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It’s Written on the Wind {Haiku Friday}

Haiku Friday

My friend Lou of LouCeel is taking a much needed blogging break.

However, he didn’t want Haiku Friday to take a break with him.

Instead he asked one of my favorite writers

Tara of Thin Spiral Notebook to host it while he’s gone.

I’ve been in the Christmas Spirit for weeks now, so I decided to pay homage to one of my favorite Holiday movies.


Gather love stories

while lobsters welcome Jesus.

Romantics are born.


Make-ups &  breakups

that keep the whole world spinning

told in sweet vignettes


I’ve seen both sides now

and my ole heart still believes

LOVE IS all around.



My Funny Amalgamate {Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers}



Haiku Friday


Take all the pieces.

Mesh all my favorite things

and there you are, love.


Haiku Friday with my good friend Lou of LouCeel.

Do you, Haiku?  Join Us!



Copyright – EL Appleby

Tommy peeked over her shoulder, “What the hell is that?”,  he laughed.

“I don’t think it has a name.” Marcy snorted, ‘but it kinda reminds me of you.”

“Oh…” Tommy said as he wrapped his arms around her and went to work tickling her sides, “you’re gonna pay for that…”

Marcy squealed dropping the book and swatting at his hands, “I just meant that it’s a combination of lots of things…like you.” She finished, planting a kiss on Tommy’s nose.

“Oh really…” he asked pulling her close.

“Yep, you’re all the tiny pieces of everything I love.” She answered, waiting on his kiss.



Rochelle hosts a picture prompt called Friday Fictioneers. 

My favorite part of the week is seeing the new picture and then working a 100 hundred story and a HAIKU into life with it as inspiration.

I encourage you to join this fun, creative community.

There is so much talent among them.

Thanks for stopping by to read
Happy Weekend/Happy Writing

Dream Dress {Haiku Friday/Friday Fictioneers} and Flip Flop Fiction

Haiku Friday


Girl, keep that chin up

nothing is out of your reach.

Sometimes dreams come true.


Fridays are my favorites.

I get to hang with my friend Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday

I take inspiration from the picture for Friday Fictioneers and parlay it into 17 syllables.

Like I said, a favorite part of my week.   



Copyright - Janet Webb

Copyright – Janet Webb


Vanessa listened to Nadine pop her gum for two city blocks before she couldn’t take it anymore, “Diney,”

Nadine side-eyed her but kept on snapping. “Nessa, it’s not my fault that you can’t get the prom dress you really want.  Just ask your ma for it.”  

 “You know I can’t, not when I know she’s worried about making the rent this month.”

“Oh, right.” Nadine admitted as they rounded the corner and stopped to take in the small crowd gathered at the bottom of Vanessa’s stoop.

Her friend grabbed her, pointing to the fire escape, “Ohmygod, Nessa look, it’s your dress!”


 Friday Fictioneers:
one picture (above)

100 words

a whole community of fun.
Want to join us, click here.

And for anyone stopping by today, My talented friend (and mentor) SAM of My Write Side has been writing a summer series called FLIP FLOP FICTION where writers join her to “fracture a fairytale” and and flip flop characters from your favorites.

Today I am(giddy, honored, humbled)  hanging out with her as CAPTAIN HOOK lands in Cinderella’s castle and the middle of  a good ole cat-fight.

I hope you’ll come over and read HOOKED.


Happy Weekend/Happy Writing

17 in ’79 {Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, Velvet Verbosity}


Haiku Friday



First love (lust) is sweet.

Midnight phone calls, hearts pounding

between the kisses.

Haiku Friday with my friend Lou of LouCeel.  C’mon Join in!



Copyright - Danny Bowman

 Copyright – Danny Bowman

He knew he might wake her but he just needed to tell her.

So he slid a quarter into the metallic hole and tapped out the numbers, listening to the far off, tunnel-like buzzing with his hand stuffed in his front pocket and digging the toe of his sneaker into the cracked pavement.

 “’lo” she breathed in a sleepy, husky voice.

“Hey” he answered, imagining her rolling to her back, cradling the receiver. “I miss you, babe.”

Her chuckle was a dreamy flirt, ‘Eric, you just left.”

“I know, but I didn’t get to say sw.…”

“…eet dreams handsome.” she finished for him.


Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle and friends.

a picture, 100 words, a community of incredible writers.

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

and the word/theme of the week with 100 Words with  Velvet (at Velvet Verbosity)  is :

Happy Writing, thanks for stopping by!

Keeping The Piece (Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, 100 Word Challenge)

Haiku Friday

Sit awhile with me.

Sipping cocktails, divulging

all your sweet secrets.

Joining my wonderful friend Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday.

17 syllables of sweetness.

Join us:  c’mon you know you want to. 😉




Copyright-Ted Strutz

Picture: Copyright by the talented Ted Strutz

I watch her stir the drink with her fingertip and then trace the rim of her glass with it before she pops it in her mouth.

Pictures are deceiving, they never account for the swift tumble of your stomach as she throws her head back and laughs at your joke. Online she entices me, but in person she is simply delightful.

I catch her eye across the table and hear an inaudible click. Our hearts recognize each other and we smile with the secret of it.

That small piece of her is now mine, forevermore.

The piece I am keeping.


I missed Friday Fictioneers last week, but I’m back!

I loved this picture and thought up this story to go along with the Haiku and the 100 Word Challenge.
Hey it’s Mother’s Day weekend, I am MULTITASKING.

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

New prompt for this week over at Velvet Verbosity

The basic gist is that you submit a short flash fiction piece (approximately 600 words)

based on a prompt an author gives. The prompt for round 11 is:

Write a story in which a character finds an object that

he or she has no intention of returning.

Thanks for coming by everyone, HAPPY WRITING!

Turned Tables {Friday Fictioneers/Haiku Friday} {The Sydney Sessions}

Haiku Friday

pour your love and I

will drink it in, thirsty for

its piquant nectar.

Haiku Friday with Lou of LouCeel is one of my favorite ways to share 17 syllables.

Are you inspired? Join us!

Wasp nest

Her fingers slid among the smooth stones carefully avoiding the thing that resembled her loofah.

She felt Dr. Sanko’s eyes on her, “You’re distracted today.”

The stones felt cool against her fingertips, “I am.”

“Would you like to talk about it?”

Sydney hesitated, “Do you think it’s possible to steal another person?”

“Like abduction?”

“No, I mean when people say ‘don’t touch what isn’t yours’.”

Her therapist shook his head, “that implies the other person isn’t willing.”

Sydney allowed a single tear to fall.

“Syd, Consider this; if that’s true; he was actually trying to steal you.”


(an excerpt of my story THE SYDNEY SESSIONS about a girl in therapy)


The photo inspiration for Friday Fictioneers this week is above.

come and play along: A picture , 100 words= FUN!

(thanks Rochelle!)

Happy Weekend/Happy Writing

A Taste for the Exotic {Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers}

Haiku Friday


words won’t convince you

the “old ways” aren’t always best.

But I can show you.

Haiku Friday with my friend Lou from LouCeel.
17  sweet syllables…are you playing?

Sandra Crook

Photo Credit to Sandra Cook (LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!)

Blaine sipped a Bloody Mary as the streetcar bumped along St. Charles Street.

Hair of the dog?” Marcy teased.

Blaine  nodded, “Too much Bourbon, not enough street last night.”

“Check out that contraption!” someone exclaimed, pointing to the porch of one of the old mansions.

Marcy turned, “reminds me of a whirlybird.”

“A what?”

“Whirlybird. My dad used to read me the story of a King who was afraid to try new ways to travel.”

“Reminds me of a helicopter.”

“Well yeah, but that doesn’t sound special or exotic.”

Blaine slung his arm around Marcy’s shoulders and willed the booze to quit churning in his intestines, ‘you’re my whirlybird.”


 One of my favorite parts of the week is hanging out with everyone from Friday Fictioneers. 
thanks for all the wonderful inspiration and community Rochelle! xo

My deceased father was the best book reader. He made so many stories come to life for me.
One of our favorites was “THE KING AND THE WHIRLYBIRD”


I took one look at this picture for the prompt and thought of the King who preferred traveling by train, horse, car or foot instead of trying something new, like his top of the line Whirlybird. The story has always reminded me of the hope, promise and wonder of technology and the joy of stepping outside your comfort zones.

It’s a favorite book along with a favorite memory that I  get to share with Giovanni and Jacob these days.

Happy Weekend/Happy Writing

Quiescent: Haiku Friday

Haiku Friday

simple words this week

have played hide and seek with me

unnaturally quiet.

I reach for phrases

but they never settle

on the snow white pages.

I’ll keep those yarns for

another day, offering

them a sweet release.


Linking with my friend Lou of LouCeel for Haiku Friday.

Morning Moments (Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, Velvet Verbosity)


Haiku Friday


stealing sweet kisses

in the middle of our day

Just fooling around.


Haiku Friday with Lou of LouCeel

17 syllables, endless fun.


Clay leaned against the door jamb taking in Kitty sidestepping the dog bowl as she maneuvered around the kitchen, sliding breakfast in front of their children and negotiating the packing of their various bags.

When she bent to tie Toby’s shoe; his breath caught.

He strode toward her, circling her waist, his breath on her cheek, “Hey, up for a little misbehavin’ tonight?”

Kitty looked surprised, then a smile lit her stress filled eyes, “Maybe…” she teased, smoothing her messy blond ponytail.

“Pencil me in.” he said, kissing her mouth.


One of my favorite prompts: A Picture, 100 words, an AMAZING writing community.

Thank you Rochelle!!!

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

Velvet Verbosity offered us the prompt


(Love that!)


You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore (The Sydney Sessions) {Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, Velvet Verbosity}

Haiku Friday

do not bring me blooms

laden with mixed messages

I crave thorn less sprays.


Every Friday I count on my fingers,

rolling words and phrases around my tongue

to come up with 17 syllables for

HAIKU FRIDAY with Lou of LouCeel.

We’d love to have you join us.

(I also use the image from Friday Fictioneers to inspire my Haiku and compliment my 100 word story)

Copyright - Lora Mitchell

Photo by Lora Mitchell

this is a continuation of yesterday’s story

“Sydney, we’re not finished.”

She nodded, “I know, but I… I can’t. Not today.”

Dr. Sanko turned off the camera and headed back to his desk where he began pruning his plants.

“He gave me flowers once. Lilies, big gorgeous bouquet.”

“Did that make you happy?”

“I was thrilled he’d done something to acknowledge our relationship…”


“But it proved he didn’t know a damn thing about me.”

The doctor cocked an eyebrow.

She shrugged, “I hate lilies.”

“Did you tell him?”

“Nope” she said “I put them in water, knew better than to shake that tree.”


“Doc, he never asked.”


Rochelle gives us fantastic prompts for Friday Fictioneers : PICTURES

are you writing with us yet?

100 Words Challenge

Velvet Verbosity’s word of the week is