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Silent Running : Trifecta

the morning after this…





Shelby woke before dawn, stretching against the blankets wrapped around her, with hay in her hair.

Reaching for her top and skirt and careful not to wake Gunnar, she pulled and shimmied, snapped and buttoned her way back into her clothes. But once she was dressed a wave of nostalgia pulled her back to the warm space next to him. She ran her thumb along the length of his cheekbone covered in morning stubble and Gunnar stirred.

His hands sought her, much the same way they had throughout the night. More than once mid-dream she’d felt his fingers gently pull her hip- first to him until with urgent kisses and mumbled devotions he’d rocked them both back into a satisfied sleep.

C’mere Shelb…” he coaxed, throwing the blanket back over both of them.

So she tucked into him. He was the only thing about this life  she was going to miss but she wasn’t naïve or stupid enough to think he’d ever leave with her. Not when Tioga County fit him like the worn leather boots now slouched in the corner of the loft.

And she wasn’t willing to stay for him, even when he flipped her stomach with a simple touch.  For most of high school  she’d  waited for the hurried feeling of things passing too quickly that everyone loved to chirp at her:  It’s gonna fly by you know; try to enjoy every minute: but that feeling never came and it was finally time to just go before anything, even Gunnar and his kisses, could stop her.

As morning light started to creep across the cinnamon colored bales she rolled over and dropped a kiss on his freckled nose, “I gotta run Gun…”

He reluctantly released her,  letting his hand linger on her arm and  preventing her from getting up. Propping himself up on his elbow and tugging at stray piece of hay stuck in her curls his eyes searched hers , “don’t you think it’s ’bout time you stopped running beautiful?”, he sighed.



Trifecta this week, the word was FLY


What You Come Here For: Trifextra



Sometimes a fantasy…


You come to indulge the reverie.

To imagine

fingertips that linger &

lips that whisper breathlessly.

So, I’ll weave those romantic tales of passion for you.


…is all you need. 




Trifecta asked us to give them 33 words, any style, any form..

just bring it.

I bring the LOVE STORIES

(thank you so much to all of you who tell me that you enjoy them!)

with another Thank You to Billy Joel for letting me borrow some of his lyrics.



Tendered Offers {Write on Edge/Studio30Plus/Trifecta}



Shelby kicked at the hay blocking her path with the tip of her cowboy boot. Maggie and Cheyenne droned on beside her as they made their way along the midway, gossiping and sucking cotton candy from their fingertips, but she barely paid attention to them.

Her mind was already a million miles away from the Tioga County Fair and the undeniable odor of animal shit that mixed with the sticky- sweet- stench-of- fried-everything, permeating the air.

She was so lost in the reverie of a life beyond this field that was doubling as a fairground that she almost walked right past him.

What made her turn around was the tickle of Gunnar’s stare as it snuck up her tanned legs and stopped at the frayed hem of her denim skirt.  His hair needed a trim, it had that last week of summer shagginess to it and one platinum strand obscured his left eye.

“Hey Shelb…” he said as he broke away and walked toward her.

“Hey…” she answered, taking in his form fitting Levis and the freckles splayed across his nose.

It was his turn to kick at the piles of muck, “When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning.”

“Can’t wait huh?”

Shelby grunted, “been waiting too long as it is Gun.”


She smiled inwardly at the boy’s universal answer to everything.

“So…” Gunnar drawled, hooking his finger through one of her belt hoops to pull her closer.

Shelby felt heat and want ripple through her midsection.

“…for old times’ sake?” he added touching his forehead to hers.

The offer was as crude as the makeshift concessions surrounding them but suddenly Shelby felt like it might be the best way to say goodbye to this life, once and for all.

She shifted and gently pressed her mouth against his, “Let’s go…” she whispered against his lips.

Gunnar stepped back and offered his hand, Shelby took it and followed him past the open gates just as the fireworks were about to start.


writing prompt

Write on Edge gave us this quote to work with this week:

Katherine Hepburn quote


Trifecta asked us to use the 3rd definition of CRUDE:

3: marked by the primitive, gross, or elemental or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity

3: marked by the primitive, gross, or elemental or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity – See more at:


3: marked by the primitive, gross, or elemental or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity – See more at:


and Studio30Plus wanted us to explore

Fireworks & Fairgrounds.


Thank you for taking the time to come over and read!



Buddha’s Lesson in Empathy {Trifextra}

Forgiveness Quote because really no one is perfect




As you move through this life, inevitability people might hurt, wrong or disappoint you.

Yet you must remember these three simple things:


Forgive yourself in others.


Accept yourself in others.


See yourself in others.



This weekend we are asking you to play around with the following quote:

Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind. –Henry James

We want you to follow the same general structure of the above quote.  Feel free to change the subject–tell us what’s important about coffee or houseplants or whatever you’d like.  Or else change up the modifier–instead of telling us what’s important, tell us what’s sexy or overrated or pernicious. Your last three lines should closely echo James’s, giving us the same answer three times.

Noticed {Trifextra}

His memories were of pinafores and  gapped-toothed grins.

Later; a prom dress with a metal mouth.

But as red satin brushed her knees, her smile finally caught his attention…

… and his breath.


Trifecta this weekend
(hope all of you are having fun on the beaches of Florida !!!)

is to take the message of “Third time’s the charm” and use it for our 33 words.


It’s been an amazing week, wishing you all a WONDERFUL WEEKEND.

Thank you for coming over to read!

Guest Pass: {Trifecta/Studio 30 Plus}



The ice melted in Daphne’s glass as her eyes scanned the crowd. Without tasting the libation she lifted it  to her lips and tried to not to lock gazes with anyone in particular. Standing among them draped in blue satin she mused, these are my people and yet they are not. Some knew her secret, others could only guess at the mystery behind her violet eyes, but whenever she walked into a room she felt the heavy bristle of tiny hairs lifting on every forearm as the air shifted to welcome her.

Mistress, she often heard whispered.

It had started so innocently, a friendly handshake, a shared joke nestled inside a confession of attraction that had taken her by surprise. Yet, with every romantic declaration, given to her in small amounts as if he were spoon-feeding her, Daphne cast her doubt and shame aside, choosing to sit in the small spotlight he would shine from time to time. It made her feel as if she had finally been given access to a private club, one that promised inclusion regardless of her past or marital status.

Coincidentally she’d never questioned falling in love with him, if only because she’d heard his voice proclaim it first. And when he’d finally touched her, pushing the stray tendrils away from her face and cupping her cheek before his mouth zeroed in on hers, it felt like a light turning on inside her, as if he’d walked into a dark room and illuminated it with passion and care.

Even as her head screamed, he shouldn’t be trusted; she had, with her whole being.

Which  is what made it worse when without a hint of remorse he merely flicked the switch again and bathed her in darkness; rejecting her, reminding her that the membership to the inner circle of his heart  had been revoked.

Daphne sipped at the water-downed vodka and watched the bustle of activity around him, wondering, not for the first time, who was being offered a guest pass now.


Trifecta this week: the word is CLUB: 

3a : an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported and meeting periodically; also : a group identified by some common characteristic <nations in the nuclear club>  



and for STUDIO 30Plus I wrote for the PROMPT:

Girl of Summer : Trifextra



Salt and chlorine nestled in my nostrils, I stroll the boardwalks, legs bared and shoulders kissed with the red copper of sunshine.

A season after the rest of the world does, I bloom.



Trifecta this weekend is all about SUMMER and what it means to us: In 33 words of course.

I love summer. *sigh*

(and I’m still pouting that I can’t make it to the Trifecta Meetup! )

thanks for stopping by to read..

Happy Weekend/Happy Writing

Cindy’s First Dance {Trifextra}


Listening to her bare feet slap against the marble of the foyer, she twirled and tapped herself dizzy.

Noticing the white wigged butler take in her impromptu dance, she smiled and shooed him away with her skipping waltz.

“Don’t!” she sing-songed to him as he approached to collect the shoes she’d abandoned, “those heels changed my life.”



photo credit 

Trifextra this weekend :
Tell a story in 3 sentences.
I am in a fairy tale kind of place today…

thanks for stopping by!
Happy Weekend/Happy Writing

There’s the Girl {Write on Edge, Trifecta, Studio30+}


Was she here?

Cradling his wife’s hand and striding along the planks of the boardwalk, he could swear he could feel her.

Their children buzzed around them, grabbing at the waterlogged dollar bills he fished from his wallet and bounding off toward the buzzing lights of the arcade,  while he tried to ignore the sweet scent wafting over him, diminishing the heavily salted air.

He remembered how she’d looked and felt that summer. Golden hair that brushed her tanned-copper shoulders and toenail polish that had reminded him of penny candy. He’d never seen her jaw  work a piece of it into bright popping bubbles but when he’d kissed her, slipping his tongue inside, she’d tasted like the childhood confection.

“Babe, you okay?” he heard in a far off voice as they stopped in front of the fun-house.

Working to resist the swell of emotions threatening to overtake him, he felt like a freak. Even catching his reflection in the distorted mirror confirmed it; he was as altered and twisted as what it cast back.

It was a lifetime ago“, he reminded himself, “she’s not here.”

Gripping the hand he was holding he  pushed on, forcing a nod, a smile, even when all he could taste was bubblegum.


So the Awesome Editors of Write on Edge are on vacation, leaving MANDY (god how I love Mandy) in charge.

She decided to give stuff away and ask us to write about bubblegum. (see pic above)
That is why she Freakin Rocks.

Then Trifecta asked us to use FREAK in our writing.
3rd definition took a little time to work in.

: one that is markedly unusual or abnormal: as



and Marr of Studio 30 Plus prompted us with

Swell or Unique


and now for your listening enjoyment and to forever  put me in your  ” god, she is soooo lame ” category I will share the inspiration for my words.

Earlier this week, driving home, Sirius XM radio tuned to the 80’s channel we heard a “Lost Hit“.

Ann and Nancy Wilson, known to everyone as HEART were singing a song that wasn’t “Alone“, “Barracuda” or “All I Wanna Do it Make Love to You”  (which is probably why it’s a lost hit *ahem*).

Don’t watch the video, it will hurt your eyes, (all that hair, makeup and leather…) but the words to There’s the Girl, which I looked up, stayed in my mind for days until they demanded to tell a story of their own.

If you turn it up, it really is a great summer song. (I know, I know…I’m lame.)

HAPPY Week/HAPPY Writing

A Man’s Choice {Trifextra}

“There are other fish in the sea…”

“Not like Neesa.”

“You’re crazy man. You make a big display for one girl in a world of millions?”

“Because Neesa’s my one in a million.”

mohammadali / Love Photos / CC BY-NC-SA

 Trifecta Weekend

(Oh I missed you, all of you, while on vacation last weekend!!!)

this weekend: 33 words inspired the picture above.

In fulfilling my duties as the “cheesy love writer” that Draug loves, I give you this. (wink)


I also have a collaborative story over at SAM’s place : MY WRITE SIDE

 Her summer series, FLIP FLOP FICTION  involves taking fairy tales and mixing them up with each other.

This week I was humbled to be writing with her as Captain Hook falls into Cinderella’s Castle and a good ole fashioned cat-fight  with a piece called HOOKED. C’mon by if you’d like to see what we cooked up.


thanks for stopping by to read!
Happy Weekend and HAPPY WRITING.