The Stories of Kimmy & David

I’m still trying to come up with a good name of the Stories of Kimmy & David

(any suggestions are appreciated and Welcome!!!)

Here are the “Chapters” in the Story so far:

Sweet Surprise
(the first one I wrote, a night, a donut, some progress)

David’s Side
(His side, he needed to Explain himself )

Stolen Moments
(the first few months)

Last Call
(David calls Kimmy….at 3am)

Kimmy’s Songs
(Kimmy leaves, want to hear what’s playing on her IPod as she drives off?)

Even Best Friends Fight
( A Wedding Boutique, an admission, a fight)

Nothing Good Happens After 2AM
(you’ll meet Marco)

Take Lunch.
(a steamy lunch and movie)

A Hot Mess
(the aftermath)

Birthdays & Beginnings
(How did they meet? It’s right here my friends)

(A NYC street and a revelation)

Prolouge: The Wedding
(The Happy Ending)

Pools of Blue
(Kimmy through Liza’s eyes)

(Liza’s pregnancy “surfaces” )

After the Movie
(David and Kimmy try to navigate their feelings)

Nico:Off the Coast of Amalfi
(we meet David’s brother)

Decisions, Decisions
(Kimmy chooses a pair of shoes)

The Weight of It
(Marco pictures his past and future)

What the Doughnut Saw
(a new perspective to the first story of Kimmy & David)

Marco’s Broken Heart
(ever wondered why he’s so perfect? )

In Your Dreams
(Kimmy flies to Italy and Marco)

Already Home
(we meet one of David’s Exes and realizes who he loves)

Meanwhile..In Italy
(Kimmy meets Marco in Italy, there’s going to be a wedding after all!)

Kimmy: The Good Girl
(Kimmy gets ready for her wedding and emails David to tell him)

David: This is How A Heart Breaks
(David gets Kimmy’s email and realizes he *may* have lost her for good)

A Wedding in Italy
(Kimmy &Marco tie the knot!)

Broken Hearts Still Beat
(David deals with his grief about Kimmy’s wedding)

The Cerulean Wrap
(Kimmy, Marco and Daniela meet in Paris)

The Cliffs of Positano
(A beautiful description of the last day in Itay for Kimmy & Marco)

Pillow Talk
(Maggie helps David to forget about Kimmy, one hour at a time)

There’s Been An Accident
(Kimmy deals with the horror of a terrible accident)

Off The Rim
(Has David “Missed his Shot?”)

Positano Time
(Bring your tissues)

(Grief brings Nico & Liza together)

Smile While I Wait

(Kimmy Dreams of Marco)

It Must Have Been the Mistletoe

(Kimmy comes back to NYC and bumps into David)

Time to Cut

(Kimmy realizes it might be time to love again)

The Dinner Party

(Holiday Happening and David comes to visit)

Under the Tree

(the long awaited proposal)

A Wedding and a Vow

(the final installment …for now… the long awaited wedding and life of Kimmy & David 2012)



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