Antibodies found in singer Madonna's body, test positive

Antibodies found in singer Madonna's body, test positive

Corona Antibodies have been found in the body of pop singer Madonna.

Mumbai. A good news is coming for the world that is suffering from Coronavirus. This news has brought famous pop singer and model Madonna. Recently, Madonna has informed about the Corona Antibodies in her body by herself through her Instagram. Madonna's Covid-19 antibody test has been found positive. Madonna told this news in the 14th edition of 'Quarantine Diary'. With this announcement, he has also shared many more things in the video. She was in self-quarantine for a long time to be safe from corona virus infection.

Madonna, While sharing a video on his Instagram account, he said- 'I got the test done and found out that I have antibodies. So tomorrow I am going for a long drive in the car and I will take down the windows and I am going to breathe the air of Covid-19. Yes I hope the sun is shining. '

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), US, it is decided by antibody test whether a person is in contact with Kovid-19 and by detecting the proteins in the body to fight the virus. is done. However, there has been no confirmation as to whether the antibody will be considered equivalent to immunity.

Talk about the Hollywood stars, so far the giants of the Corona virus have lost their luminaries like actors Brian Denhey, Hillary Heath, John Prion, Adam Sledinger, Andrew. At the same time, celebrities like Tom Hanks, his wife Wilson, Kritofer Hivju were found to be Corona positive and won the battle.

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