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Cupid,Your Work Here is Done {Trifecta & Velvet Verbosity}




“Will it be enough?” Kate wondered but a quick peek at the clock reminded her that she didn’t have time to dwell on it; Lance would be home any minute.

She hummed as she tucked the Vintage T-shirt of his favorite band into the tissue and slid the plane tickets to the Keys in between the folds.

Her heart pounded as the front door opened.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Mrs. Passmore.”

“Hey handsome.” Kate blushed, stepping into his arms.

“I’ve waited a lifetime to celebrate this day with you, babe.”

“I just hope you like your gift.”

“You’re finally my wife, that..” he said in between kisses, “is more than enough.”  



The Word of the Week for Trifecta is DWELL:


For Velvet over at Velvet Verbosity the word or thought was ENOUGH

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

Gathering Buttercups: Love Awaits


Haiku Friday


Just around the bend

The sea winks at the sun. Where

My love waits for me.



 Do you Haiku with Lou?

I do..every  Haiku Friday with Lou of LouCeel, I share 17 syllables of story.

You should try it, it’s addictive.

Copyright-Renee Homan Heath



Kate felt the ocean breeze ruffle the cream eyelet against her bare knees.

Peering down the aisle made of sea grass where Lance was finally waiting  for her, she blushed beneath her sunburn and dug her bubblegum colored toes into the powdery sand.

“Hey Buttercup.” Charlotte said; her voice as warm as the day.

“Hey, you.” Katie said back in a dreamy voice.

“I never thought I’d live to see the day that you chose not to wear shoes.”

 “Love makes you do funny things.” Katie winked, “besides I brought a pair for the reception.”

“Never doubted it for a second.” Charlotte giggled.



 I loved the picture for Friday Fictioneers this week because I am in great need of a TROPICAL Paradise these days.
So I gave a little glimpse into the LONG awaited (20+ years) wedding of Katie and Lance of GATHERING BUTTERCUPS.

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Grown Up Christmas List



Haiku Friday


be my Mrs. for I’ve

been wishing too long, to be

Christmasing with you.


My *dear* friend, Lou at LouCeel host a Haiku Friday.

Mine today, a lead in to 100 more words with Velvet.


All I ever imagined.

The lights on the tree twinkling and bouncing off the facets of…

Wait; is that a diamond in the velvet box?

He’s going to ask me….

Oh. My.God.

Kiss me, you don’t need to ask, just kiss me.

And he did, Lance’s mouth found hers just as if her desire had conjured it. Katie sank down into the embrace and exhaled the breath she’d been holding for as long as she could remember.

Years of feeling never quite…finished?

(Is that the right word?)



…for him to offer this ring!!!

Can you die from happiness?


100 Word Challenge writing prompt


Velvet offered us the word BREATH this week.

Safe to say this took Katie’s Breath away.

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Gathering Buttercups: Two Decades & A Diamond.


Lance struck the match and a flame burst from the red tip.

He held it over the wicks of the blue tapers until the living room was bathed in a romantic, dreamy glow of light.  Pleased with the aesthetic and completely lost in the anticipation of Kate’s smile twinkling like the lights of the Christmas tree in the corner, he almost didn’t hear his phone ring.

Clumsily juggling the hot match while trying to swipe the call to life, he dropped the small red velvet box he’d been holding and it popped open.

“Hey Char.” He said as the cushion cut stone sparkled like the diamond it was, winking at him from the coffee table.

“Almost ready?” Charlotte  whispered.

“Yep.” Lance smiled, “do you think she knows?”

“Nope. She thinks you’re going to a movie.” Charlotte laughed. “You know what’s sad? She really wants to see Lincoln.”

 He laughed with her. “Well I hope this doesn’t disappoint.”

Charlotte got quiet, “You know the day you married Beth was one of the saddest of her life. She counted the minutes until Midnight just to get through it. I hate to say it but I think she’s been holding her breath ever since waiting for you.”

“Well I’m hoping this ring takes her breath away.”

“You know if you hurt her again, I’m going to hurt you?”

Lance snorted, “You scare me a little Charlotte.”

“Good.” She answered.

It was Lance’s turn to get quiet, “Char, It’s been almost 20 years, but I love her. I swear I’ve been holding my own breath waiting for this moment.  I thought I was doing the right thing but I was wrong. I wasted so much time.”

“She never stopped loving you Lance.”

“So you think she’ll say yes?” he asked.

“I think we’ll have to scrape her off the ceiling.”

Lance suddenly just wanted Katie in his arms, “Well then Char, please bring me my girl.”


 Trifecta gave us the word Anticipation

 a : visualization of a future event or state
b : an object or form that anticipates a later type

and I missed WOE last week, but one of the prompts was Candles.




WOE: Gathering Buttercups:Baby Talk



“I threw them away” Charlotte said, nibbling at a piece of crust from the lemon meringue pie Katie had baked at her request.

Kate talked over the whirling Kitchen Aid Mixer, “Threw what away?”

“My birth control pills.” She answered as nonchalantly as if she’d been telling her best friend about the weather. “Hey can I have another piece of this pie? It’s delicious!”

Kate turned off the mixer and grabbed the server.

“CHAR!!!” Kate laughed as she cut another triangle, “Why in the world would you throw your pills away…?”

Charlotte just grinned at Kate.

“…Unless you and Nick are…”

Charlotte kept eating, “Yep.” She offered in between chews.

“CHARLOTTE MARIE VAUGHN are you telling me you’re trying to have a baby?” Kate squealed, her eyes dancing with delight.


Kate sat down on the stool at the kitchen island next to her friend, picking at the flaky crust on Charlotte’s plate. She hated meringue, but the crust was pure buttery goodness.

Thoughtfully she put it in her mouth and looked at Charlotte through teary eyes.

“Do you remember the year we met?”

“I do, even though it was doused in vodka.” She teased.

“Well you know what I remember about that year?” Kate said. “I remember you telling me that you never ever ever  wanted to have a baby. I think your exact words were ‘not in this lifetime’ and ‘I’ll be an excellent aunt to your kids. ‘ “

Charlotte sighed, “I know but…”

“and then there were all those years you were married….” Kate went on but Charlotte started talking over her.

“…Oh, you think it would have been a good idea for me to have babies with Todd?”

Kate stopped dead. “No, I wouldn’t have let you raise llamas with that asshat.”


“So, now? Something’s changed?” Kate asked as she spun the pie plate around and broke off more the crust.

“It has.” Charlotte said, her eyes dreamy as she fiddled with the red magnetic B she had swiped from the refrigerator when she walked in.  “From the moment I met Nick I knew this was different. I want to have his babies.”

Their eyes locked and it was Kate who spoke first, “Oh my god…”

Charlotte grinned, “Yeah, pretty crazy huh?”

“YEAH, but this means I get to be an aunt now too!”

“It sure does, you don’t think I’d decide to do something this nuts without your help do you?”

“Never doubted it for a moment.” Kate laughed as she reached for the plastic letter, and Charlotte grabbed her hand.

“What is this?” she asked spinning Kate’s hand to reveal a diamond that looked nothing like the one her best friend  normally wore.

Kate blushed and dropped her eyes to the cushion set stone that was dancing in the light.

“Katie?” Charlotte whispered. “Is that what I think it is?”

Her best friend nodded, “Lance asked me to marry him last night.”  


Write on Edge wanted us to play a game of “I SPY” using the picture below, I chose that happy RED B at the top left to lead me into the next chapter of this story.

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Trifecta Weekend:Gathering Buttercups: Awakenings

*continued from yesterday*


Lance raised his glass.

“To the end of feeling dead inside for too long…”

Katie’s eyes filled as she imitated his toast.

“…to being alive again.”

The ringing of crystal promised it all.



This weekend’s Trifecta needs a lot of explanation so I just copied it over for you:


This weekend is our last opportunity for a Halloween-inspired Trifextra, and of course, we can’t pass that up.  In 1937, a naked woman was found limping through the streets of Haiti.  Upon interrogation, she was unable to give any details as to her identity.  The woman was eventually identified in hospital as Felicia Felix-Mentor.  The only issue is that Felicia Felix-Mentor had been dead for nearly twenty years.  Felicia was, therefore, a zombie.

It so happens that well-known author and anthropologist Zora Neale Hurston was in Haiti researching a book at that time.  Hurston met and photographed the woman/zombie, and pop culture took the story from there.  Not surprisingly, there are a ton of internet articles discussing the authenticity of the claim of zombification, the chemical mix needed to create such a phenomenon, and then, of course, instruction on how we should all behave in the event of a zombie apocalypse.  There is even a video on Youtube of Hurston describing the encounter.

Here is the photo that Zora Neale Hurston took of the supposed zombie.

Credit: Zora Neale Hurston

We want thirty three words that are somehow related to Hurston’s zombie sighting.  How you structure your response is entirely up to you.


Alive again hmm? Well Katie & Lance are…in more ways than one.

Hope you are all having a good & Safe weekend.

 Here in PA we are bracing for Sandy and hoping the lights stay on.




Velvet Verbosity/Trifecta:Gathering Buttercups: Something to Talk About



Charlotte came around the kitchen island and touched her friend’s shoulder.

“You knew everyone was going to have an opinion about this.”

“I did. “Katie nodded. “But I didn’t think it would mean distancing myself from the other moms or listening to people whisper about me.”

“Everybody likes Anthony, Kate. He’s the guy they can’t imagine leaving.”

 Katie sighed, “Well they don’t need to make it sound so sinister, they don’t know Lance or what he means to me.”

Charlotte stuck her finger in the cupcake batter & licked it clean, “at least you’re giving them something to talk about.”


Trifecta’s word of the week is:


1 archaic : unfavorable, unlucky
2 archaic : fraudulent
3: singularly evil or productive of evil

We’re talking about the process of writing this week.
The truth is that sometimes posts come out of nowhere and other times I need a few hours (or days) to come up with something that I want to share.
Here word and prompt for the 100 Word Challenge this week is DISTANCING.
A word that automatically made me think of Katie after she leaves Anthony.

WOE:Gathering Buttercups: Lay It All On The Table


“Not everyone can be bought.” Beth said as she flipped through the divorce papers, her fury clear in every stilted breath and exasperated sigh.

Lance sat on the other side of the conference table watching his soon to be ex-wife have her temper tantrum.

“Gentlemen?” addressing the two men in five hundred dollar suits flanking each of them. “Can you give my wife and me a few minutes alone?”

Beth’s lawyer stared to object, but her eyes told him it was ok to go. Shrugging and grabbing his briefcase he followed Lance’s lawyer out of the conference room.

Once the door clicked, Lance glanced across the table, “Elizabeth?”

Her face softened at his use of her name as he watched her mouth form the “yes?” without actually hearing it.

“It doesn’t have to be like this.” His hand waved over the blue backed documents. “I can give you whatever it is you want.”

“Oh really?” she chuckled through teary eyes. “And exactly what do you think that is Lance?”

He leaned back in the leather chair, measuring his words, “I think you want to leave this room feeling like you won. I’m pretty sure I can give that to you.”

“Ha.” She laughed, the steely gaze coming back into her eyes with every word, “you think that a few zeroes next to a dollar sign are going to fix what you broke?”

“No! That’s not what I meant-“

“Yeah, right! You think that my dignity is for sale? “

Lance sighed, ‘You know what your problem is? You don’t know the difference between love and obligation. You never did.”

“Oh not this again! I didn’t make you leave Kate and marry me Lance.”

At the mention of Kate’s name his own eyes filled,  “No you didn’t, Elizabeth. But that’s because you knew that you’d tell me about our baby and I’d do what I believed was right. So maybe you didn’t make me marry you but you accepted my name and 18 years of my life knowing that I was in love with someone else.”

“And now you want them back?” she spat.

He considered that and nodded, “Yes. Well no, not like you think.  I just want for us, for you to finally be happy. I want to stop all the name calling and the blaming we do because we’re not. I want you to find someone besides the faceless men you’ve filled your bed with to love you the way you deserve.” He went on, ” The way I never did. ”

Tears coursed down her cheeks as Lance got up and moved to her side of the table.

Leaning down, he pulled a check from his inside pocket and pressed a kiss to his wife’s temple.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered as he let the money fall onto the table and walked out.



I’m late with my prompt for WOE this week.

They gave us 450 words and the opening and ending to our piece.

“Not everyone can be bought”

“He let the money fall onto the table and walked out”


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100 Word Challenge/100 Word Song: Gathering Buttercups: The Kitchen Sink



Kate sunk her hands into the scalding hot water, letting it run over her batter covered fingers. She started to wash the inside of the mixing bowl, lost in thoughts of divorce papers, court dates and Lance, always Lance.

She didn’t hear Anthony come in with another box under his arm, so she jumped when his footsteps slapped the hardwood floor.


Without warning her eyes filled, “It’s ok.”

“Katie, listen…”

“Don’t. Please?” she pleaded as her tears fell into the soapy water, “don’t you think if I could feel anything but love for him I would?”

I don’t know.”


Written for Two Prompts:
VELVET over at VelvetVerbosity 100 Word Challenge  gave us the prompt: DOING DISHES

Typewriter and Logo for 100 Words


My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

and for  Leeroy  , Tara picked a John Legend Song for 100 Word Song


Everybody Knows




Trifecta/100 Word Challenge: Gathering Buttercups: The Zip

sometime after Kate tells Charlotte about hearing from and seeing Lance again after 18 years…



Katie sprinkled the brown powder into the orangey batter.

“The thing is that I’ve always been a good girl, Char. The most radical thing I’d been doing all these years was opening this business and putting extra cinnamon in the pumpkin cupcakes.”

“Ift makes em so goofd!” Charlotte answered as she bit into one.

“Well what I’m saying is that my life has been bland, all vanilla and it needed a little zip. That’s why cinnamon is such a great spice, it’s sweet and provocative.”

Charlotte stopped chewing, “you’re not talking about the cupcakes?”

Kate laughed, “Not really.”




I am late for Velvet Verbosity’s and Trifeta’s links this week.
Work is kicking my butt (Geez you take a vacation and need 2 weeks to catch up!)

but I plan to write for WOE from the last two weeks…and will get it up this weekend.


in the meantime:
Velvet gave us the word: CINNAMON

Typewriter and Logo for 100 Words

Trifecta gave us the word RADICAL.



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