Corona Live in the world: new cases of infection are increasing again, 5600 deaths in 24 hours

New Delhi. Thousands of new cases of Coronavirus are being reported daily in America (US), Britain, Russia, Russia and Brazil. After a few days of relief, the infection has started gaining momentum again. On Friday, more than 94,500 new cases of infection were reported worldwide, after which the total cases have increased to more than 33,98,400. In the last 24 hours, more than 5600 people lost their lives due to infection and the total number of deaths has increased to more than 2,39,400. Most people lost their lives in America, Britain and Brazil on Friday.

If you look at the figures, the corona infection in America is once again catching up. On Friday, 36,000 new cases of infection were reported here, after which the total cases have increased to more than 11,31,000. Over 1800 people have died here due to infection in the last 24 hours, after which the figure of total deaths has increased to 65,753.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump remains a constant attacker on China, alleging on Friday that China does not want to let him become the President of the US again. Gardens and museums, including Beijing’s ancient Forbidden City, were closed to the public from Friday. Only 5,000 visitors are being allowed to visit the Forbidden City, the former palace of China’s emperors. Earlier 80,000 tourists used to come here. At the same time, people are allowed only 30 percent of the capacity in the parks. According to Beijing Parks and Green Bureau Deputy Director Gavo Dawei, large-scale activities are still stalled and visitors must book tickets in advance online. Beijing reduced its level of disaster response against the corona virus from first to second, but temperature checks and social distance rules are still in effect. This change has been made on the occasion of a five-day holiday starting from May 1 and before the meeting of the National People’s Congress of China on May 22.

Britain has achieved the target of testing 100,000 corona virus daily, scheduled for the end of April, and the country’s Health Minister Matt Hancock announced on Friday that a total of 1,22,347 people were screened in the country on Friday. During the daily briefing at Downing Street, the senior minister lauded the coordinated collective effort to achieve this investigative target and said that the total number of deaths due to the death of 739 more people has increased to 27,510. Hancock said, ‘Early last month, I had set a goal that anyone who needs investigation should be investigated. That is, as a nation, by the end of the month we should achieve the goal of one lakh checks every day.

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