Proud Mommy Moments

Back in May 2011, to celebrate my 6th year of blogging… I started a weekly feature called PROUD MOMMY MOMENTS, where I invite my favorite bloggers (and Mommies) to share a proud moment of their lives as mothers. I didn’t know how long it would last, but I am happy to say that the response to it has been amazing and I truly hope it continues for as long as THE KIR CORNER is around.

Because each of us has that PROUD MOMMY MOMENT..and I’d love you to share yours with all of us.

 My Own  Proud Mommy Moment to Start: Kir

Batcrap Crazy: The Duck

Sluiter Nation: Katie

Tiaras & Trucks : Angela

Rumour Mill: Rumour

Mama Track: Natalie

Blogging, Slaying, Whatever: Delenn  

Stirrup Queens: Mel

Reproductive Jeans: JJ

Serenity Now: Serenity

Liz: Belle, Bean and a Chicago Dog

Mom Got Blog: Kelly

My Time As Mom: Jessica

Mama Wants This: Alison

Mommypants: Cheryl

Things I Can’t Say: Shell

Good Day Regular People: Alexandra

These Little Waves: Galit

Bio Girl: Sarah

Sellabit Mum: Tracy

Mommy is in Timeout: Elena

Quasi Agitato: Christine

In Mandyland: Mandy/ Spread a Little Thin: Amy

Just Jennifer: Jennifer

Mamas Monolougues: Kimberly

All Work & No Play Make Mommy Go Something Something: Kimberly

Move Over Mary Poppins: Cameron

Do Sweat the Small Stuff: Sweaty

C. Mom: Elena

Taming Insanity: KLZ

Letters for Lucas: Tonya

By Word of Mouth Musings: Nicole

Multitasking Mumma: Leighann

Random Blogette: Jayme

Dragondreamer’s Lair: Kristen

Color Me Happy: Alycia

Mommy of a Monster & Twins: Natalie

Four Plus an Angel: Jessica

The Drama Mama/The Scoop on Poop: Stephanie

JDaniels’s Mom

Lance of My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog

Tracy of It Builds Character

Heather of Theta Mom

Rach From Life Ever Since

MY Husband John

Jenna from Made More Beautiful

Laverne from Kindred Adventures

Nancy Campbell Writer

Jamie from Chosen Chaos

Jackie from Just A Little Bit of Magic

Elaine from Miss Elaine-ous Life



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