Corruption caused by Corona virus in Brazil, coffins are shrinking, chaos outside the morgue

Brazil has a population of around 21 crores. So far, more than 91 thousand people have been infected with Corona here and this figure is constantly increasing.

Sao Polo. The city of Manaus city of Brazil will scare you. Here, hundreds of people are dying every day due to Coronavirus. There is a pile of corpses outside the morgue in the city. The situation has become such that now the coffins for the corpses have started falling. There is an atmosphere of chaos outside the morgue. In such a situation, the corpses are being buried together.

More than 130 deaths every daySo far more than 6 thousand people have died due to Corona virus in Brazil. The coffins in Manus city have fallen short. Therefore, the administration has asked Sao Polo to airlift the coffin immediately. Please tell that Manus is cut from the rest of Brazil. It is a city inhabited by forests. There is no road to get here. In such a situation, Sao Polo, 2700 kilometers away, has been asked to send the coffin via flight. Earlier, on an average, 20-25 people were dying every day. But now at least 130 people are dying in a day.

More than 91 thousand corona patients
The Brazilian government is accusing that no arrangements were made here to prevent the infection of the corona virus. The population here is around 21 crores. So far, more than 91 thousand people have been infected with Corona here and this figure is constantly increasing. While 6 thousand 3 hundred people have died here so far. That is, 3.02 people are dying in every one lakh people.
Hundreds of people are being buried together

Accusations of not paying attention to the situation seriously, according to news agency AP, a very small number of investigations are taking place in Brazil. In such a situation, the number of deaths and infected patients can increase significantly. The lockdown was implemented in many countries as soon as the corona virus knocked. But there are allegations that President Jair Bolsonaro did not take the situation seriously. Lockdown is not implemented here. People were only asked to stay in homes. Borders of many states are still open there.

In the box, when President Bolsonaro was asked about the death of the President, he jokingly avoided it. He said, 'If I am dying, what can I do? I can't do any miracle. His comment is getting criticism on social media everywhere.

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