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Just Write: Freaks







“I’m a freak.”

I was hardly listening so when I answered it was a gut reaction, “You’re not a freak silly” and I kept on making the bed, straightening the corners.

“They think I’m a freak.”

I still wasn’t listening, consumed with a bag to pack and the time on the clock slowly ticking away. However, I was still answering, “You are not. Hey, where did you learn that word?”

“They just said it on TV.” I twisted to see an episode of SVU on, which is normal in our house at any hour of the day.

“Well you’re not.” I concluded out loud, navigating the bedroom (stopping to plant a kiss on the crown of his head) carrying on with my Sunday morning duties and wondering if I should lay clothes out first or shower.

“Mommy?” he said. I looked over at him standing in front of the mirror wand in hand, shirt and argyle vest donned under his Hogwarts robe and small round black glasses circling his eyes.

It was 8am.

“Yeah buddy?”

“It’s okay if I’m a freak. I mean, I love Billy Joel and Willy Wonka of course. I know songs they don’t know and I like to make them do plays of Rocky at camp.”

I thought about what he was saying.

“I don’t think that makes you a freak, Jakey.”

But I worried.

I wondered.

Children are honest, raw and brutal. There are bullies who want nothing more than something (or someone) to make fun of and a child like Jacob is ripe prey.

Deep down I know how Jacob feels. He is a big thinker with a heart that is soft and all encompassing. He also doesn’t give a rat’s ass about how he’s perceived. He knows who and what he is, right now, in this moment.

Standing there in my bedroom I saw his life years from now as the creative and quirky kid in his class; the sensitive boy who remembered your favorite movies and colors, the outspoken twin who wore interesting outfits and took acting classes on Saturday mornings, the Piccini kid with the big personality.

All at once, I was glad that he wasn’t in public school. I knew first hand that a small Catholic class might not be enough to insulate him from teasing or ridicule but I also knew it could help to encourage his huge imagination.

“I’m a freak too.” I said to the air around us.

He nodded, “Because you love Harry Potter too? And your books? Oh and Mommy, you and me love Pride and Prejudice. “

“You and I.” I corrected.  “But yep.”  I answered sitting down on the bed and pulling him into my lap.

“You and I.” he repeated.

“…are freaks.”  I finished and hugged him close.


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I Love You Just the Way You Are (Pour Your Heart Out)

Unless you’re new around these parts, you know that my son Jacob loves to dress up.

As Santa.







As Scrooge.







As Willy Wonka.

As Harry Potter.







It’s so much a part of him, that I hardly pay attention anymore.  It’s become normal to see him in a cape, using a straw as a wand or fashioning his plastic grocery cart and stuffed ponies into a sleigh.

And if I’m being honest about it, I love this wonderfully creative side of him. I mean, yes, it’s funny when he’ll say something profound like, “I can’t wear the Scrooge hat to be Willy mom, because Willy’s hat is purple and this is black” and it can be frustrating when, the beard for his Santa outfit finally arrives and he declares that he will needing another new beard, “a curly one, like the one in Fred Claus” for a month afterwards.

But underneath it all, is the soul of a little boy who loves to play and pretend.

As parents, I believe John and I have always tried to encouraged and celebrate the talents and of each boy without passing judgment on either of them. I mean Gio loves cars and names them after every sports team he can learn, (many times letting the matchbox that represents the DEVILS or the PHILLIES win, much to the heartache of his NY loving daddy).

There are days when we are leaving the house and Jacob is still deciding who he will be. I will see him contemplating the part he wants to play and by the time we get buckled into the car, he is sporting a costume of some kind.

So it happened on a day back in January that we were going into New Jersey to visit my mother in law and Jacob had decided that he would take all the trappings of being Ebenezer. The hat, the coat (the fireman coat from an older costume), his black leather gloves and the plastic part of a microphone stand that he felt made a much better walking stick all found their way into our car.

We visited with family and then made our way to a very large, very busy mall. The wind whipping when we parked so I tried to talk my son out of bringing along his costume, but instead of a putting a heavy jacket on, he proved his stubborn Capricorn spirit and got out of the car, holding his walking stick.

For the first time ever in the lives of our sons, my husband looked at Jacob and snickered.
“Jacob, you can’t go into the mall dressed like that! Everyone will laugh at you, you look silly.”

My own eyes welled as I just looked at the man I married, “What are you doing?” I hissed through my teeth. “You can’t tell him that!”

“C’mon honey, it’s freezing” he said, grabbing Gio’s hand and propelling him to the sidewalks.

Tears pricking at the corner of my eyes, I looked down at Jacob. “Buddy, are you sure you want to go into the mall like this?”

His little face was undeterred, “Yep. Let’s go.” His voice sing-songy.

He held my hand on one side, on the other; he imitated the limp he had perfected over the past two years, through crosswalks, in between cars and right up into Macy’s.

Once inside, I asked again, if he wanted to shed any of the costume.

“NO.” he answered.

So we walked and I watched people watch my son. You see from the time they were born, everyone has always paid attention to my sons. From the busy city streets of New York City to the hallways of our local malls, eyes are drawn to both of them and this day was no different. Yet, on that day, I watched them see past the similarities of clothes and faces, and see that one child was cruising the mall dressed in a black coat, a plastic HAPPY NEW YEAR top hat and walking with a limp.

Many of the teenagers loved this, their smiles starting at Jacob and stopping at my own as they lifted their eyes to me. Of the others (other parents and people of different colors and cultures), some were concerned “Why is he limping?, some others thought him cool and eccentric “nice hat buddy!”, “love your costume!” and of course there were those that just didn’t get it, “Why is she letting him dress like that?” , “who is he supposed to be?” accompanied by snickering laughter that can only mean that they are making fun of him.

I hated thinking that they felt that way about a little boy who was just enjoying the fun in pretending and I couldn’t believe that maybe John felt that way about Jacob too.

I looked down at my very creative little son and said, “I think you’re the coolest Jakey, I love when you dress up.”

“I make a very good Scrooge” he agreed.

And later, when John and I were alone, we talked about how he felt. How we as parents had to let Jacob be who he was, even if it meant that it might make us uncomfortable from time to time. We agreed that our job was to protect him from the hate and misunderstanding of the world, not to perpetuate it.

Since then, John and I have talked a lot about how there will be plenty of times in their growing up when we might not agree with the “costumes” they choose, but we have to respect their choices.

The most important thing is to let our sons know that we love them, just the way they are, and that we accept Jacob (or whoever he is today.) *wink*

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Shell and her amazing Link 

Pour Your Heart Out.

Thank you for 3 years of letting us have a soft place to unburden our hearts my friend.

Here’s to 3 MORE!



And Now You’re 5



 5 Years.

Half a Decade.


Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe you went from this:



to me finally being Pregnant:

Blog2013KirPregnant November 2007

to being 1, then 2, then 3 and then 4…

 Blog2013Boy1-4and now my beautiful boys, you are 5.


You were born on a Tuesday, just like today.

It was actually quite mild, like it is right now.

And just before 1pm, my life changed forever because you were born.

You were here.

You were named.

You were *Finally* mine.


Last night, (before 5)



and this morning..This. is. 5.


It is only recently that I have asked the universe to keep you small for a little longer.
Normally it’s when I’m folding your boxer shorts or noticing how long your legs look in your jeans.

Sometimes it’s when your heads, still damp from a bath and smelling so good to me, snuggle up next to me and you stay still long enough for me to snuggle back, then run away to play, to imagine.

Sometimes it’s when you beat me at Tic-Tac-Toe (Or you, Gio, Let me win!) and I realize how smart and competitive you are. Playing with your LeapPads, you both amaze me with how much you KNOW.

 Sometimes it’s those times that I realize that you  reallycan count to 100 or that you really do know all the words to “A CHRISTMAS CAROL” and can do every voice in an English accent.

Other times it’s simply when I am shopping and I am astounded with the number inside the shirts I am hauling up to the register.

“5’s and 6’s” I’ll gasp.

When did they get so big?” I wonder with teary eyes and a full heart.


Happy Birthday Giovanni and Jacob

The last five years I’ve had, watching you come into this world, growing with every day, learning at every turn, opening my heart up in every way, have been sweeter than any cake we’ll share this week.

You are, always and forever, my Kanoodle and Gardoodle (the names we had for them as embryos), my Gio-to-the-vaan and my Jakey, my BUGGAS, my BUDDIES, My Punkins and the little boys who made my dream of motherhood come true.




 Giovanni Damien Piccini



 Jacob Francesco Piccini


I haven’t written for YEAH WRITE in a while, but this one felt RIGHT to share.

Welcome. :)


Trifecta: Belief (Going Green Christmas)

They stood toe to toe.

Black patent leather lined up against Lightening McQueen Red.

One white gloved hand reached out for the other and I’d swear later that a smile passed between those palms.

A bearded face gazed down into its clean shaven mirror, delighting in its rosy cheeked twin.

I took in their Mutt and Jeff version of their holiday namesake as they compared fur covered collars and white snowballs hanging like ornaments from their furry hats.

Charmed by their mutual appreciation of one another, I covered my mouth to keep the glee mixing with salty tears from seeping too quickly and simply watched as the taller sank to one knee.

Twinkling blue eyes met inquisitive chocolate ones.

“It’s me…” a tiny voice whispered.

Then just like Magic, I saw it happen.

All the wonder I expected to fill the tiny brown eyes lit the cerulean ones instead.

I know you…” the jolly voice answered.

Because that’s what happens when someone believes in you.



Trifecta’s word of the week is
WONDER (great word for the season)

****December 2013: From Tracie (Hi Tracie!!!) is hosting aGoing Green Christmas Edition where we can “recycle or spruce up an old Christmas post to share with you

I didn’t spruce anything up with this one. It’s just one of my favorites. Jacob is still dressing up like Santa, he still has WONDER and MAGIC in his eyes and I still tear up thinking of the day he met the Guy in Red and this happened.

thanks for visiting, hoping you’re having a BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS SEASON.

The Mommy MessPeppermint hugs to Tracie and Adrienne  XO


Just Be Enough: Perfectly Ridiculous Moments



 Sharing my PERFECT MOMENTS with Lori of WriteMind Open Heart


My weekend was filled with lots of moments that made me smile and laugh, giggle and chuckle.

First, on Saturday I attended Girls Lunch Out and finally got to HUG Kim and Jen.

3 hours of getting to know each other, of smiling and sharing a funny moment and really good cake pops.

Tina was even more awesome than I imagined and I felt like I had a life beyond being a wife and a mom. I handed out business cards and shook hands, making jokes and sharing smiles and wishing I was going to win the $50 spa gift card (I didn’t…but it didn’t matter because I had hugged my friends and spent an afternoon telling people “I’m a blogger” and god that felt really good.)

I talked to some really amazing women who are changing our world.

I even got to meet the amazing Jennifer from World Moms Blog. She’s delightful, inspirational and has a great smile.

Thank you Kimsley and Jen for spending the afternoon with me.

I can’t tell you how happy I am to know you “in person” now. You are both so pretty, so smart and funny, so interesting and warm that I am so lucky to call you “FRIENDS”. xo

But my weekned of glee didn’t end there, yesterday we took the boys to see THE LORAX.

I mean I guess I could complain about how we thought they would be old enough to sit still, to behave in the theatre and ummmm be quiet during the movie…(ahem) but instead I’m going to tell you about how both of them sat in those huge chairs, asking for popcorn from a huge bucket and asking more questions than I could have possibly imagined with open mouthed awe at the movie about the importance of trees.

…and then it was Jacob’s laughter that bounced off the ceiling of the theatre, his chuckle and giggle that burst like a bubble washing over us over and over again. His LAUGHTER made all the drama worth it.

I am over at JUST BE ENOUGH today talking about being Ridiculous and having a GREAT BIG LAUGH, so it was appropriate that John said to me after, “he laughs just like you do!”.

I can’t think of a happier comparison, a prouder or more perfect moment this week.

Come visit me at Just. Be.Enough, please fill out the survey we’re offering to make JUST. BE.ENOUGH better for all of us and have a great week.


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Pour My Heart Out:My Very Own Christmas Carol


Source: via Naté on Pinterest


It’s my favorite story of all time, Christmas or otherwise, for lots of reasons.
Some of them revealing themselves quite recently with all kinds of gifts attached.


The promise of a miracle.

A Christmas Carol is really the story of humanity; A true message of giving to one another instead of hoarding things for yourself, of letting go of the past and righting your future.  I have always found this tale of redemption soothing and comforting and the truest example of what life and in turn the holidays should be all about.




Second Chances.


Source: via Darlene on Pinterest


So it warms me that Gio & Jacob have embraced to this newest version. Both of them choosing it over other favorites like Frosty and Santa Claus is Coming to Town every time, and while there is part of me that still adores the Patrick Stewart version, this contemporary adaptation has captured the hearts of our entire family.

I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s the understanding that my sons have gained; because even at *almost* 4 both boys know that “Scrooge was bad and then the Ghosts helped him be a GOOD Boy”. Or maybe it’s the sparkle in their eyes as they rattle off the names of each character, repeat dialogue or simply look at me and say “this is my favorite part.” There is MAGIC in the MESSAGE of that classic story.

Honestly I didn’t think that the story could hold any more meaning for me.

But then I had Jacob and Jacob fell in love with Scrooge and his story all over again, I saw this deeply moving story through his little brown eyes and I realized that unconsciously I may have made my own Christmas Carol.

For those of you that don’t know, Jacob was named as a “Thank you” to God. I don’t say those words lightly, John and I wanted to bestow a name that would express all the feelings we had after struggling through the years of infertility, a name that would remind us, each and every day,that we had much to be THANKFUL for.

We had Chosen Giovanni (John’s name in Italian) for our first son and then set about choosing a name for his twin. Names we tossed around included Zachariah and Jude. Yet, it was right before our 20 week ultrasound we settled on Jacob. Our first daughter would have been named Rachael, because in the bible she was infertile and finally had a child with Jacob after years of trying. Also, Jacob waited for Rachel, promising her father that he would work for him until he could take Rachel as his wife. While we have been known to say that Gio & Jacob sounds cuter than Gio & Zach, the truth is that the name Jacob spoke to us and even though it was very common (something I am generally not happy about) it served a higher purpose by being a daily devotion for our gift.

You’re probably wondering how I got to talking about my son’s name instead of A Christmas Carol, but I told you earlier that something has just occurred to me during this recent love fest of my favorite story. I think for the longest time I saw Bob, Ebenezer, and even Tiny Tim as central to the story, the game changers.

Yet, lately I have been giving extra consideration to Jacob Marley; the scary ghostly, frustrated soul of Ebenezer’s business partner. If you look closely you know that without Jacob there would be no story, sure the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future might have visited Scrooge but to what end? If Jacob had never begged his friend and partner to think about what he was doing, if he didn’t come to forewarn and offer the second chance he did would Scrooge have heeded any message those spirits?

Imagine my joy as I realized that subconsciously I could have named my little creative soul for the man that helps to change Scrooge’s heart, which inspired him to say:

”I will honor Christmas in my heart and keep it all the year”?

That knowledge is one Christmas Carol I could sing all year long 

God Bless Us, Everyone!  



Jacob as Ebenzer Scrooge (he does like to DRESS UP)

I’m Pouring My Heart out with my friend Shell this week…you should too, it’s good for your heart. :)




Mama Kat’s Writing Workshop: Christmas in July

I found a prompt over at Mama’s Kat’s that was too good to pass up this week
But I found that on Thursdays, I don’t want to post while I have “GUESTS” for
But, I do have something that Jacob is obsessed with that is bothering me.
*Write an open letter to a toy (or something) that your child is obsessed with lately*
So here you go.
Dear Santa Paws,
I want you to know that I love Christmas as much as the next person. 
 In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I ADORE Christmas, that I would like the  special kind of warmth and magic that time of year brings to stay around a whole lot longer, to truly “last all year long”.
I think that you however, are taking this notion a bit  too far and overextending your welcome.

I mean even Santa takes a break after he’s all done on December 25th.

You see the problem is Jacob.

He is my thinker, my son that ponders things in order to feel comfortable with them and it took him a LONG time to get comfortable with you Santa.

We needed to bribe, reassure and paint you in a friendly & glorious light.
We love you Santa,  so we were happy to do it, but lately it seems that you are part of our every day.
Even as we approach August.
I purchased a DVD of a movie about you and a dog and some kids that needed a home,  sort of like ANNIE meets 101 Dalmations.
My children were eager to rip it out of it’s protective plastic coating and have PLAY pressed on the player.

For much of November and Decemeber , this particular movie was enjoyed, requested and the catchy music repeated. We watched in awe as our children learned that Santa was a good guy, that little children need mommies and daddies who love them and that sometimes a dog can help out with all your  Christmas dreams.

I want to stress that while my house was covered in snowflakes and holly I was happy to press repeat as many times as necessary to make my children happy.
I’m a giver.
However, it is now approaching 90 degrees in our part of the world, we are far from snowmen and sledding and while some crazy deptartment store is bound to put our their snowglobes and trees soon, I am not dreaming of a White Christmas right now.
But Jacob is, whenever he is asked what movie he’d like to lull him into a dreamy sleep or just simply get the hell out of my room so I can watch Burn Notice, he always picks you, Santa Paws.
Even now in the middle of the summer.
And if that is not enough to worry me, he also wears his Santa Hat everywhere. 
Pretending to be you and not caring that it just doesn’t match his preppy teal polo shirt and also insisting that he must wear shoes (and  he has been known to scream at me to find them ) if he’s “going to be ‘Santa Clause'”.
This of course entails him running all over the house bellowing :
“HO, HO, HO, Merrrrrry Christmas,  at least 3 ties in a row
*insert mommy giggle here*
The final accessory, besides the hat, shoes, and of course his Red Crystal (his Red Jingle Bell) are his sunglasses, cause you can’t be a cool Santa without them.  *sigh*
Santa Paws I know you mean well.
I love the lessons you are teaching Jacob about family & magic. 
I  even secretly smile at the fact that you keep Christmas in our hearts and home all year long, but for the sake of my sanity can we just celebrate Christmas in July and then you take a nice long break until November 1st or so?
You pick a destination, like the bottom of the toybox, and I’ll pretend you’re lost until then.
Mmm ‘k?
Ebenezer Kir

PMM: BMWW: Here and Now

Here and Now

Little boy, you woke up and looked at me, your jaw working your nuk and talking around it.

“Morning Mommy”

I kiss your forehead and whisper , “Morning Jakey”

I was thinking about the post I would write this morning, about living in another decade.

How about we make this easy, my brain said, let’s just go back 50 years.


John F. Kennedy would still be alive; I would be alive to see Camelot happening, instead of making sure my DVR got all 8 episodes of it this week. I would love wearing all the dresses and heels of that decade, listening to the music of it , secretly enjoying Motown since I am sure even in that decade of segregation that I would be sympathetic to my fellow human beings (plus I have always thought I have a some African American Woman blood running in my veins.) I am sure I would still be a feminist but maybe a quieter one; then again, maybe not.

My neighbors would be my friends, and I doubt I’d live here in this city, since how would I get here? Which means that your daddy might be different, since how would I work in another state and meet a man who grew up with NYC as a skyline? I wouldn’t know other women who lived in different countries or states, meeting them in a big cloud in the sky. I think I would be very lonely or extremely tired from trying to fit my little square shape into society’s little round holes.

I would revel in wearing  those pill box hats and trust my woman’s intuition when it told me that Marilyn Monroe was more than a friend to Kennedy. I would despise the social injustices and I would hate that TV is only limited to evenings and 3 channels.

On this Sunday morning in April, we’d be attending mass in a few hours. All 4 of us fully dressed. An obligation more than the chore it has become these days. I would thinking about what to make for dinner (would I cook?) so instead I would try to encourage your daddy to take us a for a picnic on this first warm day of spring, maybe even a drive in the country and a stop for ice cream? Our life would be simple, gossiping on the porch with the other moms on the street and handling the children while our husbands watched the Mets play baseball.

Maybe you’d be in our bed out of necessity and not choice.

I wonder about how you don’t miss what you don’t have. I cannot miss my Android phone, Twitter and 300 channels if I don’t know about them. There can be no longing for what technology and science have not given us.

My thoughts wander to the place they go often when I think of you and your brother, how lucky we are that we are part of this place and time, where we were given the opportunity to even dream of having you and your brother. IVF is a reality and not a sci-fi plot of a black and white movie.

Yet, I choose to believe that I would long for something. My heart would know that there was life beyond the small town where I was born; my mind would pine for knowledge beyond what I was told to believe. I have always been that way so the decade in which I was raised would make no difference, because the core of me is as rooted as an old tree.

I hold you close as you sit up and smile at me, Jacob. The TV has turned on and we are flooded with light and talking in this early morning. I reflect on the thought that our lives are being touched by so many others, their stories making up the fabric of ours.

I snuggle down next to you, whisper “love you” into your ears, and tickle your belly. This much has not changed in decades, the love of a mom for her children, the simple pleasure of holding our family close.

We have no idea where this day will take us little boy, but I know I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else at any other time.

 The Bloggy Mom’s WW Prompt for this week:This week I want you to write about the era you wish you had lived in. Maybe it’s the 2000’s for you. I bet for most of us it’s not.
That is my Perfect Moment today, to know where I “fit” :)

What did you DO with Reed??

I talked last week about Jacob and his Rock Star Tendencies.
I am beginning to think he might just be the next Justin Beiber …just sayin.
(a teacher of his told us that at any given moment , if she can’t quite locate Jacob, she will normally just follow the sound of humming & tapping,  finding Jake singing to himself playing any sort of thing (mostly fish??? Yeah I’m not sure either ) as a guitar.

PURE TALENT people, I’m telling you.

SO it should be NO SURPRISE at all that my children , and especially my musical one, LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVE The Fresh Beats.

I tolerate this merry band of muscians. Compared to other programs they don’t annoy me that much. Plus I find songs like “Stomp the House” & “Time to Go-Go” catchier than I would like to admit. *shame*

So when they ask for us to turn it on, I oblige. I sit with them and try NOT to think about the mere fact that those actors playing teens are really are in their 20’s.
(and then I try NOT to think about he question that Mr Kir asks me often)
Do you think that any of those 4 have …you know?”‘
“why yes, husband I DO, but I hate thinking about it!”  GEESH.

And I think I mentioned that my kiddos LOOOOVEEE them. They have almost mastered the ending dance for god’s sake. This is not Itsy Bitty Spider, my friends, this is pure choreography.

Jacob is smitten with Marina. Her drumming sends him into a fit of banging on our very expensive coffee table with his BUZZ LIGHTYEARdrumsticks. He has even learned to hold those sticks high above his head and count out the seconds  until the banging will commence.
“A one, two, three”

Gio, he loves Kiki. That’s his girl. He walks around telling us things like “Kiki is mine” .
Ok, little boy, your choice is a good one. She’s a cutie.

Plus they really do have some good storylines and songs that are toe tapping.
I love how all the casts names (including the dog, BANJO!) are related in some way to music, it’s fresh, entertaining and educational.

and mommy, well she loves her some Reed.

Reed with the English  accent, music store and argyle sweaters.
Hmmm…yes, yes, yes, I do.
In fact for a while, I would watch only with hope that Reed would be on that episode.
*I know I’m shallow, but hey I’m sucker for argyle and English Accents*

SO, Imagine my surprise when we turned on FBB last Monday, all set to watch the *NEW* episodes (and Mardi Gras to boot!!!!!) and there was a “New” Reed.

Um, sir, who are are you….and what have you done with my hottie Englishman in a green sweater? “

Now I am sure that you are a great actor and have a resume full of stuff that makes you qualified for this job, however, the mothers who have to watch it, well we want our Reed back. Not some imposter in a green shirts (I mean really, you couldn’t even put him in argyle? and the hat on him, C’mon!)

Oh Nick Jr, you have some serious explaining to do.

In the words of Twist: ” Wouldn’t it be great if, you brought Reed back?
(even if he is doing Shakpespeare in London’s west end? )”


That…would make it a “A Great Day,  The Very Best Day” for me.

WW: MY Little Rock Star

Jacob has Rhythm, he drums on every available surface
At 3, he can clap out a tune with ease
he love to dance , shaking his hips with ease
He holds the Guitar like a pro
and to my amazement he even knows the correct way to place a violin under his chin
(although it was one of his drumsticks and the bow was a plastic knife
but hey my kid is creative!!!)
bringing the smolder….”hey baby”
(Oh and Please Visit my Friend Suzy and Her Hope Giveaway for March
you won’t be sorry!!!!!)