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Trifecta Weekend: My Sole Mate

“You take me places”, I said as you blushed a dark pink. “You hold me high; lifting me up, and when I need it most you provide comfort and stability for my sole”       “You’re a poem?’ I repeated.  She chewed her lower lip. ‘If you want. I am a poem, or I…

RemembeRED: Self Awareness

  Hand Me My Heels A Mommy’s Crusade for Creativity, Cupcakes and Comfortable Shoes Source: via Tara on Pinterest We’re doing something short and sweet for this week’s RemembeRED post. Imagine your life, or a part of your life, as a title and tagline. That’s it. Give us the title, and give us the tagline.

Wordless Wednesday: *SPRING*

The best part about Spring *almost* being here….. knowing it means I get to wear these soon. *SMILE* Wheeeeeee!!!!!!