3 White House Corona Task Force personnel went to quarantine, exposed to infected

Washington: Three employees of the task force set up at the White House have gone into quarantine over the coronavirus. All three employees came into contact with an infected with Corona, after which they decided to go to Quarantine. The Associate Press has given information about this.

Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in America, Dr. Robert Redfield will also stay in touch and work with his people via telephone for the next two weeks. It is learned that recently he came in contact with an infected person.

However it is being called low risk risk. On Saturday evening, he said he was feeling fine and had no symptoms of virus infection.

The Food and Drug Administration of the US has said that FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn will also be self-organizing for the next two weeks. Recently, he came in contact with a Corona positive person. However he has been found negative in the corona test.

Anthony Fauci, the White House's most high-profile man, is considered a low risk of the virus. Infectious department has given this information. Anthony Fauci is the most important person and expert on the Corona Task Force of the White House. His test has come negative. They have said that they will continue to test further.

On Friday, the press secretary of Vice President Mike Pence was found positive in the Corona Test. This week, he is the second person to work in the White House who was found positive in the Corona test. On Wednesday, a military service deployed under Trump's security was found positive in the Corona trial.

The US president, knowing that Vice President Mike Pence's spokesman Katie Miller has been found to be Corona positive, has said she is not worried about the Corona infection spreading to the White House.

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