a shepherd, a boy, a king.

Listen, with your hearts, Listen.

Do You Hear What I Hear? – Whitney Houston

Take me right back to 38 Spring Street or Morgan Street on Christmas Eve and there is Mr. Cole singing me into a fish stick and pierogi coma (as Polish Catholics, we fasted from meat on Christmas Eve) while my dad reads “Twas the Night Before Christmas” after dinner.

It’s not called “THE CHRISTMAS SONG” for nothing.

The Christmas Song: Nat King Cole


My “reminds me of my dad” song for the mix.

He listened to NPR and came home with Anita Baker, Kenny G, Sade and one Christmas he came home with this CD. Music would move me to tears in the backseat of the car and I’d fall in love with instrumental music as much as lyrics and verses.

I saw Mannheim Steamroller in concert doing their Christmas music and all I can say is: my makeup application was a complete waste of time that evening, I was teary from beginning to end.

God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Mannheim Steamroller

Here in PA/NJ/NYC corridor there is a radio station that we listen to during work : WPLJ.

Every Christmas for as long as I’ve been working here PLJ does their last show before their Christmas break at

Blythedale Children’s Hospital  

There are online auctions to benefit the children and families there, Live Music and every year I’ve listened Rob Thomas has been part of the performers who show up to offer their voices to the chorus. He wrote this song one year specifically for that show and the children of Blythedale.

Plus, anyone who knows me or spends any amount of time here in the Corner, knows that I LOVE, no ADORE, No…am SMITTEN with NYC.

There is nothing like the season of love in the Big Apple and his song captures it.


New York City Christmas– Rob Thomas

My mom sold Princess House as a side job while I was growing up. She was a nurse by trade (and then a lot of other things as she hung degrees on the wall) but she kept the big boxes with buckles on them that the china came in to store all our Christmas decorations. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we would lug down from our three room attic and start to spread Christmas throughout our home. While we did, we had a stack of LPs on the turntable. Even later in my life when tapes and CDs became common, our decorating days were the one time we wanted to hear the scratchy memories of Christmas Past.


This song is so special to me for reasons I can’t even explain. I listened to him say “I’m not beautiful” and felt like every little girl growing up, unaware of what really makes you beautiful. When you hear him find out that he is special, it reminded me that even the most ordinary things are extraordinary if you take a second look. (Plus there is a Christmas Special “Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey” that is a particular favorite of mine.)

 The Ballad of the Christmas Donkey– Ed Ames


I found this song in 2002 by accident.

We had just moved me into our new home   (we would marry the next year and John would move in then) and I was cleaning the week after Thanksgiving, so we had the new music channels on our brandy new cable tv channels. We switched from the 70’s and 80’s to “Sounds of the Seasons”.

It came on and we had a new favorite Christmas song.

I know that I talk a lot about songs my dad would have loved that he never got to hear and I believe this one would be at the top of his list for Holiday songs. Not only is this sung by the voice behind “Fool if You Think It’s Over” (love that song) but it’s so contemporary, jazzy and sentimental all at once, how can you not love it?


Driving Home for Christmas -Chris Rea


I could add a dozen more songs to this tape but I think you see that I love Christmas, from the classic to the contemporary, and really, you have shopping, baking and wrapping to do.

So I’ll leave you with this list and wish each of you a beautiful, joyful, peaceful Christmas season.

Enjoy the Music of this incredible season!

(did you know that Santa lives with me??? )

BlogQuotesPromptApril2013JacobasSanta(My Jacob in his Santa outfit, worn numerous times already this season)

It’s Written on the Wind {Haiku Friday}

Haiku Friday

My friend Lou of LouCeel is taking a much needed blogging break.

However, he didn’t want Haiku Friday to take a break with him.

Instead he asked one of my favorite writers

Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook to host it while he’s gone.

I’ve been in the Christmas Spirit for weeks now, so I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite Holiday movies.


Gather love stories

while lobsters welcome Jesus.

Romantics are born.


Make-ups &  breakups

that keep the whole world spinning

told in sweet vignettes


I’ve seen both sides now

and my ole heart still believes

LOVE IS all around.



Little Luxuries

The Holidays are upon us and it’s my favorite time of the year.

Time to decorate, dress and douse myself in little luxuries.

I started this post as a memoir piece and then I realized in the world of lists and how-to’s and Gosh-I-really-LOVE-this-thingy that it would work best as a compilation of some of the things that make my Season Merry & Bright.

The Holidays can be a stressful time, so many things to do and all those lists to check off.

I find it helps if I can find little  (and not very expensive=WIN!) indulgences that keep my tummy, body and most importantly my heart in the Christmas spirit.


Back in 1998-ish I fell in love with the scents of Bath & Body Works. I’ve worn Moonlight Path as one of my signature scents since and you just can’t go wrong with their beautiful selection of Fragrance Bulbs and Decorative Wallflowers. I have a chest of them that I swap out with different fragrances with the change of the seasons.

However, this time of year, Bath and Body rolls out their Holiday Tradition Collection.

My favorite scent of the original trio remains the same today.



 And this year there is a new way to enjoy it.

This Whipped Shimmer Body Cream (the cream is available in all the Holiday scents) is wonderful, luxurious and gives your skin a shimmer while hydrating it.

I smell good all day long.

I get compliments all day long.

Plus (and for those of you who know about my love for cupcakes) there is a little extra fun associated with this lotion: it comes out of the can like icing, since the tip of the bottle is fanned like a whipped cream can.


It makes the layering of scents (something I highly recommend) that much more festive.

You know I love cupcakes. I do. Those little pieces of heaven are my favorite treat.

Earlier in the year I was pushing my cart around the supermarket when I came upon a Caramel Apple cake mix.

(Ohyou thought I was going to share a recipe I made from scratch?

Sorry, you’re in the wrong place for that.)

I don’t bake often (my pants would never fit) but when I do I love when I can make something new and delicious.

I baked the cupcakes and then used the Duncan Hines Frosting Creations  in apple pie to frost them.

My family gobbled (HA!) them up and honestly they tasted as good as they smelled coming out of the oven.



I have short, sassy hair.

The kind of hair that those of you with long, luxurious locks probably think is a cinch to do every morning as I slip on my heels and you secretly hate me for it.

Well? You’re right, sort of.

You see, while my hair is easy enough to style once it’s washed and conditioned into submission most mornings I wake up  looking like the Heat Miser.

No, I’m not proud to admit that,

but I do have to wash my hair every day because I’m not fit for other humans unless I do.

So once I’ve lathered, rinsed, repeated and towel dried  I still need a flat iron to tame my wily cowlicks.

This is my Kiss Silicone Flat Iron.


I was introduced to their products at BlogHer13 and from the moment they let me play around with it, I promptly opened my phone and ordered one of my very own. I didn’t get it as a gift or as a review for my blog, instead  I bought it with my own money because I was so impressed by how light it was and how silky it made my hair look.

It is something I use every single day and would feel lost without.

I love things that make me feel/look beautiful don’t you?


I have a Shutterfly Giveaway going on now on my blog

(Did you go over yet and enter to win $50 plus free shipping to Shutterfly just for telling me what Holiday Cards you love this year? No? Well, Go! )

One of my favorite indulgences and luxuries of the Holiday Season is putting together our Christmas Cards and handwriting all 150 envelopes before I take them to to the Post Office. Plus now I have two awesome helpers (my sons) to lend a hand making those envelopes look even prettier.

Enter my address labels and seals from Colorful Images.

This year I have 3 different designs to brighten up the front, but these are my favorites.


High heeled address labels, with high heeled ice skates as seals. 

I normally buy my labels and seals  in January  using the after- Christmas sale prices to indulge my creative wants for the next year.


My last indulgence is my favorite.

Starting on the week after Halloween my husband and I take all our unused vacation time (saved like squirrels sure that we might not survive the winter if we don’t) to take  every Wednesday off to shop, have lunch together, see a movie and generally get those stressful, last minute things done before they become those stressful, last minute things.

We have been doing this for the past five years and I don’t have the right words to tell you how incredibly nice it is to know that as we get ready to go to NYC tomorrow night after work that when I return home on Friday from our Thanksgiving in New Jersey I will walk in to a home that is clean and decorated for Christmas. Or to know that by the time you all get to the two weeks before Christmas and you’re shopping in a mad dash to finish it I am most likely done and just enjoying some movies on the couch while I wrap all my offerings in a happy holiday haze.

We can enjoy every minute of our holidays and have some time together to talk and laugh and enjoy one another;

there is no better luxury than that. 


What little luxuries are you enjoying this year this Holiday Season? 

*I was not compensated in any way by any of these companies or products. All opinions and love of them is entirely my own. I chose them because they are my favorite indulgences this year and I wanted to share them***

Everything Merry & Bright! { A Shutterfly Holiday Giveaway}

Once upon a time, a long, long, long time ago when my hair was long, my waist a little less thick and I sported a tan in December  my husband and I spent the week after Thanksgiving every year on the beautiful, pristine beaches of Aruba.

Even before we had children I made a point of getting a picture of us during our yearly visit to the Happy Island to use  as our Christmas card. I loved the Holiday Season and even though  we were struggling to have a baby during that time, the months of November and December offered me a sweet respite from the worry and wonder about whether we’d ever be called Mommy and Daddy.

I also found Shutterfly.

Unlike a lot of my peers, I loved sending a picture of us a couple even back then. My belief was “why should kids, dogs and Christmas trees have all the fun?”



Circa 2004

Well then of course you know that rest of the story. I got pregnant in 2007 with our twin sons and soon I was making all kinds of invitations, birth announcements and yes, OF COURSE more Christmas cards.

And I kept coming back to the wonderful cards, gifts and templates of Shutterfly.

I always found something I loved and enjoyed giving to the special people in our lives. From mouse pads and mugs to calendars and curved glass prints it’s a one stop shop for presents that are sure to light up the holidays.

This year I’ve already designed a mug for the boy’s adoptive Grandma (and my wonderful friend) Judy for this Christmas, a table runner and a new case for my cell phone:


ChristmasCellPhoneCaseFrom the Christmas collection of photo gifts at Shutterfly


There are so many new cards  (you can check out the 2013 Collection by clicking here) for your perusing pleasure that I spent the better part of an hour just looking at all the choices I had. Some whimsical, others classic and religious partnered with every color and font you could possibly imagine. Your wishes are granted in the form of so many choices you’ll swear that Santa has been working overtime to make your holidays merry and bright.

From Shutterfly here is what is new this year:

New card design styles for 2013 – 5×7 folded tri fold & back of card designs

o   Classic: Traditional colors, iconic illustrations, aspirational sentiments, snowflakes, monogram

o   Contemporary: trend forward colors, texture and layering, water color techniques, shine, glitter, Instagram! pictures are perfect for this style

o   Whimsy: humor and nostalgia meet, fun sentiments

o   Merry and Bright: all about color and having fun

o   Religious: metallic type treatments, incorporated story ideas

o   Photo Basics: multiple colors, vertical type, family name highlights


 Want a sneak peek into some of the cards that I’m considering this year? 

A few weeks ago my incredibly talented friend Kimberly Muro  met us at Pt. Pleasant Beach on the Jersey Shore and took some incredible pictures of my family.

Then I used them to design a whole host of cards :


Beyond Measure 

this one has the option of creating a back design too…See?

 Flurry Collage 

 Bright Merry Bubbles 

 Another design that gives you the option of  adding another picture and message on the back.

Lots of backgrounds and templates to choose from too. 

 Sending Sparkles 

 Brushed Snowflakes (this one also comes in the new trifold design, which is adorable) 


There are so many choices (full disclosure:  I am still designing and adding things to my cart) that I am just lost in a tinsel happy world of these beautiful designs.  Plus the site is so easy to use with everything you need from designs, colors, fonts and templates. There is no chance that you won’t find exactly what you’re looking to ensure that when your card arrives in the mailboxes of your friends and family there will be oohing and ahhing.

Want to join in the fun by designing a few cards of your own? Well then I have a surprise for you. Shutterfly is going to give one of you a special code worth $50 along with free shipping just for going over to the 2013 Holiday Collection and then sharing your favorite design/card  in the comments.

Easy peasy, right? I can’t wait to see what cards light you up this year.

Giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, November 27th when a winner will be picked and contacted.

Wishing you a BRIGHT, BEAUTIFUL and MERRY Holiday Season.


 Disclosure Statement: 

***I was compensated with product for my honest review for the Shutterfly 2013 Holiday Collection  however all opinions and LOVE for Shutterfly are my own.***

Trifecta: Belief (Going Green Christmas)

They stood toe to toe.

Black patent leather lined up against Lightening McQueen Red.

One white gloved hand reached out for the other and I’d swear later that a smile passed between those palms.

A bearded face gazed down into its clean shaven mirror, delighting in its rosy cheeked twin.

I took in their Mutt and Jeff version of their holiday namesake as they compared fur covered collars and white snowballs hanging like ornaments from their furry hats.

Charmed by their mutual appreciation of one another, I covered my mouth to keep the glee mixing with salty tears from seeping too quickly and simply watched as the taller sank to one knee.

Twinkling blue eyes met inquisitive chocolate ones.

“It’s me…” a tiny voice whispered.

Then just like Magic, I saw it happen.

All the wonder I expected to fill the tiny brown eyes lit the cerulean ones instead.

I know you…” the jolly voice answered.

Because that’s what happens when someone believes in you.



Trifecta’s word of the week is
WONDER (great word for the season)

****December 2013: From Tracie (Hi Tracie!!!) is hosting aGoing Green Christmas Edition where we can “recycle or spruce up an old Christmas post to share with you

I didn’t spruce anything up with this one. It’s just one of my favorites. Jacob is still dressing up like Santa, he still has WONDER and MAGIC in his eyes and I still tear up thinking of the day he met the Guy in Red and this happened.

thanks for visiting, hoping you’re having a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS SEASON.

The Mommy MessPeppermint hugs to Tracie and Adrienne  XO


The “Sprains” of the Holiday

Last Monday dawned & I went downstairs to start taking our tree down.
It was bittersweet but soon I was humming and making quick work of the tedious job.

We had bought a new kitchen table on Friday, the old one that hadn’t made it’s way to the basement yet made a perfect place to place each ornament until I could get the magenta boxes that housed them.

The boys found their way downstairs too..and soon were enthralled with their recordsable edition of “Rudolph”, John had also come down and like the amazing man he is, made eggs for all of us.

My mom called to discuss her plans for the day and the boys were running around the house, John had disassembled the tree, boxed it up and was making his way down the stairs when I heard a scream and quite a few bad words escape his mouth. In what seemed like a minute but was probably only 10 seconds I realized that he was truly hurt and I ran to him.

The swelling of his left foot was already very bad…I grabbed a bag of frozen vegetables, tapped Ibruprofen into my hand and tried to keep myself together, while attending to my very pained husband.

It would be boring for me to tell you the whole story. I mean my mom showed up, wrapped his foot…shook her head at me and told us she believed it was broken. My mind went to surgeries, a hard cast for 6 weeks and a PITY PARTY of one for me. I hate to say that in the midst of John’s real anguish I was feeling very selfish and spoiled.

Definately NOT feeling like Just Enough…anything.

My mind instead went to all the places that would affect me, how this would upset and complicate my life instead of how badly John was feeling and what this would do to his.

(Let’s just say…..I am very disappointed in myself for that behavior.)

I drove us to the ER. We checked in and X-rayed and found out that it was not in fact, broken. Although the ER doc had her doubts (she was adorable!!!! Lucky John) we’d be referred to another doctor and they would most likely repeat the X-rays.

Tuesday we saw an orthopedic podiatrist and they did repeat the X-rays, still no break visable, so an MRI was ordered but first John needed to spend a few days in this:

it was a good thing since he could walk on it now, the crutches that he never did get used to could be put away and now it’s just waiting. I only had to drive to work alone (and do pick up and drop off at Daycare alone for one day). Since we commute together and have been married 8+ years, you can safely assume that I don’t drive often…which is probably why on the way home from the ER my loving husband promptly told me that I am a “horrible driver”. LOL

We are still hoping it’s a very bad sprain.

The “Break” I had taken on this blog for the past 2 weeks or so, turned into 3. I couldn’t make my brain do anything of use the past few days, it’s truly been like I’ve been wrapped in cotton. And although I might get a LOT of slack for this, I have to give even MORE respect to all of you that are truly like single parents because your partner works late or travels, they aren’t there at night or all day long…or they don’t help as much as John does around our house. I can’t tell you the lessons I learned this week about being grateful & aware of how much I DON’T do anymore because he takes care of it for me.

John says we just started 2012 out on “the wrong” foot, here’s hoping this is the only strain and sprain we feel this year.

…and me “BEING ENOUGH” for both myself and my hurt hubby.

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Inspire Me at Christmas:

I haven’t participated in Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop in a while…

mostly because normally my PROUD MOMMIES are here on Thursdays..(they’ll be back next week)

but this week I saw a Prompt  that I could definately use:

Has the internet  ever inspired you?”

Why YES, it does…daily!

Websites like Pinterest are stealing my time but give me the best ideas

For Christmas there were 2 I just had to try….

My Mom loves Scrabble.

LOVES it…plays it by herself against herself..LOVES it.

So when I saw a version of this I knew I had to try it.

A shadowbox with a picture of her “Fellas” (that is what she calls the boys) with their names and LOVE entwined.



 As most of you know I am no Baker, but I do love my Cupcakes.

I can make a dozen cupcakes with my eyes closed (eating them is that easy too) and then I saw a version of this.

SANTA HATS!!! I mean seriously, how cute is this? Even I could do this.

Cut the green off the strawberries and then place them upside down on a cupcake or a brownie.

With the brownies I used CANNED WHIPPED CREAM to make the Santa Hat, and French Vanilla Icing on the Cupcakes.

They were a hit….and made a very pretty picture, don’t you think?  


Now I have been scouring Pinterest for some birthday ideas for January-March when we all celebrate our special days I’m getting ready to try this:

How CUTE and “Kir” is this???  




What kind of things are inspring you on the internet these days???

Mama’s Losin’ It



Wordless Wednesday: What Christmas Looks Like….

My favorite time of the year….

My heart opened….

…as the gifts did….

and this is what it saw…….