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17 in ’79 {Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, Velvet Verbosity}


Haiku Friday



First love (lust) is sweet.

Midnight phone calls, hearts pounding

between the kisses.

Haiku Friday with my friend Lou of LouCeel.  C’mon Join in!



Copyright - Danny Bowman

 Copyright – Danny Bowman

He knew he might wake her but he just needed to tell her.

So he slid a quarter into the metallic hole and tapped out the numbers, listening to the far off, tunnel-like buzzing with his hand stuffed in his front pocket and digging the toe of his sneaker into the cracked pavement.

 “’lo” she breathed in a sleepy, husky voice.

“Hey” he answered, imagining her rolling to her back, cradling the receiver. “I miss you, babe.”

Her chuckle was a dreamy flirt, ‘Eric, you just left.”

“I know, but I didn’t get to say sw.…”

“…eet dreams handsome.” she finished for him.


Friday Fictioneers with Rochelle and friends.

a picture, 100 words, a community of incredible writers.

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

and the word/theme of the week with 100 Words with  Velvet (at Velvet Verbosity)  is :

Happy Writing, thanks for stopping by!

Morning Moments (Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, Velvet Verbosity)


Haiku Friday


stealing sweet kisses

in the middle of our day

Just fooling around.


Haiku Friday with Lou of LouCeel

17 syllables, endless fun.


Clay leaned against the door jamb taking in Kitty sidestepping the dog bowl as she maneuvered around the kitchen, sliding breakfast in front of their children and negotiating the packing of their various bags.

When she bent to tie Toby’s shoe; his breath caught.

He strode toward her, circling her waist, his breath on her cheek, “Hey, up for a little misbehavin’ tonight?”

Kitty looked surprised, then a smile lit her stress filled eyes, “Maybe…” she teased, smoothing her messy blond ponytail.

“Pencil me in.” he said, kissing her mouth.


One of my favorite prompts: A Picture, 100 words, an AMAZING writing community.

Thank you Rochelle!!!

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

Velvet Verbosity offered us the prompt


(Love that!)


Sunday Drive 2013 (Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, Scriptic, Velvet Verbosity)

Haiku Friday


sit here beside me

while the world races by us

dreams and fingers laced


My Friday Haiku with Lou of LouCeel

Every Friday you can join in the fun.

Copyright -Douglas M. MacIlroy

 photo courtesy of Douglas Macllroy 

 “Can’t you put that thing away?” Brady said, eying the phone in Jess’s hand as they sped along the country roads.

Jess rolled her eyes, “like you ever put yours down.”

Brady pouted, “But this is our time together, babe. I’d like to think it’s more interesting than whatever’s on that screen.”

“Okay! Okay! Point taken. “ she huffed, beginning to tuck the phone into her overflowing purse just as the car came around a sharp bend and they caught sight of a horse holding a garden hose in his mouth.

Roaring with laughter Brady winked at Jess, “WAIT! You gotta Tweet that!”



Rochelle (our amazing leader) over at Friday Fictioneers gave the  great picture above,

asking us for 100 words.

For the prompt exchange this week, kgwaite at gave me this prompt:

I live in the Twitterverse.

I gave Anna at this prompt:

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” –Robin Williams

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

The word or theme of the week over at Velvet Verbosity is


You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore (The Sydney Sessions) {Haiku Friday, Friday Fictioneers, Velvet Verbosity}

Haiku Friday

do not bring me blooms

laden with mixed messages

I crave thorn less sprays.


Every Friday I count on my fingers,

rolling words and phrases around my tongue

to come up with 17 syllables for

HAIKU FRIDAY with Lou of LouCeel.

We’d love to have you join us.

(I also use the image from Friday Fictioneers to inspire my Haiku and compliment my 100 word story)

Copyright - Lora Mitchell

Photo by Lora Mitchell

this is a continuation of yesterday’s story

“Sydney, we’re not finished.”

She nodded, “I know, but I… I can’t. Not today.”

Dr. Sanko turned off the camera and headed back to his desk where he began pruning his plants.

“He gave me flowers once. Lilies, big gorgeous bouquet.”

“Did that make you happy?”

“I was thrilled he’d done something to acknowledge our relationship…”


“But it proved he didn’t know a damn thing about me.”

The doctor cocked an eyebrow.

She shrugged, “I hate lilies.”

“Did you tell him?”

“Nope” she said “I put them in water, knew better than to shake that tree.”


“Doc, he never asked.”


Rochelle gives us fantastic prompts for Friday Fictioneers : PICTURES

are you writing with us yet?

100 Words Challenge

Velvet Verbosity’s word of the week is

Spilled Milk (Haiku Friday, Trifecta, Velvet Verbosity, Friday Fictioneers}

Haiku Friday


Look up, look inside.

Sure, you’re spiraling now, but

there’s light above you.

I Haiku with Lou of LouCeel every Haiku Friday.

You should join us for 17 syllables of fun.

copyright - Jennifer Pendergast

“It’s complicated.” He remarked almost to himself, so she kept digging in her purse for her keys, ignoring the bag of groceries digging into her hip.

“Did you hear me?” he asked his voice booming in the open staircase, “I don’t know how much longer I can juggle this…”his eyes went distant “…and that.”

She stopped mid step, “This?”

“Yes. You. Me.” He strained, “Us?”


Nodding, hanging his head, repeating himself, “It’s getting complicated.”

“No” she quipped back, “it’s just becoming inconvenient.”


As she headed back up the staircase, the bag shifted, a carton tilted, dripping a milky trail down the steps.

She sighed, “Are you coming?”


This week, the amazing Rochelle gave us the Picture above to inspire 100 word stories for Friday Fictioneers.


It my attempt to take over the world by putting 18gazillion prompts in one 100 word story

I am using the word of the week from Trifecta:


3: to handle or deal with usually several things (as obligations) at one time so as to satisfy often competing requirements <juggle the responsibilities of family life and full-time job — Jane S. Gould>

and the lovely Velvet of Velvet Verbosity offered the word


100 Words Challenge


Occupied Thoughts (100 Word Challenge)

I sit, one hand cupping my chin, attempting to make calm from the chaos while the other clicks;

copy, paste, save, link, publish.

My screen fills with a spreadsheet; numbers and letters lined up like obedient soldiers ready for their marching orders.

But I feel you, warmth from my peripheral, peeking over my shoulder.

Everything looks for all the world like a workable space, but you should know that nothing is ever as it seems.

My thoughts are gauzy and light while my heart beats along with Maroon 5.

Come back later, the space between my temples is busy now.



Velvet over at Velvet Verbosity is talking about TEMPLES this week.
The ones above your cheekbones.

100 Word Challenge writing prompt


Who’s Zoomin Who? {Velvet Verbosity}

Sydney stopped her storytelling for a moment to give Dr. Sanko time to capture all her lies.

Seemingly satisfied with her generous outpouring he pushed his glasses to the top of his head and sucked on the end of the pen.


“What?” she murmured, examining her cuticles again.

“You’re lying to me.”

Sydney chuckled, “You’re an asshole.”

“I just might be. But I want an honest answer about how you’re feeling. “

Sydney shot daggers at him, “I told you, I’m fine.  I survived him, isn’t that enough?”

Dr. Sanko didn’t even flinch, “I don’t know Syd, is it?”

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

First, Velvet I am so sorry about your  Philly airport experience, I’ve never had a bad experience there and because I live in Bethlehem(about an hour north)  I take a certain amount of responsibility for the people in Pennsy.

I am SORRY, on behalf of all the REALLY NICE, COME STAY WITH ME, people of PA. :) 

Second the word or thought of the week: Surviving.

This is the a continuation of this story I started yesterday.


Cupid,Your Work Here is Done {Trifecta & Velvet Verbosity}




“Will it be enough?” Kate wondered but a quick peek at the clock reminded her that she didn’t have time to dwell on it; Lance would be home any minute.

She hummed as she tucked the Vintage T-shirt of his favorite band into the tissue and slid the plane tickets to the Keys in between the folds.

Her heart pounded as the front door opened.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Mrs. Passmore.”

“Hey handsome.” Kate blushed, stepping into his arms.

“I’ve waited a lifetime to celebrate this day with you, babe.”

“I just hope you like your gift.”

“You’re finally my wife, that..” he said in between kisses, “is more than enough.”  



The Word of the Week for Trifecta is DWELL:


For Velvet over at Velvet Verbosity the word or thought was ENOUGH

100 Word Challenge writing prompt

Grown Up Christmas List



Haiku Friday


be my Mrs. for I’ve

been wishing too long, to be

Christmasing with you.


My *dear* friend, Lou at LouCeel host a Haiku Friday.

Mine today, a lead in to 100 more words with Velvet.


All I ever imagined.

The lights on the tree twinkling and bouncing off the facets of…

Wait; is that a diamond in the velvet box?

He’s going to ask me….

Oh. My.God.

Kiss me, you don’t need to ask, just kiss me.

And he did, Lance’s mouth found hers just as if her desire had conjured it. Katie sank down into the embrace and exhaled the breath she’d been holding for as long as she could remember.

Years of feeling never quite…finished?

(Is that the right word?)



…for him to offer this ring!!!

Can you die from happiness?


100 Word Challenge writing prompt


Velvet offered us the word BREATH this week.

Safe to say this took Katie’s Breath away.

(Want more Gathering Buttercups? Click the Link at the top of this page)

Velvet Verbosity: Dreams of Sugarplums

 “Cass?” Ramona called to the empty house. “Honey? Are you home?”

Her husband’s voice answered from above, “Down in a minute.”

Making her way into the kitchen she was greeted with the daily barrage of Christmas cards.

Two piles.

One had safe pictures inside. No smiling babies, no pregnant bellies, no heart wrenching scenes of families around a tree.

It was the one she reached for as Cass came in and hugged her from behind.

“Hey.” He said, “I got your text.”

“Yeah, well…”

“There’s always next month, babe.”

Ramona tried to imagine a different kind of Christmas, “Right. Whatever.”


Velvet at Velvet Verbosity offered us the word: WHATEVER for our 100 word challenge.

Typewriter and Logo for 100 Words

For four years this was a very contradictory time of the year for me.

I have always  loved the HOPE and wonder of this beautiful season, but I  was also  struggling with infertility and dreaming of my own Christmas card.

This holiday is one of Wonder and Faith, but it is also a worldwide celebration of the Birth of a Baby

You can only imagine how hard it is to see all those Christmas cards, hear all those carols and be surrounded by happy families when you are trying so desperately to get/stay pregnant or build their family.

I don’t use this space as a soapbox often, but today I’m asking that if you are reading my blog and you know someone that is struggling with infertility/repeated miscarriage or loss  that you take gentle care of their heart this month.

Thank you for coming over to read, hoping your Holidays are Merry & Bright.